Autumn is an awe-inspiring season that arrives with calm, serene beauty. If you like creating blooming compositions of autumn plants for patios and gardens, read on. In this article we give you valuable tips on how you can aesthetically enhance your outdoor area with beautiful autumn plants for the balcony and garden.

Autumn planting for balcony and garden

autumn planting flower box balcony terrace garden

While your options are endless, you probably need a little guidance on the beautiful interplay you can create from gorgeous fall bloomers…

You should definitely create an autumnal ambience

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You have numerous options regarding the spectacular combinations of flower boxes and tubs and below you will find some ideas for autumn planting for the balcony and garden.

Decoration with flower baskets

In order to create an impressive autumn planting for the balcony or garden with happily thriving plants, you should follow a few small rules.

  • Make sure your flower boxes and tubs have good drainage. You can instrument some broken tiles you have at home or place some rocks at the bottom of the container.
  • Plants that bloom in autumn and winter should not be watered excessively.
  • Place your plants in a sheltered spot and make sure they get 4 hours of sun a day.

Autumn atmosphere on the balcony

Autumn planting for the balcony: These are the editors’ favourites:


This cold-loving fall bloomer feels great at around 10-15 degrees, making it ideal for the fall balcony. Cyclamen need well-drained, moderately fertilized and sandy soil and look beautiful next to barbed wire or other ornamental grasses.

A popular and colorful autumn plant


This autumn bloomer will give you color until the end of November and looks spectacular together with rudbeckia, ornamental kale and some lovely grasses. Purple and white varieties are available according to your preference. Asters love moist, nutrient-rich soil, making them a favorite garden plant. So make sure to fertilize the asters and clean the faded buds.

Magnificent and spectacular


This autumn plant is a real eye-catcher at the end of the season. The Asian beauty has amazing clusters of purple and white flowers on its large stems. Its foliage turns pastel shades in autumn. The late bloomer feels very comfortable in shady locations and thrives on moderately moist, humus-rich soil. Combine bergenia with hostas, ornamental grasses and ferns.

Perfect for flower ensembles


This autumn classic is very popular because of its strong and fiery colors. Chrysanthemums are usually planted next to vegetables in the garden because they repel insects.

Chrysanthemums in tubs outside

chrysantemum ornamental grasses

In containers, pair the beauties with sedum, stone herbs and coleus. The chrysanthemum flowers until the end of November and thrives best in partial shade and in nutrient-rich soil.


Also very popular as a garden plant in autumn, the heather plants appear ephemeral and textured and create the perfect ambience. Place this beautiful autumn plant in the sun or semi-shade, but not in a darker spot on the balcony.

Heather plants are popular for balconies and gardens in autumn

heather autumn plants balcony

The good news is that the hardy plant is also hardy in a pot. Ideally, the soil is acidic, lime-free and poor in nutrients. Combine with pansies or decorative winter berries for optimal arrangements.

#Lantana (Wanderstock)

Lantana create wonderful accents in pots with fountain grass and perennial morning glories. This tropical plant is a late bloomer and will decorate your sunny balcony especially well if the autumns in your region are mild.

A plant with changing colors

winter planting summer planting balcony boxes

Plant tubs and beds with ornamental grasses in autumn

Ornamental grasses make ideal companions to other plants in floral arrangements, and flower lovers celebrate their feathery structures and delicacy.

Pennisetum grass

winter planting autumn planting balcony boxes ornamental grasses lamp cleaning grass

From shades of gray to delicate shades of pink, red or green-yellow, these autumn plants make an ideal addition to borders and are perfect for under-trees and in pot floral arrangements. Here are our highlights:

  • pampas grass
  • Barbed Wire
  • Pennisetum grass
  • New Zealand Windgrass
  • diamond grass

Barbed Wire

barbed wire winter planting autumn planting balcony boxes

Hardy autumn plants for the garden

While you’re gathering your bounty, planting next year’s daffodil bulbs and doing other gardening chores, don’t underestimate the decorative aspects of gardening. Here are our options for autumn planting in the garden.

Flower bed in autumn


This golden autumn plant will decorate your garden with fiery berries. Firethorn flowers gracefully in summer and the spectacular orange berries begin to appear in September and October. The perennial belongs to the rose family and is equipped with thorns. The foliage is dark green. The robust firethorn likes humus-rich soil and tolerates frost.

Hardy autumn planting with Firethorn

#Autumn Crocus

Another classic named after autumn is the beautiful but very poisonous autumn crocus. Autumn crocuses are typically sown in late summer and display their delicate tubular flower forms in the garden bed from August to October. Care should be taken to ensure that the flowers are placed in the sun or semi-shade on humus-rich, well-drained soil that is not too dry or too damp.

A beautiful but very poisonous autumn bloomer

#High fat hen (fat hen)

This hardy succulent is the perfect perennial for borders along the garden path. The crimson clouds of flowers appear from August to October and are magnets for butterflies.

A hardy succulent with beautiful purple flower clusters

If you choose a late variety of the ornamental perennial for your autumn planting for the balcony or garden, it is best to place the plant in partial shade. The sedum likes sunny locations with dry to medium-moist soil. Don’t overwater the plant.

#Holy Herb

This evergreen, hardy and perennial ornamental shrub can fascinate with its golden yellow spherical heads. It is a Mediterranean plant that can reach a total height of up to 60 cm.

Gray and bright yellow

sanctuary autumn planting flower bed autumn garden

The holy herb fascinates with its grey-green foliage. It likes spartan conditions, so place it in nutrient-poor, well-drained and dry soil.

#Skimmia japonica

This impressive evergreen perennial native to Asia can reach a height of up to 7m.

An Asian plant

skimmia japonica autumn planting garden and balcony