Autumn has arrived and many ladies oversleep in the morning due to the lack of daylight. Often there is not enough time to do a beautiful and complex hair styling yourself. In the following post, we show some ideas of easy hairstyles for every day for short and long hair. Get inspiration for the week and celebrate the everyday routine with impressive office hairstyles in the missing territory outside of the home office or on other occasions!

No time early in the morning? With these simple hairstyles, it works every day

kim kardashian hairstyles for every day

It is not true that women sporting short haircuts do not have easy everyday hairstyles available. Even very defined looks like pixies or pageboy cuts can be styled in different ways and demonstrate your class and taste.

Sleek look for straight hair

sleek bob irina sheyk simple quick hairstyles

We dedicate ourselves to the timeless classic among haircuts, the bob, and check which options are particularly appealing in line with the autumn trends of 2022.

You can experiment with the parting

one blonde bob with side parting and glasses fall 2022

#Midi bob with side braids

Incredibly easy to style, this flawless hairstyle has a warm, soft summer edge that you’ll be happy to take with you into fall! Depending on your hair texture, the hairstyle can look both sleek and slightly messy.

Midi bob with small decorative braids

Minimalist braids have been a dominant trend this year and the cute charm of the side lolita braids on the midi bob looks incredibly charming and youthful. The style is also favored by brides with short hair on their very special day and can look fashionable and style-defining, no matter what the context of the day you wear it: on the street with friends or in the office.

#Wet Bob

Another very transformative and easy to achieve look is to give your bob cut a wet look.

Wet look for bob hairstyles

simple hairstyles for beginners wet look fall 2022

This is a very classic solution, with minimum styling effort, that is very easy to create with pomade or hair gel. Also, the wet look goes very well with heart-shaped and slender faces and is a popular hairstyle choice for fall.

Wet look for midi bob

You will be surprised how many different ways you have to style the wet look on a short bob. Whether it’s done with soft waves, a center or side part, or simply slicked back, the sleek bob looks completely different every time.

Just see how cool it looks with the fall trend of the year, aqua hair.

Fall trend 2022: aqua hair

#Icy blonde bob with space buns

Simultaneously charming and casual, the bob with space buns will definitely turn heads 180 degrees in your direction and offers an excellent idea for the icy blonde hair color that has become super trendy this fall.

Autumn trend 2022: ice blonde

Maybe you’ve seen the styling on catwalks and social media before and got completely obsessed. It literally takes 5 minutes to style the cute topknot and if you love the darker hairline you’ll add extra extravagance to the look.

Easy hairstyles for every day – long hair

Courageous long-haired women should know that there are no limits: long hair can be styled in many different ways and, in addition to various braided hairstyles, you also have numerous lighter options at hand.

Long hair in copper red

#Faux bob ponytail

Wow, we’ve seen this back and forth before and are totally fascinated by the simple style.

A ponytail that looks like bob

You may have heard about the faux bob. The classic faux bob isn’t necessarily all that easy to pull off, and you’re going to need a helping hand. But we present the stylish ponytail version, which you can also copy all by yourself. It involves a high ponytail that you style so that it reaches chin level and looks like a bob. Ideal for smooth and fine hair structures.

#Low chignon

The deep bun in Scandi style is totally in trend this autumn.

The Scandi bun is very elegant and quite deeply shaped

scandi bun low simple hairstyles fall 2022

The Scandi bun is super sophisticated and can be defined in a completely versatile way by the outfit. Even a more complex knot can be styled easily, but it is important that you make it really deep…

Excellent with a more complex knot…

#Open hair with soft waves

Ladies who don’t necessarily want to style their hair in an updo and don’t mind that their necks are kept warm in autumn can simply leave their long hair free and add and fix soft waves with the curling iron and a few care products.

Hair left free with soft waves

jennifer lawrence easy hairstyles for beginners

The soft waves look very natural and add dynamics to the hair.

#Styled behind the ears…

This simple version works brilliantly with a center parting. Women with curly hair can easily conjure up this style with a straightening iron and stabilize it with hairspray.

Long hair behind the ears

jamie chung behind the ears styled simple hairstyles