Have you asked yourself the question “How do I find my style”? The styles change depending on the season and current trends. We could not always follow them and wear clothes that are in trend every day. Every woman wants to dress modern and chic. We should mention that the stubborn search for fashion trends that should strictly accompany our style of clothing is pointless. On the contrary, you should find your own style of clothing that corresponds to the current fashion trends. Today we are happy to advise what would be your better guide and what steps you should follow to find yourself and choose the right clothes that reflect your character and personality.

In today’s article, you will find the best fashion tips on how to follow your own style of dressing

different styles and girl styles types

The fashion world offers a wide and colorful range of styles. If we had the chance, we would wear everything at once. In reality, however, this is impossible. Today we are making your choice easier and we are happy to give you some thoughts and directions when it comes to finding the ideal style of dress.

We are happy to answer the question “How do I find my style”.

choose the best color that reflects your personality

#How do I find my style: create a mood board

A mood board could be highlighted by your inspirations. It can help you in finding the right style of dress. We warmly recommend that you create the mood board physically because it will make you feel it more powerfully. A good idea would be to do it on a real paper. This will give you a deeper insight into what you really like and what style of clothing best suits your personality. It is recommended to choose outfits that will catch their attention and improve your mood at that moment. In this way you will visualize the overall picture and rediscover your own style step by step.

Creating a mood board would be the perfect motivation to rediscover your appropriate clothing style

create a mood board and be inspired by it

#Split your closet

Decluttering your closet is key to your properly chosen clothing style. Summer is over and you should tidy up and get rid of your old clothes. Get rid of any clothes you no longer want to wear. Say goodbye to any clothing items that no longer fit your current style.

Simply sort out the unworn clothes

clear out the closet and tidy up the clothes

#Don’t let current trends influence you so much

In the third place, we recommend you to be more careful with the autumn clothing trends. Try not to follow every trend strictly because it dictates the fashion at this time period. First consider what your inner soul needs. Don’t let the outside world dominate you.

Be inspired by current trends, but don’t follow them at all costs

what clothes suit me and different styles of clothes and how to find my own

#What clothes suit me: look for inspiration

The inspirations are the best tools to help you find the right style of clothing for you. You could find some fashion inspiration anywhere. An example of this would be your role models, from whom you can get a passion for a certain style of dress. You can find role models in films or on social networks. This will allow you to visualize your ideas more clearly and then later boldly resort to your elegance.

A good style is your own style of clothing

How do I find out my style and what suits me best

#Choose clothes that express your personality

What is my style, many women ask themselves. Something important to consider. The clothes you wear will undoubtedly define your inner personality. Your clothing style is your individual and extraordinary signature. Her outfit is different from the other outfits. Look for dresses inspired by your inner nature. Don’t forget that your clothes accentuate your appearance. It doesn’t matter how others perceive you, but how you accept yourself.

Make the best choice by emphasizing your individuality in the best way

How do I find my own style and what suits me best?

#Accept your body shape

An even more important aspect is that you should understand your body shape. More and more women tend to judge their body shape. Most of all, they are dissatisfied with their figure because they cannot achieve the body shape they want. The virtual world and social networks falsify the truth by giving an illusionary view of women and their bodies. Ignore the images you see on Instagram and Facebook every day. They are not real, but virtually made up. Trust the reflection you look at in the morning. Take this image seriously by assuming your real body.

The most important thing is to accept your figure

understand and accept your own body shape

#How to find my style: find out which color opens you

Experiment with a variety of colors. Try colors from different fashion trends. In this way, you will better assess what color suits you best and underlines your individuality.

Find the colors that suit you best and make you stand out

experimenting with colors and palettes to find the style

Never stop experimenting and mixing and matching your creative accessories and prints. It is worth experimenting more and more with colors and styles of clothing. In the end, you should be comfortable in your body and skin.