At the latest now that the cold, dark time of year is coming to an end and the year is slowly coming to an end, we spend even more time at home – whether with loved ones or with ourselves. Many activities are canceled due to the weather. We become more contemplative and love to snuggle up on the sofa with a hot tea or coffee. Due to Corona, we spent a lot at the beginning of the year at home and now it’s getting much quieter in autumn, so many people are retiring. It’s high time to make yourself comfortable in your own four walls and get the best out of the situation.

At the beginning of the year I had a topic stay home published a post in which you will find 20 tips for a good time at home. Today I would like to add another tip and embellish this article and go into more detail: listen to audio books.

The perfect atmosphere for an audio book This is how you tune in

The perfect atmosphere to listen to an audio book

For me personally, an ideal Sunday includes a few hours of relaxation and me time to. This usually involves a warm bath or some spa. But definitely snuggled under the covers with a hot cup of tea listening to an audio book. When it’s raining outside and the raindrops hit the windows, the background noise underlines the ideal autumn mood. With the perfect candlelight you create a cozy atmosphere that puts you in the audio book. In addition, you will come to rest and can take care of your voice much more and stimulate your imagination.

This is how you tune in to an audio book

Other small factors are also important so that you can enjoy your audio book undisturbed and relaxed.

  • Complete all tasks beforehand so that you are not pressed for time.
  • Silence your phone so you aren’t distracted by messages.
  • Provide a cozy atmosphere. This can be candlelight, incense sticks, a hot water bottle, a hot drink. Or maybe you like to listen to your audiobook while bathing or going for a walk.

The perfect atmosphere for an audio book Tips and Favorites

Top 10 opportunities to listen to an audio book

Of course, you don’t always need the perfect autumn mood to enjoy an audio book. Other good opportunities for an audio book include:

  1. on long car journeys
  2. on the way to work
  3. cleaning up
  4. during sports
  5. while walking
  6. while bathing
  7. while cooking
  8. before falling asleep
  9. comfortably on the sofa
  10. when waiting, for example, at the doctor’s

The perfect atmosphere for an audio book Top 10 opportunities to listen to an audio book

Audio books: My tips & favorites

fun fact:
One of my first audio books was twilight. That was many, many years ago.

Since I’m personally a big fan of Dan Brown I can only recommend the series to you! Years ago I started listening to the audio books on

Also a big recommendation from me are the Hunger Games. An audio book that I love very much and really stimulates the imagination. It wasn’t made into a movie back then and I have to say it’s a lot better in my imagination than the movie. That’s one of the things I love about audio books.

But you can also find all new releases at Audible and are therefore always up to date. If you are looking for even more inspiration and tips, you can browse through the overview page of the most popular authors and discover the latest titles by your favorite authors.

For audio book starters, I can recommend the 30-day trial version at Audible. I bet you will enjoy it and search for one or the other audio book just like me. There is also a short audio sample for each title.

Our homes and interiors say as much about us as the clothes we wear. Classic and minimalist, playful and romantic, urban and modern. There are many ways to transform your home into a comfortable place. Large pieces of furniture such as a sofa, cupboards and also the paint are already half the battle. But even little things like the decoration and plants make a difference. Not only for the optics, also for the inner well-being. And so today I dedicate myself to the little things that make a lot.

How scented candles change your home decoration and furnishing

Interior tip:
The more massive and heavier the fragrance glass is, the more valuable it looks as a decorative element in your home.

Scented candles are a particular focus. They have become symbols of the new domesticity for two different reasons. On the one hand, the dimmed, flickering light provides cozy lighting. The eyes are relaxed, the body automatically relaxes and comes to rest. On the other hand, the aroma of the scented candles can have a calming or refreshing effect – depending on taste and well-being.

So scented candles not only fulfill the purpose of a decorative home accessory in which one likes to invest, they also create an aromatic room fragrance.

How scented candles change your home incense sticks

By the way: The sense of smell also plays a significant role in meditation. You can actively stimulate it with fragrance sticks.

In your own four walls, scented candles are little helpers to escape everyday life and beam us to another place.
AVA & MAY creates exactly this: The versatile scented candles of the Berlin company invite you to dream and take you to a place of your choice. With the different scents, captured from all over the world to bring back memories, they create a feel-good atmosphere in your own home.

