You’ve taken your courage in both hands and want to change your style! You want to start with your mane first and sport a trendy cut. Don’t look too far! Whether for long, medium or short hair, a cut is back in fashion this year and is very much in fashion among fashionistas. All you have to do is take the plunge!

Which haircut allows you to keep the lengths?

These other trendy haircuts are suitable for long hair
Fashion is an eternal restart! And it’s the case to specify it for this cut that had its heyday in the ’80s. Reworked for a chicer style, this cut is the trend of the moment.

Which haircut allows you to keep the lengths?

This is obviously the mullet cut that offers an original, modern and sophisticated look. If you’re one of those people who likes to dare new styles but want to preserve their length at all costs, maybe it’s time to try this ’80s cut that has many possibilities.

The mullet cut adds structure to long hair

Since 2020, the mullet cut has established itself as a fashionable haircut. Some actors and singers have adopted it, like actor Dacre Montgomery in the series Stranger Things or star Miley Cyrus or Zendaya. If he is back at the front of the stage after several decades, it is mainly because of his rebellious and versatile side. The long nape cut, represented by long curls at the back and shorter curls at the front, blends perfectly with long hair and adds texture to it.

It is also possible to wear it on short hair, with or without bangs, straight or curly. To change up the mullet style, simply straighten or curl hair to restore flexibility and volume. The other advantage of this cut is that it is very low maintenance: the hair can also be left natural for a shaggy and voluminous style.

These other trendy haircuts are suitable for long hair

Just like the ever-popular mullet, other timeless haircuts can be reworked to jazz up long hair without having to cut it short. Here are some important examples.

Long hair with bangs

It’s a classic that goes perfectly with long hair. Depending on the shape of the face, the bangs can be adjusted. For an oval and longer face, it is best to opt for straight bangs just above the eyebrows to clarify the face and give it a modern touch. For a square face, long bangs are ideal to soften facial features. For round faces, the layered bangs air up your face and elongate its shape.

Rounded or V-cut for long hair

The rounded cut at the lengths is perfect for round faces. By adopting this cut, you add more value to the shape of your face. It is the perfect model to give a subtle touch to the straight cut that lacks movement and lightness. For more volume at the lengths, it is possible to taper the ends to create a V-shape. This cut is suitable for curly, straight and wavy textures.

Long hair with a subtle gradient

Finally, long hair with a layer helps bring movement to the hair and soften the broad features of a triangular face. With a subtle gradient, it will be possible to give curly hair more lightness and more spring. In addition, this cut adapts to all modern and trendy hairstyles. It can also be worn with fringes or center parting.

There are several ways to enhance long hair. We have shown you one of the coolest ways to achieve this. But if you’re not particularly fond of retro styles, it’s possible to embrace classic but revisited cuts with your eyes closed!