Unbelievable! Another year has passed and it’s time again with the right New Year’s resolutions motivated to start the new year. But it is well known that most of our New Year’s resolutions don’t last very long… Because hardly 2 weeks have passed when the good resolutions for the New Year are thrown overboard again.

So that that doesn’t happen to you this year, I’ll show you today how you do it good new years resolutions for you find and how you manage to keep it, what you intend to do!

On the career blog, I show you how to find good New Year's resolutions for yourself and how to stick to what you set out to do! www.whoismocca.com

7 tricks to keep your New Year’s resolutions!

New Year’s resolutions are such a thing… We’re in the first days of the new year highly motivated and want prefer to do everything at once. After a few weeks, however, we have usually discarded our great ideas. It is with the right technique and the matching tips It’s not difficult at all not to lose sight of your New Year’s resolutions.

With the following 7 tips I show you, how to stick to your goals in the new year!

1. Your resolutions must match your values!

A New Year’s resolution can only be implemented if it is aligned with you and your values. So it’s about preparing yourself for the new year Goals make, that really suit you and your life. Unfortunately, the problem is often that we take on things that we have seen in other people, but perhaps not at all conform to our own lifestyle and values.

For example, if you decide that you want to do a lot of sport in the new year, so that you can fitness ideal do justice but you hate sportsthis New Year’s resolution will unfortunately won’t last long. Therefore, when choosing your resolutions, it is important that you tune in to yourself and not chasing after something you really don’t want to be.

2. Your resolutions should match your goal in life!

This guiding principle may sound intimidating at first glance, because what is a goal in life anyway? But what is hidden behind it is that you should choose your resolutions in such a way that they bring you closer to your big goals.

For example if it is yours goal in life is to live a pleasurable life in which you can consume whatever makes you happy, a strict diet plan is unlikely to get you any closer to that goal in life. So the bottom line: this resolution rather discard and choose another!

On the career blog, I show you how to find good New Year's resolutions for yourself and how to stick to what you set out to do! www.whoismocca.com

3. Your resolutions must be realistic and achievable!

Unfortunately, we tend to overdo it when it comes to our New Year’s resolutions exaggerate. This year I’m doing sports 7 times a week, in the new year I’ll only eat vegan, etc. When we get our Goals for the new year stuck too bigwe will unfortunately drive past it all the time because it’s easy not possible is, from today to tomorrow implement something 100%.

Therefore, when choosing your New Year’s resolutions, remember that you are making them gradually can (and should!) achieve and that you can shape them in such a way that they feasible for you are. If you keep in mind that you can, for example, allow yourself days when you do less for your purpose, it will be easier for you to pursue your goal. Don’t be too strict with yourself!

4. Monthly Reflection

January may work out well, but in February it will be a bit more difficult and in March even the smallest remnant of the New Year’s resolution will have ebbed away. If this sounds familiar, the next tip is a real one game changer!

by you after each month a short reflection do in which you either in writing or mentally reflecting on what you have achieved this month and whether you have come closer to your goal, you can observe whether you are moving away from your resolutions. For example, think about the things you have achieved or what went well and what went less well.

You can also think about what things you want to do in the coming month do differently and what you maintained want. With this method, you lose sight of your goals less quickly and thus manage to stick to your resolutions longer!

On the career blog, I show you how to find good New Year's resolutions for yourself and how to stick to what you set out to do! www.whoismocca.com

5. Don’t give up, modify!

Ufff… The New Year’s resolution seems harder than expected… The only thing you can’t do now is give up! you got your Goal set for a good reason and it would be a shame if you just gave it up now and had to admit defeat.

Instead, I have a motivating tip for you: Modify your New Year’s resolution easy! Your goal, for example, as a former meat eater, was to eat exclusively vegan and it seems impossible? Then maybe make it your goal for this year to eat a vegetarian diet.

That will make it a lot easier for you and you have to make yours Don’t discard intent entirely. Modification is allowed!

6. Small goal… check!

If certain Resolutions and goals too big may appear to you a kind phased plan help with the implementation. For example, insert yourself for the first month small goal Celebration, which is part of the big New Year’s resolution. You can then do the same for the second month, and so on. This is how many small goals at the end of the year bring you to the big one!

My advice: Best make one list to tick off. Because ticking is known to be the best reward and it also motivates you!

7. Be open to the unexpected!

New Year’s resolutions are all well and good, but what good do they do you if they only end up frustrating you? Life isn’t all about checking off lists and pursuing goals – there is so much more to experience and discover!

Therefore, try not only to chase after your resolutions in the new year, but also simply enjoy what is to come. Often the unexpected things in life are exactly what brings us to our goal in life in the end!

With what goals and resolutions do you start the new year motivated?

On the career blog, I show you how to find good New Year's resolutions for yourself and how to stick to what you set out to do! www.whoismocca.com