All fragrance products are of the highest quality and naturalness. All scented candles are handmade, vegan and consist of 100% soy wax, which is free of sheep substances. All fragrances undergo quality assurance and are developed together with perfumers to bring a unique fragrance experience into your living room.

One remembers the fresh Mediterranean breeze, the smell of 1001 Nights in the souks of Marrakech or the woody scent of the hut in Scandinavia.

How scented candles change your home Ava & May fragrances

The entire selection of fragrances from AVA & MAY can be found in the online shop, where the selection ranges from woody to flowery and cities from Barcelona to Persia to Hawaii.

With the code CesteviGO you will receive a 40% discount and a mini candle of your choice!

Which scent would you like to smell in your home and thus be transported to a place of your choice? Let me know in the comments and be sure to check out AVA & MAY to see if your dream location comes in scented candles, sticks or room scents.

How scented candles change your home vegan scented candles

The jewelry trends for 2022 are once again moving in the direction of gold this year. Gold doesn’t seem to be going out of style. Especially in times of crisis, like 2022, gold is also in demand as an investment. Cartier is one of the most famous and popular jewelry brands. With its timeless designs, the luxury brand keeps winning new customers. The most popular piece of jewelry is the Cartier Love Bracelet, which now enjoys cult status. This blog post is about jewelry trends 2022, the right cleaning and jewelry care.

Jewelry trends 2022: Cartier is trendy

Cartier has long established itself as a brand in the jewelry industry. Watches, engagement and wedding rings and high-quality luxury jewelry are manufactured at Cartier. I have already written a blog post about Cartier watches, in which you will find information about vintage models and prices. The jewelry is high-priced luxury jewelry. The Love Collection by Cartier is well known. It is characterized by a clean design. Small circles with a minus are stamped into the jewelry. There are also various refined versions of the Love Collection that are set with diamonds. Cartier in jewelry is like Chanel in fashion. Women with a Chanel bag wear a love bracelet. Even if this is very expensive, it is and remains a status symbol. With Cartier jewelry you show that you belong or want to belong to the elite of society.

Jewelry trends 2022

Accessories in trend 2022

The jewelery trends: cleaning and caring for jewellery

When you buy high-quality jewelry, you naturally want it to last for a long time. Proper cleaning and care is important here. In the guide to jewelry cleaning and jewelry care you will find all the information you need to get your used jewelry shiny again. It should be added that it is better to take off jewelry when showering, swimming and doing sports. That way it stays in good quality for longer. Do you clean your jewelry regularly and do you make sure to take the jewelry off in certain situations?

Jewelry trends 2022: Cartier women's jewelry

Cartier women's jewelry


The island of Crete is not only the largest island in Greece, but also a dream holiday destination – especially in summer. After all, there are numerous sights to discover, food to taste and great people to meet. We have put together a list of other insider tips that Crete has to offer.

Arrival to Crete

On the plane and off to paradise! At least that’s the decision most travelers from Germany who are drawn to Crete make. No wonder, because a flight to the Greek island takes between 2 hours 50 minutes and 3 hours 30 minutes, depending on the place of departure in Germany. You land at one of the two airports on the island – either in the west of the island, in Chania, or in the north near Heraklion. If you don’t like flying, you can also take the ferry to Crete. This runs from Athens, for example, but the journey takes between eight and nine hours. Including the journey to Athens, you’ll be on the road for quite a while. For the ferry you have to reckon with costs of around 100 euros per person.

Overnight stay in Crete

If you are drawn to Chania for your vacation, we have a special Crete insider tip for you. Because it does not always have to be a great and expensive hotel, but sometimes an idyllically located AirBnB can also be something special. Like this pearl, in the middle of Chania’s old town and only a few minutes’ walk from the port. Here you will experience modern facilities, but also the typical Mediterranean flair of the Greek city of Chania. I myself stayed there on my honeymoon with my husband and I can only recommend this accommodation!

