“When do you feel free?”

KUUNO* asked me when I really feel free. This is a big question, to which there is certainly no general answer, but which I would like to answer in detail and from my point of view. Because such questions often help us to recognize whether we are really living a fulfilled life and whether we are acting in accordance with our purpose.

That’s why I’m taking the time today and thinking about where and how I really feel free and what the big word “freedom” actually means for me personally.

Incidentally, in the photos for this post I am wearing my favorite yoga wear from KUUNO, which I always feel particularly free in because it is so comfortable to wear! I wear the tights in “Simple Grey”* and the bra in “Simple Grey”*.

Freedom: a big word and what it means to me

Freedom can mean so many things. For me it means being able to act without constraints and obligations, being able to move freely in the world and doing exactly what feels good and right for me.

Of course, I also know that I was lucky enough to be born in a country where everything is possible and that freedom is an absolute privilege. Many people in the world don’t have nearly as much freedom as I do and I’m absolutely aware of that.

For this reason, it is particularly important to me to walk every day with gratitude for all my freedoms and to walk through the world mindfully and with a lot of consideration…

My professional freedom as a self-employed person

For me, freedom also means being self-employed as a content creator and blogger. I used to work in permanent positions and am therefore particularly aware of how much freedom I have as a self-employed person without a boss. And that for more than 8 years!

Of course, as a self-employed person I have other duties and worries, I have to organize myself and take care of my taxes, but I have the great freedom to let my creativity run free every day, to be my own boss and to make all professional decisions myself, that is for me a huge privilege and the greatest freedom that I can imagine professionally.

The great freedom to travel wherever I want

Especially during the worst time of the pandemic, I realized what a great privilege the
freedom to travel is. Just when this was no longer simply possible, I suddenly missed it particularly badly.
Especially since we travel a lot for work, constantly being on the road can quickly become part of everyday life and no longer seem particularly exciting, but right now I just feel deep gratitude for having the freedom to travel again.
Again, I realize that being able to travel anywhere in the world is a huge privilege. This is not granted to most people – this freedom is all the more special for me.

I feel particularly free in nature

By the way, the place where I feel particularly free is always outside in nature. It doesn’t matter whether it’s hiking through the mountains, going for a walk on the beach, cycling through forest and meadows or stand up paddling on a large lake… I always feel the greatest personal freedom in nature.

That’s why I spend most of my free time in nature – outside in the fresh air, surrounded by plants and not by houses, with the sound of the wind or the sea in my ears and not that of roads and cars…
Yes, if I had to break it down, I would say: “For me, freedom means being able to be in nature!”

*Paid advertising: this post was created in cooperation with KUUNO.