The layered hairstyles are a huge source of inspiration for visionaries and stylists and we are constantly bombarded with ideas for the optimal head of hair. If you’re specifically interested in giving your mid-length hair a layered cut that adds extra volume and stunning visual verticals, stay on the board. Because we present you the latest step cut hairstyles. Mid-length is the length you’re trying to redefine.

Medium length hair? These step cut hairstyles are currently in trend

eva mendez step cut hairstyles medium length

What is a step cut?

Layered cuts have been around for a while: they are typically any type of hairstyle that gives the illusion of length and volume. These effects can be accentuated or subtle.

A popular cutting technique with many variations


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The hair is divided into sections that are overlapped or cut in different directions. This technique is preferred when creating volume or reducing heavy hair at the ends.

Step cuts fulfill many tasks

2 step haircut step cut hairstyles medium long

There are so many ways to create a layered hairstyle.

  • Stages: This is one of the most popular techniques for creating a layered effect and is particularly flattering on mid-length and mid-length hair. Steps typically appear more defined and allow for the impression of movement and momentum;
  • Layers: Subtle layers are created by sectioning different sections of hair at different lengths. The mixture of these layers ensures that they do not appear obvious. This subtly adds volume, strength and texture to the hair. A layered cut is perfect for fine or medium-length hair and adds body and style.

Invisible layers are subtle layers in the hair

invisible layers layered hairstyles

Sassy medium length layered hairstyles for women

These half-length layered hairstyles have proven to be visionary and unique.

#Medium length butterfly cut

Most likely you’ve heard of the sachel cut.

Half length butterfly hair

butterfly haircut hairstyles half-length step cut

In fact, this isn’t the only complex layered cut that has delighted our hearts and eyes. We already reported on the opulent butterfly cut in late spring and it is definitely still on the rise.

A multidimensional, complex step cut


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The butterfly hair is based on strategically choppy layers that vary in length and mimic the contour of a butterfly. This mid-length layered cut is ideal for smooth, subtle textures.

#Caramel highlights

Yes, you can use color to create the effect of layers.

Color also serves the purpose of layering in the hair

caramel lights step cut hairstyles

It is therefore not without reason that this delicious shade is the latest fad. The light reflects playfully on your caramel hair highlights, adding golden highlights and nuances to your hair.

A delicious color – caramel hair highlights


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#Shoulder length V haircut

The shoulder length V haircut is a very easy to achieve cut that never goes out of style. The haircut is characterized by the fact that the hair is longer at the back and shorter at the front and sides. The idea behind this is to create the shape line of the letter V on the back.

The V shaped haircut never goes out of style

v cut step cut hairstyle

Layered hairstyles – medium length and for older women

Women over 50 who have half-length hair should now be particularly careful.

#Gray highlights

2022 was the year of the natural look and we love that beauty philosophy. It is specifically geared towards aging as a natural phenomenon. This process comes with changes and opportunities that need to be celebrated. That’s why layered hairstyles with gray highlights have been so explosive all year round.

The very fashionable color grey


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Your colorist needs to balance the different shades of gray and the natural color you have in your gray hair. The silver strands are worked into highlights for an ultra-natural finish.

#Feathered Lob

This incredibly elegant hairstyle originates from the hair fashion of the 70s and is currently celebrating a revival. The feathers are an incredibly intricate type of layers that require a very skillful stylist, especially for the length of the lob.

Noble, half-length layered hairstyle for older women

step cut hairstyles medium length for older women feathered lob

The hair is thinned at the ends at a 90 degree angle to create the delicate feather effect. The ends of the hair are typically styled back. Learn more about the Feathered Bob.

#Copper praise with bangs

And if you love hairstyles with bangs, you might find inspiration in this somewhat formal and very elegant copper lob with fringes. It goes perfectly with fine smooth texture and is the optimal hairstyle of choice for older ladies with glasses.

Mid-Length Layered Hairstyle: Copper Lob

step cut hairstyles medium length copper schag