Alannah Benfer

Absolute hotel tip for Crete: Happy Cretan Suites in Agia Pelagia

Warm staff, great rooms, delicious food and an incredible view of the sea – all this is available at a fair price in the Happy Cretan Suites near the small village of Agia Pelagia, only about 20 minutes from Heraklion Airport. Not only have I spent three holidays there myself, but also friends and family members. Hotel manager Dimitris and his team welcome you with a bottle of Prosecco and there are small delicacies almost every day when you come to your room in the afternoon. Because most holidaymakers go on day trips, the hotel grounds (25 rooms) are pleasantly quiet and you can relax wonderfully on the daybeds with a wide view of the sea. For those who want it more luxurious: There are also rooms with their own jacuzzi. And currently even new suites with their own pool are being built, which are scheduled to open in 2023.

You can book the hotel here on

Which cities in Crete do you absolutely have to visit?

Crete is an island that not only has really beautiful beaches to offer, but also many cities worth seeing. We introduce you to the three best cities on Crete and tell you which highlights you can discover there.

  • Chania: Welcome to the second largest city on Crete. Chania is located in the northwest of the island and not only impresses with the harbor but also with the old town, where there are not only many hidden and great restaurants, but also its very own leather market.
  • Heraklion: The largest city in Crete is an absolute must-see during your vacation! Here you can not only marvel at the old harbor fortress, but you will also find a number of shopping miles and you should also visit the Palace of Knossos nearby!
  • Rethymnon: The new port city, the numerous clubs and great restaurants make the place a meeting point for young and old. The city is also one of the two locations of the University of Crete and there are the typical kombolois here – one of the most famous souvenirs on the island. These are chic pearl bracelets.

With all the excursions on Crete you should not forget to bring plenty of sunscreen, because especially in summer it gets really hot on the island. If you do get a sunburn, we have a few tips in the video that can help.

Sights in Crete

Of course, among the Crete insider tips there are also a few special sights that you should take a look at during your vacation. You may already know some of them, and others are small and large attractions that are not (yet) considered typical tourist hotspots, but are at least as worth seeing.

  • the palace of Knossos
  • the Samaria Gorge
  • the island of Spinalonga
  • the Zeus Cave on the Lassithi Plateau
  • the white mountains “Lefka Ori”
  • the village of Matala
  • the ruins of Gortyn
Laura Jaen Kästner

Secret beaches and lakes in Crete

Many people think of “Elafonisi” when they think of the beautiful beaches in Crete, but if you don’t want to be crammed into a small island with hundreds of other tourists, you might want to check out some of the more secretive beaches. This is exactly what my husband and I did on our honeymoon in Crete. And what did we find? One of the most beautiful beaches we have ever seen! Hidden behind cliffs and a rocky path down is Kedrodasos (‘Cedar Forest’) beach (left image). The beach is only about 1 km away from Elafonisi and is an even bigger highlight than the island, which is unfortunately far too crowded.

What should not be missing during a holiday on Crete is a trip to one of the most beautiful and clearest lakes there is. Lake Kournas (right picture) is considered to be the only natural freshwater lake on the island of Crete and is located on the western side of the island, near the town of Georgioupoli. Especially nice: Rent a pedal boat here and ride it across the lake. It is so much fun!

Museums in Crete

In addition to historical sites such as the cave of Zeus, there are a few more places on the beautiful island that convey a lot of culture and these are the numerous museums on Crete. And yes, there are quite a few of those on the Greek island. But which museums are the most worth seeing?

  • the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion
  • the Lychnostatis open-air museum in Hersonissos
  • the Natural History Museum of Crete
  • the Maritime Museum of Crete

Insider tips Crete

In addition to all the sights, museums and the like, there are of course a few things that you should definitely put on your to-do list before your vacation. We’ll tell you here which insider tips Crete has to offer for you.

  • Boat tour in Chania: At the port of Chania there are numerous small boats that you can rent and you should. A little further awaits you caves with crystal blue waters, secret beaches and some snorkeling included in the tours!
  • Olive Oil Farms: There are countless olive oil farms near Agios Nikolaos and you should definitely visit them on a tour… and of course take a bottle of olive oil with you!
  • Rent a car! You should definitely explore Crete by car. While there are some high country roads here that you should be careful of, it is an amazing feeling to explore the mountains of Crete on a little road trip.
  • Palace of Phaistos: If the palace of Knossos is too crowded for you, there is of course an alternative.
Laura Jaen Kästner

The waterfalls of Piges Argiroupolis

Of course there are also one or two highlights on Crete for (hobby) hikers. For example the waterfalls of Piges Argiroupolis. Almost in the middle of the forest, a waterfall meanders down the mountain. Quite idyllically next to it is a restaurant from which you can hear the splashing of the water. And: If you are really ambitious and not afraid of heights, you should climb the path up along the waterfall. There is not only a small cave, which is also a mini temple. From the top you have a fantastic view of the landscape!

