Amaryllis is also known as knight stars and belongs to the large amaryllis family (Amaryllidaceae). They are bulbous flowers native to South America that, unlike the typical one, bloom in winter while they are dormant in summer. As far as autumn care for amaryllis is concerned, this flower is not too demanding. However, there are some special features that you should take into account. What it is actually about, read further in the article.

The flowers of amaryllis have different colors

amaryllis care in winter amaryllis flowering time amaryllis plants in different colors pots

As already noted, the flowering period for amaryllis lasts between December and February, while the dormant period is between mid-August and late November. The so-called growth phase lasts from March to the beginning of August. Depending on the period, the needs of the plant can also vary. During the growth phase, for example, you should put the amaryllis in a sunny spot (such as a balcony or in the garden).

Caring for amaryllis in the fall is not too difficult

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As soon as the flower fades (around the end of winter), you should trim off any faded and yellowed flowers. This will give your amaryllis enough strength to grow new seeds. Before you reach for the scissors, consider the following:

  • Be sure to wear gardening gloves because the sap of the amaryllis can be poisonous.
  • Be sure to use sharp, clean scissors to promptly cut off the wilted flowers on the peduncle.
  • Wait until the main stem has yellowed before pruning. Measure about 5 cm. Leave the leaves that are still green untouched.

Sufficient amaryllis care in autumn is important so that the next bloom is successful.

You should remove and cut off the already dried flower at hand

amaryllis cut leaves amaryllis in wax dormant amaryllis amaryllis withered

After flowering, before dormancy begins, you should cut the leaves as shown

what do i do with my amaryllis when it is in bloom amaryllis cut dried leaves

When does the amaryllis have to go in the basement?

In the fall, during the dormant period, the flower does not need as much sunlight. Choose a rather shady, cool location for this. Several professional gardeners even recommend putting the pot in the basement. A room temperature of about 13-14 degrees is quite sufficient for the plant when it is dormant. As noted above, the dormant period lasts in the fall and lasts 8 to 10 weeks, only watering the onion every now and then. Just make sure the soil in the pot doesn’t dry out completely.

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As soon as the flowering period is over, you should definitely cut off the flower stem. This way the plant will not exhaust itself during seed formation. Then you can wrap the onion in newspaper before putting it in a cool spot out of sunlight.

A tip: if you don’t have a basement room in the house, you can put the plant in a dark place and cover the pot with another non-transparent container.

During the dormant period, the amaryllis hardly needs to be watered, and fertilizing is not necessary

caring for the amaryllis plant caring for amaryllis repot amaryllis bulbs in autumn

It is important to know that the amaryllis is one of those plants that are watered differently depending on the season. So during the flowering phase, the flower needs plenty of watering. Of course, you shouldn’t overwater the soil. To avoid waterlogging, make sure that the soil surface is already slightly dry.

As soon as the flowering period is over (around the end of January to mid-March), the flower enters the growth phase. Then only the leaves grow. This provides the necessary energy for further flowering. Sufficient, even watering plays a key role in this section for proper growth. How often you water the plant depends mainly on where you put the pot. In principle, the amaryllis prefers a sunny to semi-shady location during the active phase and must therefore be watered regularly. During the dormant period in summer you can put the pot in the shade or even in the basement and only water it at large intervals with little water.

You can also enjoy amaryllis plants in a vase

amaryllis in a glass amaryllis care in autumn six people keep amaryllis bouquets

The plant does not need too much sunlight

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How do you overwinter the amaryllis?

Unlike most plants and flowers, “overwintering” for amaryllis begins in late summer and lasts until late September or October. After cutting off all the yellowed leaves and dried flowers, place the pot with the onion in a cool place without much sunlight. Just let the amaryllis rest and recharge its batteries for the next bloom.

As soon as the dormant period is over or in November, you should plant the bulb in a new pot with fresh potting soil. Don’t bury the whole bulb in the ground, but leave about a third of it sticking out of the ground. Fertilizing the plant is also recommended. Make sure that the fertilizer is specifically designed for bulb flowers.

At the beginning of the resting phase, you can tie the onion in newspaper and let it rest

amaryllis care brief instructions how to overwinter an amaryllis tuber of fresh shoots

Amaryllis care in autumn: How do I care for an amaryllis in a pot?

The amaryllis is not too demanding and feels at home in a raised bed or garden as well as in a pot at home. However, you should avoid rapid temperature changes. During the rest period, a temperature below 13 degrees is undesirable. The plant also does not like places that are too hot. A room temperature of 20-22 degrees is optimal here. However, there are some peculiarities when growing amaryllis in a pot.

If you see a sprout like this, the dormant period has come to an end!

amaryllis care in autumn in the house when amaryllis are no longer watering two pots with amaryllis bulbs sprout
First, you should always water the plant from below to avoid waterlogging. It is best to use lukewarm water or rainwater. If it is about the amaryllis care in autumn, then you should definitely fertilize the plant every 2 weeks. It is best to choose a liquid fertilizer. Better to avoid compost.
But how big should the pot be for your amaryllis? The answer is “neither too big nor too small”. The bulb needs repotting when the distance between the bulb and the edge of the pot is less than 5 cm. Place the amaryllis bulb in a new, larger pot, covering only half in the substrate. The onion must be able to breathe. Then water the plant over a saucer. The first spikes of the new peduncle will appear about 14 days later.

Amaryllis fall care – water the plant regularly, but not too much

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When does the amaryllis have to go into the basement? Red amaryllis plants are in bloom
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