//Ad// I am now in the 34th week of pregnancy. My baby bump can no longer be overlooked. Unlike my feet. I haven’t seen them properly in a long time. But that doesn’t matter, what are men for if not to get help with one or the other little thing during pregnancy.

The socks thing

You might think that after a certain week of pregnancy you should only walk around barefoot. After I started putting on my socks while sitting from the 24th week of pregnancy, I now prefer to leave them off altogether. Never before have I thought about how far the way from hand to foot really is and above all how one is supposed to get past this mountain of belly with arms that are now much too short. The whole thing is like a physical peak performance, which I can only get behind me with a few contortions and panting heavily. Or preferably just let it be.

routine of care during pregnancy

In the meantime, I have also shortened my care routine during pregnancy a bit. Because bending down is really not one of my strengths anymore. Especially not when it comes to longer maintenance processes. So now the toenails are done in the nail salon and on the subject of shaving legs, let’s just not talk, okay? In general, the unwritten law now applies that everything that falls on the ground stays there for the time being. Either the dog or the man will take care of it…

problems in pregnancy

But the little problems that come with a progressive pregnancy don’t stop there. Because the extra kilos that you are now putting on the scales mean that your feet long for more care than usual. Especially if you are also struggling with water retention. Luckily for me, these are still limited. But my husband can’t avoid giving me a foot massage or two. The new Cooling Foot Cream from Birkenstock is particularly suitable for this. The cream is an absolute blessing after a long day on your feet and smells wonderfully fresh. Because even if I have shortened my personal care routine a bit, I don’t want to do without a bit of wellness in everyday life!

Birkenstock Natural Skin Care

If you are now wondering whether you read correctly: Yes, Birkenstock now also produces natural cosmetics! And the values ​​that Birkenstock already represents when it comes to shoes are also very important in their cosmetics line. Natural ingredients, high-quality processing and sustainability. And the cork that we already know from Birkenstock shoes can also be found in Birkenstock Natural Skin Care! The cork oak contains the active ingredient suberin, which also has excellent cosmetic properties. The multi-active cork oak complex promotes cell renewal, strengthens the skin’s protective barrier and increases skin moisture. Furthermore, no tree has to be felled to obtain the active ingredient complex. Instead, the tree is gently peeled and the bark layer can be renewed again and again. If you are interested in further details, you should take a look at the Birkenstock website.

But there is not only care for the feet, but also hand care, body care, facial care, facial cleansing and special care. In addition to the Cooling Foot Cream, I was allowed to try the Moisturizing Foot Balm, the Moisturizing Leg and Foot Oil and the Moisturizing Hand and Nail Cream. I don’t need any help from my husband for the latter. Luckily I can still get hold of my hands myself.

Incidentally, the products are all convincing not only because they are natural cosmetics that are vegan, free from animal testing, without parabens, silicones or paraffins, but also with a classic and high-quality design that is particularly noticeable due to the cork decoration. A real eye-catcher, if you bsw. pulls the hand cream out of the handbag.