What to eat in Crete

Let’s get to one of the most important questions of all when it comes to holidays on Crete: WHERE IS THERE DELICIOUS FOOD? In general, you can enjoy great dishes almost everywhere on Crete. A tip: don’t miss the tsatsiki! But we from the editorial team also have our very own insider tips on Crete when it comes to restaurants and co. We’ll show you where you should definitely go to eat something!

  • Spiliaraki: Speaking of Tsatsiki – the best is probably in a small and inconspicuous mountain village near Kissamos. From here you have an incredible view of the canyons and you get home-cooked food.
  • Seramis Restaurant in Chania: Fancy one of the most amazing restaurants in Chania? At Seramis you’ve come to the right place. The restaurant is so popular that you either have to make a reservation there or wait in line for quite a while. But it’s worth it. Here you sit in the middle of the old town and enjoy delicious Greek food.
  • Merastri: A touch of luxury and a great selection of Mediterranean dishes awaits you in Heraklion! By the way: the olive oil used for cooking here comes from the restaurant owner’s olive grove.
  • Thalasses: If you are looking for a very expensive restaurant, you will find it at Thalasses in Rethymnon. Here you’ll find delicious seafood and an incredible view of the water!
Alannah Benfer

Pure hospitality at Taverna Bar Vasilis in Agia Pelagia

If you also like to get to know the country and its people while eating, then the Taverna Bar Vasilis spot on. The family-run restaurant is located in a small bay directly on the beach. After three holidays there, I have tried the traditional menu up and down and can say: Not only is the food the most delicious here, but also the best value for money! Really every table can look forward to a greeting from the kitchen as a starter, an opulent dessert plate and lots of raki – and that on the house. At the same time, the waiters take time for all their guests, chat and toast together (and not just once :D). Of course, word has gotten around about the great ambience and the delicious food, so it’s almost impossible to get a table in the evening without a reservation. So it pays to plan ahead! Finally, my food tip for all seafood lovers: the seafood pasta. Or you can have your own fish or seafood platter put together.

Which areas of Crete should you avoid?

If you travel to Crete for a holiday, you can go on holiday without hesitation. Apart from typical tourist traps such as pickpockets or the occasional high price, there is hardly an area on the island that is dangerous and should be avoided. However, you should mark a notorious area in red on the map, because heavy drug trafficking and the like has made the area between the towns of Anogeia, Zoniana and Livadia (the so-called “Devil’s Triangle”) a dangerous place, even for police officers. Locals call this area “the supermarket” because you can buy almost any drug there.

In general, you don’t have to worry about your vacation, because the island is so spacious and in many places so safe that you can relax on Crete.

Well, do you fancy a nice holiday on Crete now? Or are you more drawn to a particularly beautiful family resort where you can have a great time with your children? Then we have put together the most beautiful family resorts in Europe for you in our gallery.

Image Credit: Getty Images/Gatsi

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Blonde boxer cut, this cut adds a different style to each head structure. This haircut, which men have favored for the past few years, maintains its agenda. Of the boxer cut is always cool and gives new life to the face. This will do you good.

IF YOU want a style that is both attractive, comfortable and adds spatial quality to everyday life, then this would be it blonde boxer cut your best choice. This boxer cut is very easy to care for and will attract a lot of attention with a beautiful clothing combination.

With a blonde boxer cut you will no doubt draw a lot of attention. The classy look that the style offers is not only suitable for parties, but also for everyday life. Its practical design and comfortable structure make it perfect for both work and sport.

2022 trend blonde boxer cut

Some men are looking for a haircut that will catch women’s attention. This boxer cut can exactly meet your desires.The blonde boxer cut is a cute haircut that suits men with round face shapes. This flirtatious look will add a lot of appeal to your personality. Thanks to its amazing looks and flexibility, this hairstyle has become one of the respected hairstyles among men.

Blonde boxer cut is not only an attractive style of people with blonde hair, but also has a very comfortable and generous quality in everyday life. Blonde boxer cut is very easy to care for and will attract a lot of attention with an attractive clothing combination.


