The most anticipated festival of 2022 is upon us! We are sure that each of you is looking forward to the Oktoberfest. Would you like to take beautiful photos in a dirndl? It’s definitely possible! You’re probably wondering how to do it – with our top tips of course! Is there another traditional dress that is as feminine, elegant and beautiful as the dirndl? Anyone who has attended the Oktoberfest in Munich can answer this question! That’s why we’ve put together the best tips on how to capture the best moments with beautiful photos!

Beautiful photos in the dirndl

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Every country has its own cultural values ​​that make it unique and special. These include: language, cuisine, traditions and clothing, etc. In Germany, the traditional items of clothing are the dirndl and lederhosen. We’re sure you know what a dirndl is, but we’ll repeat it anyway. A dirndl is a type of dress worn on special occasions to celebrate the region’s rich heritage and traditions. Many people primarily associate the dirndl with the Oktoberfest in Munich, an annual festival where this type of clothing must be worn.

Why do you wear a dirndl?

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But the Oktoberfest in Munich is not the only place where these beautiful dresses are worn. Women often wear them to weddings throughout southern Bavaria and Austria, and almost every town and village in the region has at least one local festival where women can wear their dirndl dresses. To achieve a great Oktoberfest look, combine the dirndl with a simple hairstyle from our selection of hairstyles. If you find the right dirndl and hairstyle for the party and follow our tips for beautiful dirndl photos, you will surely take the most beautiful photos, which you can then upload to Instagram and conquer the internet.

Tips & ideas for Oktoberfest

With these tips it is easier to take photos in a dirndl

How can you take beautiful photos in a dirndl?

We all know how important it is to take beautiful photos of this beautiful event. Therefore, here you will discover the secrets of photography that will help you take the best photos.

Dirndl trends and great Oktoberfest hairstyles

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#photo tip 1

Do you know how important diagonal, vertical and horizontal lines are for great Oktoberfest photos 2022 on Instagram? These are imaginary lines used to position the subject on the photos. They are a very important factor in the composition of the photo as they give the photo a certain character and depth. The use of diagonal lines, for example, creates a certain dynamic, ie the impression of movement in the photo. Vertical lines are ideal for photographing tall buildings, trees, and portraits.

Oktoberfest tips

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#photo tip 2

In order to take an unforgettable photo, it is important to know when the time is right for the photo. Did you know that natural light is extremely important for a beautiful photo? Whether it’s a landscape, a subject, a person, or anything else, everything in the photo comes out best in natural light. First, natural light doesn’t require additional expensive equipment or a professional photographer. You just need to know when and how to take advantage of the light to take great Instagram photos.

Here are the best photography tips of all time

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Tip: The best time to shoot in natural light is the so-called “golden hour”, ie twice a day – one hour after sunrise and one hour before sunset, because the colors of the sun’s rays give your photo a phenomenal look.

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One of the most important rules for creating a great photo that conveys a specific emotion and message is getting the perfect shot.

For even better photos

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Capture special moments that you will remember for a long time, e.g. B. unusual shots that tell a deeper story, different emotions on a person’s face and much more.

Learn to photograph with our photography tips

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Instagram is full of photos that convey different styles, themes, messages and ideas. The most important thing about your photos is that they are creative and original so that they stand out from other photos on Instagram.

How do you take photos correctly?

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Discover what you love most about photography and be mesmerized by the different techniques, exposures, compositions and shots to achieve what you want.

Simple posing tips

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Experiment with your camera and create a phenomenal collection not only for Instagram but also for real photo albums and frames. In this way, the photos will remain a beautiful memory.

This is how you can take beautiful Instagram pictures

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The pro tips

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Perfect Instagram photos

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Tips & hacks for beautiful photos in a dirndl

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It’s that simple!

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