We all know that the beautiful flowering period is undoubtedly the most beautiful phase in an orchid’s life cycle. Anyone who grows orchids can’t wait to see their orchid bloom. However, you should remember that after flowering, each plant needs special care, otherwise it may perish. And since we’re sure you want the best tips for your orchids, we’ve put together a few dormant orchid care tricks on how to care for a beautiful orchid that has faded and what you can do so that the plant remains healthy and beautiful in the future.

Caring for orchids during dormancy

How long does the dormant phase last for orchids

The Phalaenopsis orchid is undoubtedly very beautiful when it is in bloom. The color is particularly beautiful when it is in bloom, but what can you do when the orchid is fading? How can you get the orchid to bloom again? The answer is simple: you need to properly care for the orchid and wait for the next shoots, on which the flowers will appear.

Proper care for orchids

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What should you do when the orchid has faded?

After the last orchid flower has fallen, you should let it rest so that it can recover for a new bloom. Because the stalk has used up a lot of nutrients to produce gorgeous, colorful buds, it needs to rest, and during that time you need to help it get back into shape. The following points belong to orchid care after the flowering period:

  • The rest period is very important for the orchid. During this time, the orchid should not be fertilized, but watered normally.

Tips for orchid care

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  • It is also advisable to carefully inspect the substrate and roots. Depending on their condition, you decide how to proceed.

The dormant phase in orchids is very important

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  • The orchid should be watered and fed as before flowering, and after 3-4 months you can try to prepare the plant for the next flowering. To achieve this, you should fertilize them regularly.

What does an orchid look like when it is dormant?

What does an orchid look like when it is dormant

What is a dormant period in orchids?

The dormant phase in orchids is a physiological state in which growth rate and metabolism are greatly reduced. This period arose during evolution as an adaptation to unfavorable environmental conditions at different times of the life cycle or during different seasons.

It is important to know that dormant orchids are more resistant to frost, heat and drought. The development cycle of many orchids is characterized by a more or less pronounced dormant phase. Their presence, duration or absence is determined by the annual climatic change of seasons in the plant’s native country.

Here’s how to care for an orchid during its dormant period

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What do orchids like?

  • Where do orchids feel most at home? The ideal spot for orchids is near a window (north or east side) with plenty of light and, of course, regular access to fresh air.

This is guaranteed to work

care for orchids during the dormant phase how are you doing

  • You should know that orchids love moisture. That is why it is advisable to spray the leaves of the orchid every 2 days. For this you need a normal spray bottle with water.
  • What should be considered when watering orchids during the dormant period? Place the pots of orchids in a large container of water. You must first leave this water at room temperature for at least a few days.

How long do orchids bloom?

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  • Only water the orchid when the roots turn silvery white. This can happen every 2 to 3 weeks.
  • After flowering, you need to cut off the stem, otherwise it will completely dry up, and the orchid will take a lot of time and strength to form a new stem and flowers.
  • Orchids like clean leaves. It is therefore important to remove dust from the orchid leaves. This is quick and easy with a spray bottle and kitchen paper.

How can you tell that the orchid is dormant?

There are several visible signs:

  • In a healthy orchid, the leaves are stiff, resilient, shiny, flexible, evenly colored and light green. If the leaves are dark green, the plant is getting too little light, if the leaves are reddish, it’s getting too much light. On the other hand, if dark spots have formed on the leaves, this is a sign of sunburn, which means you should put the flower further away from the window.

What should you pay attention to when caring for orchids?

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  • If we find that, due to overwatering or other causes, the roots have become soft, brown and without living edges, we take the risk of transplanting the flower as soon as possible (not wasting time to prevent the roots from rotting) . On the contrary, if the roots are fine, only the flower does not bloom, and the leaves are not firm, then we just need to strengthen the general care of the orchid.

We’re sure you can’t wait for your orchids to flower again. And we are not exaggerating when we say that their flowering will bring great joy not only to you, but to everyone who sees the beauty of these flowers. You are just incredibly beautiful. Follow our tricks and tips to have beautiful blooming orchids that will make the atmosphere in your home even more colorful.

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