No, this is not about the song “Bang, bang” by Nancy Sinatra. In this post, we are going to look at the short bangs, also known as “micro bangs” or “baby bangs”. Short bangs have been around for decades and they keep coming back in style. This type of bangs is a great way to add some flair to your mane and is incredibly versatile too. Let’s see which hairstyles these striking fringes go well with and which ladies should immediately opt for them.

Baby bangs, micro bangs…

whispy baby bangs bob with slanted bangs

The cutely named pony has a long history that might even be older than you think. But when we talk about 20th century showbiz, we have to mention that the micro bangs are a hallmark of the 1950s. And guess who is responsible: Audrey Hepburn. Her hairstyle in the film A heart and a crown (1953) inspired some of the key characteristics of baby bangs: the brevity and the fluffiness.

The iconic pony

Ideally, the micro fringe should be cut about 4 cm into the forehead, above the eyebrows. It can be cut very straight, which gives a retro look in combination with long, straightened hair. Betty Page famously wore her bangs in such a tandem and the hair was most recently restyled by Katy Perry and Bella Hadid.

Betty Page paired the short bangs with long hair

But the micro bangs can also be cut asymmetrically, in an intricate V-shape, or paired with a bob, like Halle Berry’s look at the 2021 Academy Awards.

Micro bangs, french bob

Halle Berry Micro Bangs and French Bob

And when you pair the micro bangs with a rebel cut — wolf, octopus, or mullet — it can literally rock.

Who does a micro pony suit?

As can be seen, the micro pony is again one of the popular pony trends in 2022. Typically, a micro pony suits women who want to emphasize their eyes and cheekbones. It can flatter most face shapes, provided you don’t have a round face. Ladies who have broader foreheads and larger eyes can feel particularly appealing because the micro bangs will completely redefine and accentuate these features.

Blunt bob with baby bangs – all cut very precisely

short bangs baby bangs blonde bob

When cut briskly and parted interestingly, micro bangs definitely make women over 50 look younger and are very flattering on diamond and heart shaped faces.

Very stylish in tandem with long hair

soo joo park micro fringe blonde wvay hair rex 683x1024

Baby bangs: the best combinable hairstyles

So, let’s take a look at what are the combinable hairstyles for baby bangs so that you can have some inspiration for the next haircut.

Mullet with short bangs

Micro bangs for long hair

#Wolf Cut with Micro Bangs

You probably already know that the wolf cut is not going out of fashion. This fringed, asymmetrical haircut is flattering on wavy and curly hair and looks incredibly volatile and out of the ordinary when paired with baby bangs. The short bangs are just another layer of asymmetry that complements the rebel cut perfectly.

Wolf cut with short fringes

#Messy shag with micro bangs

A gentler, but also very popular variant of the asymmetrical haircut for long hair is the messy shag, which is not cut as layered as the wolf cut. Typically, the shag is paired with curtain bang style bangs, but the micro bangs add extra interest to the hairstyle.

Rebel cut with short bangs

#Micro bangs with a ponytail or sleek bun

Typically, stylish ladies wear the fashionable ponytail with a longer fringe, choppy bangs or a sweeping fringe.

Class with a ponytail

baby pony hairstyles fringe bangs

But look how great baby bangs add an extra layer of class to a Scandi bun or ponytail.


micro bangs bella hadid long hair short bangs

Micro bangs for short hair

Micro bangs are an ideal complement to finer and smooth textures and sit perfectly on a blunt bob. The bangs can also flatter other types of short hairstyles like pixies or mushroom heads.

Mushroom head with micro bangs

mushroom head micro bangs pony hairstyle short

#Micro bangs with french bob

You can combine the classic French bob with micro bangs and even have the fringes cut very delicately and asymmetrically. Slight fringes of the pony in combination with the bob ensure a more interesting “undone” look.

Diagonally cut short bangs

odd micro bangs with french bob

#Baby bangs with pixie

A great way to style your pixie hairstyle well is to cut micro side bangs. It emphasizes the forehead and enhances the charisma of the short haircut. Many ladies choose micro bangs when sporting an undercut pixie to add more sass and sharpness to their style.

Pixie with baby bangs

micro fringe pixie bangs hairstyle short

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baby bangs emma watson 2

baby bangs emma watson bun

updo hairstyle micro bangs long hair short bangs

Ponytail Microbangs Penelope Cruz

short bangs asymmetric bob with micro bangs

baby bangs bob short bangs

micro bangs with bun

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