A great hairstyle does not have to depend on your hair type. The blonde boxer cut gives you a perfect look whether it is long or short.

This sleek, sexy blonde is the perfect cut for a sharp and sophisticated style.

Christmas is here again and you are looking for gift ideas for teenagers. Though the season can be a bit hectic, you can still get your teen something he’ll love. If you’ve run out of Christmas gift ideas, check out our linked list of unique gifts. Which teenager in your life would love a new toy or gadget! It’s the perfect time to introduce new experiences to your teen.

Gifts for teens can range from clothing to electronics. Whether your teenager is going to college or is looking for a new gadget, there are plenty of gift ideas out there. One of the hottest new toys this year is the Tamagotchi. This adorable toy is perfect for any teen and is guaranteed to make your teen smile. This cute little gadget will last for years and is a fun way to get your kid excited for the holidays!

Young people love gifts made of wood in the same way. You can choose from twelve heart-shaped pieces engraved with the reason your teen is your best friend. You can also opt for a personalized wooden box for your new treasure. The teen will also love a cozy oversized sweater. Made of soft fleece fabric, this companion is perfect for lounging, studying or other activities. This oversized plan will, in the same vein, keep your teen warm on a chilly day.

A unique gift for your teen this Christmas can be something that he will actually use. Regardless of their likes and dislikes, they’ll probably be intrigued by a different genre of gadget. It can involve entertainment, comfort, or even a fun experience. Bluetooth Beanie is an exciting new invention that combines the functionality of a headphone with a fashion statement. Thanks to the wireless technology in the earbuds, your teen can enjoy music and make phone calls in sync.

A heated sleeve for your teens is an excellent gift idea for a cold winter day. These heating blankets are available in different temperatures and have an automatic switch-off function. A fun book for a teen can also be the best gift for a teen. You’ll love it because it’s an experience, not a gadget. The Kindle Fire is a great choice for Christmas gift ideas for teens that are both practical and useful.

Teenagers are always on the hunt for cool things to wear. There’s no doubt they’ll love a branded scarf or hat. If you’re not sure which one to buy for a teen, check out our guide to Christmas gifts for teens. There are many unique gift ideas per teen this season. By considering their interests, you can find the perfect gift for your teen.

Christmas gift ideas for teenagers 0
Christmas gift ideas for teenagers 1
Christmas gift ideas for teenagers 2
Christmas gift ideas for teenagers 3
Christmas gift ideas for teenagers 4
Christmas gift ideas for teenagers 5
Christmas gift ideas for teenagers 6

The calming image of nature has been popular with men for many years. Images inspired by this nature range from trees and flowers to landscapes and monuments. There is no doubt that a person who has spent little time in this natural environment will probably feel comfortable in this natural environment. If you are looking for a good nature tattoo idea for men, there are many options available to you.

A nature tattoo can be a far-reaching representation of that nature. It can be on any part of your body, so to speak. There is nothing better than the inner peace of being outdoors in this nature. If you love nature, a nature tattoo will probably suit you well.

Nature tattoo designs come in a line of different styles, shapes and colors. They can be very intricate and expansive or very smooth and silent. Some nature tattoos represent boring history cultures or mythical creatures, while others represent abstract concepts like sunlight and the seasons. Any genre of nature tattoo you choose can symbolize your individual personality or represent a subject area you wish to express.

The tree tattoo can be a beautiful way to symbolize a connection to nature, especially during the winter months. Tree tattoo designs can be very minimalist, depicting only the bark of the tree. Tree tattoos can be very catastrophic by nature, with large branches criss-crossing beyond the skin. Autumn leaves are another excellent choice for this same genre of tattoo. For those who enjoy the feel of nature and forest animals, the Rocky Mountains tattoo will convey a rugged feel.

Many people choose nature tattoos to represent a specific part of their lives. For example, if you are a nature lover, you can opt for a flower tattoo. In spring, you can choose a blooming whitecap like daisies or sunflowers. The colorful nature of this nature is a perfect screen for any tattoo artist who can create colorful images with bright, vibrant colors. Winter and spring colors are also very impressive and many tattoo artists choose these same colors when adorning their body in these light tones.

