Many people feel that older ladies should stop experimenting with haircuts and go for more classic, conservative hairstyles. But is that really the case? In fact, more and more women aged 50, 60 or 70 are deciding to try out new, modern cuts and hair colors. For years now, the rule that asymmetrical or extravagant hairstyles are only suitable for younger women and girls has no longer been the case. If you’re over 70 yourself and want to try out any fancy hairstyles for women over 70, then you’ve come to the right place. Here we present you the trendiest ideas to choose from according to your taste and hair condition. The rule of thumb here sounds: just don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try a new hairstyle or style!

More and more older ladies are opting for naturally silver hair

which hairstyles from 70 the younger make upbeat hairstyles for women from 70 older lady with very long silver hair

Before you head to the hair salon, there are a few things you need to consider. In the first place is the condition of your hair. Are you already thin, damaged and brittle or well-groomed, shiny and strong? An important point when choosing a haircut is played by your face shape. Ladies with a round face, for example, should opt for medium-length or long hairstyles, because they visually lengthen the facial lines. For women with an oval or oblong face shape, hairdressers and experts recommend fringe hairstyles or those that give more volume on the sides. Big curls are also a good option.

At 70 you can still look elegant and stylish!

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Who says long hair is only for young ladies?

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Only after the answers to these questions are clear to you can you look at the trends and be inspired by them. Look for hairstyles with an anti-aging effect that accentuate the lines of the face and touch the wrinkles. This year we really saw everything in women’s hairstyles: from the super short pixie or buzz cut to the curly shag cut and French cut with longer bangs and an “undone” effect to long hair with big beach waves or precisely shaped curls.

Chic hairstyles for women over 70: Wear your hair with confidence!

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What makes you younger: long or short hair?

The answer to this question is quite unclear and hairdressers have different opinions. While some of them say that women from the age of 60-65 should style their hair shorter, others say that long hair is not only suitable for young women. Long hair is a good choice for the ladies with even thicker hair that is neither too brittle nor too damaged. It is clear that over time the hair loses shine, strength and collagen and for this it requires special additional care.

When cared for properly, the manes of women over 70 look just as gorgeous!

If you’re blessed with thick, healthy hair in your 60s or 70s, then there’s no need to cut it short. Then choose a chin-length hairstyle with layers, which you may also be able to combine with side-swept bangs. The layers not only give the hair more volume, but also conceal the wrinkles. The already sagging skin on the neck and sides of the face is well hidden under the layers of hair.

For the older women with fine hair, experts tend to recommend hairstyles with beachy waves and layers that add volume at the bottom. The ladies with naturally curly long hair that is thinning should choose extensions. The mane appears fuller and gains volume without sacrificing length.

Jane Fonda shows women over 70 how to wear shorter hair in style

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Short hairstyles from 70 that make you younger

The ladies with thinner finer hair should rather opt for shorter haircuts with layers. Experts call the popular bob cut the golden mean that still suits most women over 70.

#pageboy cut

A classic that showed a clear comeback for snappy hairstyles for women over 70 in the last year is the pageboy cut. The name actually comes from the classic male haircut of the English “Pageboys”. This is a modern short hairstyle with clear contours and is often combined with bangs. When the fringe is there, it should be cut dead straight. You can also combine multiple hair colors like red or orange.

Anna Wintour shows how a lady over 70 can elegantly wear the pageboy cut

what hairstyle for women over 70 anna wintour with side cut with straight fringe

The alternative variant leaves the forehead free, which is the better choice for women with a small face. What makes the pageboy cut so popular with women over 60 and 70 is that it is relatively easy to care for. You can style the hair here either straight and simple, which makes for an elegant, accurate look, while the version with waves looks more romantic. For the ladies who would like to experiment with a voluminous retro 60s style, spritz some hairspray at the roots for extra volume.

#Pixie Cut as bold hairstyles for women over 70

You’ve probably heard that older ladies should only wear short hair. Although not a must, a large number of women in their 60s and 70s opt for it. Short haircuts are easier to maintain and when done carefully they actually flatter the lines and lengthen the face which is perfect for the round faced ladies. But if you have oblong or diamond shaped face, wear the pixie cut with side bangs. Style the hair properly by working a bit of mousse on hair while it is still damp. Then blow dry it using a round brush. Apply some volumizing powder for more lift.

Extremely short pixie cuts are easy to care for and put the focus on the eyes!

can you still have long hair at 70 women over 70 with a very short pixie cut

The pixie cut is the perfect hairstyle for every face shape, age and style!

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Lively hairstyles for women over 70 – the bixie cut

In addition to short pixie cuts, the chin-length cuts belong to the list of “snappy hairstyles for women over 70”. A practical, stylish hairstyle for the older ladies is of course the bob cut. Depending on your preferences and the condition of your hair, you can opt for a mix of the classic bob cut and shorter pixie cut. The shorter, finely shaped strands on the side or at the back of the head create more volume and lightness. Pair the bixie with sharp edges and a fringed fringe if you like to get out of the frame. What makes the bixie cut so popular is that it suits every hair texture, face shape and style.

Shoulder-length hair with big, curly waves is one of the prettiest snappy hairstyles for women over 70

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With fringed bangs, the face looks younger and the fine lines on the forehead are concealed

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why shouldn't you dye gray hair layered fringed hairstyles from 70 make younger ones chin length bob gray hair

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