Nothing will end with the New Year’s Eve party, because 2023 offers us fabulous hair fashion that will continue to fascinate. As 2022 draws to a close, next year brings new hair trends that are easy to style and turn heads. In the following, we will explain what the hot hairstyle trends for 2023 will be.

Hairstyle trends 2023: These are the TOP 9 hairstyles for all hair lengths

rambut pendek french bob pony hairstyles trend 2023

Asymmetries, casual bobs and shags dominate the catwalk: Bangs are making a big comeback with attractive styles such as subtle wispy bangs or flattering French bangs. The French Girl Look remains in fashion and is part of the signature look of 2023.

Hairstyles trend 2023: The classic of all time is the French bob with bangs

We spotted Bella Hadid with a fabulous French bob with bangs and asymmetrical contours, in a sleek look.

French bob with bangs in a sleek look

The bob ends at bob bone level with twisted hair ends and we just can’t get enough of it. Everything is styled with French flair and the female hairstyle looks extremely elegant and doesn’t require much hair care – apart from, of course, some hair pomade and a comb.

Modern hairstyle trends 2023 for short hair

1. Short mullet

Women with a retro attitude can rejoice: a rebellious it girl hairstyle will be great in 2023 trendy and is called Short Mullet or Shullet.

Shullet as a trend hairstyle for short hair in 2023

short mullet trend hairstyle 2023 scarlett johansson

The complex cut looks youthful and casual and gives the mane an effective breeze.

The short mullet, or shullet, will be all the rage in 2023

2. Wolf Bob

We associate the wolf cut with octopus variations primarily with the long hair, but the bob hairstyles can also look “wolfish”. We originally spotted the trend in 2022 with the grunge bob and delighted in the rebellious undertones of this vibe.

The wolf bob with a fringed contour makes hearts beat faster in 2023

Face-framing, incoherent asymmetries with bangs and layers will dynamize the 2023 bob cuts.

3. Flapper Pixie

Ladies who want to look elegant and stylish will find great inspiration in the flapper pixie. The flapper pixie works sleek and is styled and worn in the style of the water wave. In addition, the micro fringe provides WOW effects.

Flapper pixie: great short hairstyle with baby bangs

maggie+gyllenhaal flapper pixie short hairstyles in trend 2023

Trend hairstyles 2023 for medium length hair

1. Wet look waves

The medium length is styled in a fabulous wet look in 2023. If you don’t wear bangs and have fine, straight hair, you’ll be able to recreate this fashionable look in minutes. The hairstyle suits most everyday situations as well as official occasions and looks a bit cheeky and androgynous.

Hairstyles trends 2023 for medium length hair

dries van noten spring 2023 wet look hairstyles trend 2023

2. Midi cut with flipped hair ends

A gorgeous and feminine hairstyle that can show off any subtle asymmetries you have in the mane. A round brush or blow dryer is the only thing you need for this look and off you go with the midi flick.

Midi Flick – Frayed hairstyle with feathers

midi flick trendy short hairstyles short hairstyles women cheeky 2023

3. Long mixie

The mixie is the longer version of the short mullets and looks simply outstanding in a wet look. The contrasting effects between the shorter frontal part, which in most cases makes a statement through the bangs, and the longer part, is fabulous and exclusive. You don’t just need the hairstyle for casual street style: it goes very stylishly with official outfits.

The long mixie is one of the hairstyle trends for 2023

trend hairstyle 2023 long mullet sleek ook

Fashionable hairstyles for long hair 2023

1. Alpine chic

Long-haired women who appreciate tradition can choose from the super trendy braided wreath as a fashion option among the current hairstyle trends for 2023. This fabulous Alpine chic hairstyle is brilliant as a hairstyle for the working day and also looks particularly classy in other everyday situations (even if you are a passionate skier).

Braided hairstyles in fashion for 2023: Alpine chic

alpine chic scarlett hairstyles trend 2023 long hair

2. Sleek half-up

The Sleek Halp-up is a minimalist hairstyle that is awesome trendy looks and evokes nostalgic notes from nineties hair fashion. Gigi Hadid demonstrated the look, which is very easy to recreate with an elegant hair clip.

Long hair with a half-up: trend hairstyles 2023 for fine hair

gigi hadid at givenchy runway show hairstyles trend 2023

3. Butterflies

The fringed, feminine haircut à la J. Lo continues to be trendy. The gorgeous hairstyle flatters both blondes and brunettes and can be complemented with the trendiest hair colors of 2023.

Butterfly hair continues to be trendy

butterfly the latest hairstyles for women 2023