The tattoo is not only a way to show your personality. It’s also a way for you to creatively use the elements of nature to express yourself. If you’re curious about it, consult an experienced natural tattoo artist to get an idea of ​​what it takes to plan a tattoo that expresses your individuality and love of nature. You can be outdoors and enjoy nature in many different forms, but having a tattoo that you can proudly display is one of the best ways to make the experience worthwhile.

nature tattoo 0
nature tattoo 1
nature tattoo 2
nature tattoo 3
nature tattoo 4
nature tattoo 5
nature tattoo 6

wedding rings e.g. Hd. women come in all sorts of styles and materials. Before you start buying wedding rings, e.g. For ladies start, think more about your personal style. If you like an antique look, wedding rings for example. Hd. ladies in gold z. Hd. timeless classic charm. Last but not least, women love wedding rings, e.g. Hd. Women with cut, clarity and hue that reflects their individual personality.

platinum wedding rings e.g. Hd. ladies are popular because they are very durable. wedding rings e.g. However, ladies in platinum still have another advantage – a softer figure with strong compression during everyday wear. wedding rings e.g. For example, 18k gold for women is great if you want to look sexy but don’t want the flimsy feel of other metals. platinum wedding rings e.g. Hd. Ladies in golden yellow or rose gold are just as suitable as wedding rings, e.g. Hd. Ladies in white gold. White gold wedding bands are very popular among celebrities and are exclusive to some retailers.

silver wedding rings Hd. Ladies are excellent z. Hd. the yoke. While they don’t scratch as easily as gold wedding bands e.g. Hd. women, are silver wedding rings z. Hd. women usually last but not least cheaper. Because silver has the same roughness and polish as gold, the metal scratches as easily as any other metal. For this reason it is important to wear wedding rings e.g. Buy for women who have extra quality wedding ring settings to hold the wedding ring in place and reduce the risk of damage or scratches. If you are e.g. Hd. the purchase of silver wedding rings z. If ladies decide, you should consider getting a wedding ring set. A wedding ring set contains wedding rings connected and seamless, so you know that the wedding rings z. For women all have the same quality and design.

Consider between the base of wedding rings e.g. For women you want to get married, what the wedding ring will look like on your finger. Some women have wider fingers while others have small hands. For this reason there are wedding rings e.g. Hd. Ladies in different sizes. It is important to wear wedding rings e.g. To choose women that perfectly fit the finger of the wearer’s wedding ring. For this reason, wedding rings should e.g. For ladies always tailored and never bought after the size fitting.

The value z. Hd. Wedding rings z. Last but not least, women can vary greatly depending on where you buy them. Most wedding rings Hd. Women are from specialist shops z. Hd. Wedding jewelry offered. While the same wedding rings z. However, women can be more expensive than mass-produced wedding bands e.g. Hd. women, the quality of these wedding rings z. Attn. women due to the time and effort that wedding ring makers e.g. Hd. spend making each wedding ring, be higher. If you wear wedding rings e.g. For women buying online, you will find many wedding bands e.g. Hd. women to boast cheap. This is often because wedding rings z. Hd. women are more difficult to craft, so they can be sold at lower prices.

If you wear wedding rings e.g. For ladies at a cheap price, you should familiarize yourself with the quality of the wedding ring before buying. It is not essential to wear wedding rings e.g. Hd women to buy at an extremely low price if they are below that quality. However, if you plan to make wedding rings e.g. In order to buy women at a cheap price, you should do as much extra research as possible on the quality of the wedding ring. In the same way, you know exactly what to expect from the wedding ring you buy.

Wedding rings for women 0
Wedding rings for women 1
Wedding rings for women 2
Wedding rings for women 3
Wedding rings for women 4
Wedding rings for women 6
Wedding rings for women 7

What jewelry styles change from year to year? What jewelry styles can you confidently say you’ve seen all of? Resident with so many jewelry styles available today, the question of which jewelry styles tumble into which of the 21st century’s most popular categories – elegant, vintage, trendy or sophisticated – may seem like a semantic problem. But after you’ve bought earrings, a necklace, a bracelet or a ring, how do you know what styles of jewelry to wear? Here are some guidelines for knowing which jewelry styles to pair with your new purchases to find the jewelry styles that will help you stand out from the neutral.

