Gray hair has been one of the hottest trends in recent years and even women who don’t even have gray strands have decided to give this beautiful color a try. If you’re in your 50s and seeing multiple signs of color loss, don’t hesitate and wear your gray hair with pride! There are so many ways to style gray hair in a stylish and modern way. Here are 7 gray short hairstyles for 2023 that will rejuvenate you and turn back time at 10 years (or more) in no time!

Which hairstyles from 50 make you younger?

gray short hairstyles for 2023 that make you younger

Discover the trendiest haircuts for women over 50 that look younger

Chic gray short hairstyles for women over 50

What are the hottest gray short hairstyles for 2023?

Long pixie

Pixie cuts are growing in popularity, especially among the over 50s. Thinking of making a hair transformation? Then be bold and choose a long pixie cut! Essentially, it’s a short hairstyle with long bangs that show off the ears (and earrings) and the nape of the neck. This pixie cut can make you look younger by accentuating your facial features, especially your cheekbones and eyes! This is a great option if you want something super classy with bangs. Just make sure you get the bangs cut to a length that flatters your face shape.

The bangs are an asymmetrical element that add a really great unique dimension to the overall cut

hairstyles 2023 women over 50 that make you younger

Gray bob with side parting

The bob haircut with side parting is also IN in 2023. The almost straight line of this hairstyle makes the hair appear thick and healthy. This modern style looks great on most face shapes and can be curled for added volume. This one is for the conservative ladies who don’t like long hairstyles for gray hair over 50 and prefer the length above the shoulders. The side parted gray bob looks neat while the side parting adds volume to the hair. This is a low maintenance style, it dries out quickly and only needs trimming every 6 weeks or so.

Bob is one of those styles that could make you look younger!

gray short hairstyles for 2023 bob hairstyle

Short undercut pixie with choppy top

Short choppy hair doesn’t always have to look wild, but it can if you want to! If that’s the vibe you’re going for, make sure to keep the bangs extra short and the top extra choppy. The short undercut pixie with choppy top flatters almost every face shape and has the ability to make any lady look 10 years younger! Choppy haircuts work well for any hair type, even fine hair. The extra layering will add the illusion of thickness. This is really welcome for women over 50 as hair often thins out over the years.

A professional stylist can style fine hair in a very modern way and give it a lot of dimension

cheeky gray short hairstyles for women over 50

Modern gray blunt bob

One of the classic and safest hair trends for older ladies in their 50’s is a blunt bob cut. This no-layer cut has a sheer shape and shine that holds even baby-fine hair together. A blunt bob will also look more luscious if it’s no longer than 2-5 cm below the chin. There are countless ways to enhance a blunt bob haircut. Wavy, straight, tousled or funky – each style suits a specific mood and personality.

The blunt bob suits an oval, square or heart-shaped face quite well

which hairstyle for women over 50 looks rejuvenating with glasses

Edgy choppy pixie that has a rejuvenating effect

Short choppy layered hair looks cool and very fresh in the form of the pixie cut, especially when you use a mix of long and short angled layers. Youthful and sparkling, it adds tons of dimension and texture to your hairdo. Fine hair looks much thicker when cut in choppy layers. The root of extremely dark tones complemented with extremely light tones helps create a sense of depth and added texture. Be sure to shake out the hair after it is completely dry to increase its volume.

A fringed cut hairstyle for women over 50 that is super trendy this year

fringy short hairstyles women cheeky modern hairstyles that make you younger

Very short pixie for fashion-conscious women

Women with thinner hair are used to washing it often and with a super short style, frequent washing and styling isn’t too time consuming. The very short pixie is a practical and chic choice if you are willing to trim your hair that much. What are the advantages of such a haircut?

  • Everyone should get a pixie cut at least once;
  • You no longer need to brush out tangles;
  • Shampoo and conditioner aren’t that common anymore;
  • You’ll never have to straighten or curl your hair again!

Such a hairstyle has so many advantages that we simply cannot list them all!

modern gray short hairstyles pixie cut

Voluminous soft A-line bob

Our final suggestion is the soft A-line bob. These hairstyles look flattering on all face shapes and add a touch of mystery and glamor that any woman will love! The layers add bounce and dimension to the hair. The style is neat and fun at the same time. This is definitely a layered haircut to try for ladies over 50 in 2023!

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Gray short hairstyles for 2023

Younger women over 50 are doing short hairstyles

Ring in the new year by jazzing up your hairstyle

short hairstyles gray hair from 50 pictures glasses

Upbeat hairstyles for women over 50

Gray short hairstyles for 2023 for women over 50

short hairstyles women over 50 gray hair

Light and dark gray strands add texture and volume

short hairstyles for older women gray hair

Upbeat hairstyles for women over 50

These chic gray short hairstyles are a hit in 2023

which hairstyle from 50 makes you younger