We all love midi hair: Whether worn on purpose or just as a transitional hairstyle, shoulder-length hair is characterized by a length below the chin and can unfold magnificently to the shoulders. Medium length hairstyles flatter most face shapes and hair textures and offer a wide range of styling options. Now, if you are looking for some hair inspiration, read on. In this article, we give you a glimpse of the trend hairstyles 2023 for medium-length hair that we spotted at fashion shows at the turn of the year.

Trend hairstyles 2023 for women with medium length hair

medium length hair trend hairstyles 2023 ladies

Medium length hair: what you need to consider

Many women wonder if medium-length hair is actually something for them. Actually, this hair length is neither too short nor too long and for this reason hits the right note in most cases. Shoulder-length hair looks pretty succinct both with curls and on straight hair. Which category do you belong to?

  • Thicker hair structures: If you naturally have more hair volume, a medium-length hairstyle will suit you perfectly.
  • Beckon: Shorter hair with curls tends to stretch out at the ends, which can result in an extreme and awkward bounce. But it is effective at medium length.
  • Thinning hair: Hair that is too thin gains volume when it is cut in layers and the shoulder length therefore offers enough scope for styling and experimentation.

Trend hairstyles 2023 for medium length hair

middle parting trend hairstyles 2023 medium length hair

Hairstyles 2023 for women with medium length hair, what is 2023 in?

Trend hairstyles 2023 for medium-length hair include, above all, gently layered haircuts with bangs or a center parting. 90’s hair fashion is having a revival and we’re seeing this signature layered hairstyle all over Instagram.

Midi hair from the 90s

The center parting is mandatory in this ’90s haircut and the gorgeous layering has balanced, face-framing functions.

Very effective and chic

midi hair straight hair trend hairstyles shoulder length 2023

As far as styling is concerned, all care products such as hair creams, gels and mousses as well as the good old friends of the curling iron and straightening iron are available. Nineties minimalist midi hair looks great with curls, soft waves, or totally straight wet-look.

Half-length hairstyles 2023 that are trending:

#1. butterfly cut

The butterfly cut, with Brigitte Bardot’s popular fringes, remains in fashion. This haircut is particularly feminine and elegant and suits women of all ages. The steps are very subtle and not visually obtrusive. This medium-length hairstyle requires some blow-drying and styling, which can also be implemented using a round brush to add bold, feminine curves to the hair strands.

Current trend hairstyles for medium-length hair

butterfly hair hairstyles 2023 ladies

#2. Praise with middle parting

The lob with a middle parting is one of the trend hairstyles 2023 for medium-length hair. It’s all about a symmetrical hairstyle that looks pretty elegant with subtle touches of color. It is best to style the hairdo with subtle waves that are not too defined. The French New Wave trend, that is, gentle waves that are not exaggerated, perfectly suits most everyday situations while looking casual and sophisticated at the same time.

French New Wave for shoulder length hair

french new waves hairstyles medium length hair 2023

#3. Medium length hairstyles with natural curls: disco curls

Ladies with curly hair structures can give the mane extra volume and let the curls jump. Glorious, textured medium-length hair with natural curls is reminiscent of the hair fashion of the eighties and is making the rounds this season under the name Disco Curls.

Disco curls are tempting

disco curls trend hairstyles medium-length hair women with natural curls 2023

#4. Layered Medium Length Hairstyles: Shaggy Bowl Cut

Another striking hairstyle we spotted on runways is the interesting mix of shag and bowl cut, for straight hair. Ladies with a retro taste will find this trendy hairstyle pretty cool. At it the elements of the mushroom head with shaggy Asymmetries combined and an effective hybrid hairstyle is created.

Bowl Cut + Shag: medium length hairstyles for straight hair

trend hairstyles 2023 medium length hair shaggy bowl cut

#5. The lob with bangs is the trendiest shoulder length hairstyle 2023

The ladies who like to wear a haircut with bangs can be happy, because medium-length haircuts with long bangs will also be particularly popular in the coming months.

Medium length textured haircut with bangs

praise with bangs

#6. Octopus Cut for medium length hair

The octopus cut emerged in 2022 and will continue to be in fashion among the 2023 hairstyle trends for medium length hair. It’s about a charming asymmetrical haircut with bangs that takes the sitcom’s popular Rachel hairstyle friend upgraded.

The octopus cut for style-conscious women

hairstyles for medium length hair 2023

In the case of the octopus, the steps mimic the tentacles of the sea creature. The side sections of hair are left longer and thinner, with fringed outer and inner layers. These layers are shaped shorter at the crown, creating volume and fullness. At best, wear the hairstyle with a fringe and all the asymmetries play beautifully around the forehead, cheekbones and chin line.