When it comes to classic jewelry styles, nothing says ‘high fashion’ quite like a chain of cubic zirconia or Swarovski crystals in your ears. These two classic jewelry styles have been popular for decades and never go out of style. From a subtle hint of luster to a bold spike, the addition of crystal ornaments can instantly add classic style to any set of artists.

While pearl jewelry can be worn all year round and with any hair color, a strand of sparkling crystals is ideal for fall. While pearl jewelry can be bought ready-made from a jewelry store or between an online retailer, you can easily find a wide range of pearl jewelry in all price ranges. A simple black pearl bracelet set off by a simple silver ring is a classic accessory that never goes out of style. Even better, pearl jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces or earrings can be worn with virtually any outfit to bring out the true fashion spirit in you.

If you’re not buying new jewelry but want to update your current look, vintage jewelry styles have plenty of timeless charm. Whether you prefer sterling silver pieces or crystal pieces, there’s a lineup of different jewelry styles that will pair well with any clothing rack. A vintage piece of pearl jewelry with an ornate design or a small pearl will sparkle dissimilarly to a modern piece with the same design. Pearl jewelry styles like these go with many different styles of clothing, so you never have to buy a whole new outfit to adorn with pearls. Instead, you can easily add accessories that complement your jewelry to create a unique look.

Another trend that has become popular among jewelry styles for fall is wearing gemstones. Many women love to wear jewelry with precious stones, so it makes sense to buy an excellent pair of earrings to wear with it. You can either choose a classic pair of hoop earrings or a more unique pair that is embellished with tiny gemstones. Wearing a necklace with earrings made of precious gemstones not only adds grandeur to your look, but also allows you to swap out your earrings more easily to create a whole new look every season. Because gemstones can be so expensive, picking a pair of earrings that cost less than the entire piece of jewelry is always the preferred solution.

No matter what type of jewelry you prefer, you should be in a position to find a pair of earrings and a necklace that you love. If you are looking for something that will help you stand out from the neutral, then you will find a range of beautiful designs crafted with gemstones. Whether you opt for traditional designs or contemporary designs, there are many options to choose from and you will find a style that will go with any outfit once and for all.

jewelry styles 0
jewelry styles 2
jewelry styles 3
jewelry styles 4
jewelry styles 5
jewelry styles 6

If you are considering getting a lotus flower or a tattoo plan but don’t know what the whitecap means or what it means, then you should read on this gender word. This gender word is dedicated to answering the question that a lotus tattoo symbolizes. You will learn about geometric tattoos and their values ​​and how to choose a perfect plan for you. There are different meanings for the lotus flower. You will see for yourself the various geometric lotus tattoo designs that are available.

This origin of the lotus flower lies in Asian cultures and religions. In Hinduism she is the representative of female power and sexuality. According to the ancient Chinese culture, the lotus flowers were bestowed by the gods during the creation ceremony. For Hindus and Buddhists, the lotus flowers are representative of life, love and nature.

In Hinduism and Buddhism, that lotus flower itself is attributed the value of that eternity. For the Hindus and Buddhists, this deep stalk is considered a symbol of that time. Eternity can be symbolized by the lotus flowers. It can stand for the infinite Olympian divinity, the endless scheme of creation and destruction, and the human soul. A tattoo with an eternity band, a Celtic plan or other geometric tattoo designs can represent the same value.

Another value symbolized by the lotus flower is the feminine essence. In Hinduism and Buddhism, the lotus flower itself is considered to be the representative of the female world spirit or “ki” or “ska” – an integral part of the female world view. In both Eastern religions, the same essence or “ki” is respected as the goddess, a powerful and limitless power. In the Japanese belief system, the lotus flower represents the feminine qualities of purity, goodness and magnanimity. In Eastern cultures, this symbol represents feminine power and true essence.

The Japanese and Thai believe that the lotus flower symbolizes the struggle between existence and death. As the lotus flower begins to wither, it symbolizes the finale of life and the finale of one’s spiritual path. In the Japanese culture, this value is related to the fact that the spiritual path is always a challenging process.

If you decide to get a lotus tattoo, make sure you have the right painting. This is because a lotus flower can be very intricate and detailed depending on the artist who is going to do your tattoo. If you want a small painting, you can opt for small paintings like the one above. However, if you are looking for a much more complex and detailed painting, you can try the large paintings like this one below. There are many different geometric tattoo designs that you can choose from.

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