2022 offers us excellent haircuts that will rejuvenate every woman. A beautiful hairstyle combined with great hair color will surely refresh and spice up your whole look. When choosing a color from 60, however, you should not opt ​​for a color that is too dark, because that can make facial features appear harder and you will not benefit from anything. In today’s article we would like to show you the best and trending hairstyles. You will also get many tips and tricks related to glasses. Which hairstyles from 60 make you younger? These are the hair trends for 2022!

Nice hairstyle for women over 50 – shoulder-length hair with a subtle side pony

bold hairstyles for women over 50 side bangs

Sassy, ​​layered hairstyles for medium-length, thick hair – with curls

cheeky hairstyles medium-length tiered fringed chin-length bob with waves

Upbeat hairstyles for women over 50 – medium length layered bob

upbeat hairstyles for women over 50 medium-length layered bob waves

Hairstyles for gray hair over 60 – long and with side bangs

hairstyles for gray hair over 60 medium length hair layered

The biggest prediction for spring this year is an updated version of the 70’s shag hairstyle! This hairstyle works really well on both medium and short hair, making it a versatile hairstyle to wear all year round. With this haircut, the fringe is the best advantage: you can easily conceal gentle forehead wrinkles with a fringed or blunt fringe. If you also wear glasses, the hairstyle suits you even more – the small wrinkles around the eyes become practically invisible.

The eternal pixie cut for older women – this time side-slicked

pixie cut for older women side slicked

Layered bob hairstyles for medium length hair

Layered haircuts have a lot going for them. Here you will find our suggestions:

shag hairstyle

The haircut is characterized by really many levels. He’s all the rage and that doesn’t count from yesterday. The hairstyle is making a comeback. What else can we mention about it as beneficial? Shag is easy to care for and looks glamorous at the same time, even suitable for all hair textures. The hairdo makes a great mix of fringed cuts that envelop and show off the face. The choppy layers in the hair add volume. To keep the hairstyle looking dynamic on a day-to-day basis, all you need is a salt spray or hair wax to add texture or lift the roots a bit.

Shag hairstyle in two variants: with curls and straight

upbeat hairstyles for women over 50 shag hairstyle

Short shag cut

fringy bob hairstyles short tiered shaggy bob cut

Collarbone Shag/Clavicut

The versatile hairstyle can be styled really cool. With waves, in a center parting or side parting – or why not in a sleek look? Women with thin hair look very modern and elegant wearing such a haircut. A well styled shoulder length bob like the Clavicut gives your face a beautiful and even shape. Summer waves or retro curls are just as pretty and provide a rejuvenating effect.

Side Bangs VS. Curtain bangs

hairstyles medium length layered bob curtain bangs medium or side parting

Wolf Cut

The wolf cut is totally hip in 2022. The ultimate hair trend is a mix of vintage shag and mullet. With the right styling, you can achieve the perfect shape for you. With curls or straight – the cut is very bold, modern and interesting. Also coming up soon.

medium-length hairstyles with bangs from 50 wolf cut

A-cut bob

The A-cut bob hairstyle is preferred by many celebrities like Victoria Beckham. The hairstyle works well for all ages. And the ladies in their 60s will benefit a lot from this: the layered bob gives you lots of volume, structure and pizzazz. The hairdo is quite nice if you have already done highlights or balayage in your hair.

The asymmetrical bob emphasizes your strong points

smart short hairstyles women cheeky short tiered bob

ladies hairstyles medium length from 60 woman with blond wavy hair

bold hairstyles for women over 50 step bob

Layered bob hairstyle with slanting bangs

Everyone knows that the layers bring more structure and dimension to the hair. Of these, women with thin hair in particular will win. In combination with a slanted fringe, the hairstyle goes straight to the red carpet! These bangs show off your eyes, cheeks and lips.

bold hairstyles for women over 50 with sloping bangs

Short peppy hairstyles for women over 50

When it comes to short hairstyles, there are rules that can be broken. Experiment with colors, asymmetry and different lengths.

Side undercut

Decide on the current undercut hairstyle, even if you are looking for a new haircut from the age of 50. The undercut on the side is extravagant and shows off your face in a positive way.

Fake undercut is another option if you don’t want to risk much. The fake sidecut is a good cheat as you style one side tightly back and secure it to the longer hair with a bobby pin and hair setting.

short haircut women side undercut


The pageboy cut is very cute and wraps the face beautifully. It is suitable for all women who hardly have time for complex styling in the morning.

The modern page cut is the ideal solution. The hair on top of the head is kept longer and offers many possibilities for styling. The cut can also be worn with fringes – it looks particularly youthful and feminine. In combination with the undone styling, this creates the perfect hairstyle with an anti-aging effect.

short hairstyles for gray hair over 60

Pixie shag

You can never go wrong with short hairstyles. The pixie shag is very bold and peppy. The hairdo features a pointed nape and, of course, a slanting fringe. The longer layers at the top add body and movement to the hair.

smart short hairstyles women cheeky hairstyles over 60 with glasses

Long pixie cut

Modern and voluminous pixie hairstyles are without a doubt the ultimate low-maintenance cut of the future and everyone is already asking for it. Long pixie cut is just outstanding. Be inspired by film icons like Mia Farrow or Mary J Blige. Achieve lots of volume with choppy layers.

which hairstyles over 60 make younger long pixie cut

Blunt Bob

The blunt bob of the future takes center stage with precise cuts. In addition to single-tiered, blunt (blunt) bob hairstyles, angular and asymmetrical bobs will also be fashionable. They give women with rounder faces over 60 a face-framing length.

Hair accessories at 60 – modern and rejuvenating

Hair accessories are more popular than ever in 2022. In addition, it gives a young and dynamic look! Whether you have medium length or short hair – use barrettes, bobby pins and why not a nice silky bow? This will refresh your complete look and make it more extraordinary. It is best to opt for subtle and elegant hair accessories. This is how you will set beautiful accents in your hair. Combine your clothes and hair color naturally with the selected hair accessories.

The light blonde hair color hides the gray hair

bob hairstyles layered from 50 balayage blonde medium length hair

hairstyles from 60 with glasses chin-length bob

bold hairstyles for women over 50 for thick hair