Here is the new collection of Trinity Haircare Haircuts Spring Summer 2023super colored short, medium and long haircuts!

Bright colors, irregular lengths, the new Trinity Haircare spring/summer 2023 haircut collection focuses on originality and playful accents. Let’s find out all the pictures and find ideas to copy together!


Trinity Haircare’s new spring/summer 2023 haircut collection is called Vivid and it’s all about an adventurous and whimsical mood, a celebration of post-pandemic life and the gray of winter. The line aims to capture the sense of freedom and joie de vivre we enjoyed before the pandemic, the ability to live life to the fullest and the assurance that everything will be fine. Expressive colors and bold color block combinations, character hairstyles with unusual details are at the heart of the collection. The looks are curated by hairstylists from Jolanda Schenke’s European Artistic Team, Mirella Tyas and Matej Bogata, for a selection of haircuts that will hardly go unnoticed. But let’s find out all the photos of the new one Trinity Haircare 2023f Collection together!


For those who love very short haircuts that Trinity Haircare Spring 2023 haircut collection offers its pixie cut mixed with elements of the rounder boule cut. It is a longer haircut at the neck and very layered at the top, with irregular fringe and longer parade on one side and demeaning tufts at the ears. It is certainly one of the most original layered haircuts of the season. Also, a light copper blonde base was chosen for the color, illuminated by more intense orange brushstrokes on top and around the edges. A very special proposal for lovers of red hair! Do you like this look? Discover the most beautiful spring-summer short haircuts in our extensive picture gallery!


In terms of dandruff haircuts, Trinity Haircare’s summer 2023 haircut collection rewards one of the coolest trends of the moment, the ’80s-inspired hi-low cut but revisited in a punk-chic style. A longer hair look at the neck and no volume in the front, more rock with a long tuft in the front and violet, magenta and yellow brush strokes on the sides of the head in a hair color block style, all on a platinum blonde base. But discover all the spring and summer hair color trends you need to know about in our in-depth study!


The long shoulder-length bob in the Trinity Haircare 2023 spring collection of cuts is declined in two very different versions. The first is more romantic and bon ton, one of the trendiest wavy haircuts, with short scalloped bangs or rounded baby bangs and mauve highlights adding dimension to the dark brown base. The second look is the exact opposite, a long and sleek bob with a parade and degrading fringes, showing off all the colors of the rainbow in a perfect colorblock hairstyle. The perfect haircut for those who want to radically change the look. Do you like these lengths? Discover the most beautiful medium haircuts for spring and summer that we have selected for you!


Regarding the trending haircuts of the year, Trinity Haircare’s summer haircut collection 2023 does not forget the iconic clavicut or collarbone cut that is adored by the stars. We are talking about a cut on the collarbones with a subtle but present scale and long tufts that frame the face. To make it ‘livelier’, as the collection’s name suggests, the Trinity Haircare team colored the inner lengths with brushstrokes of cold mauve pink and dark purple to give the champagne blonde base more intensity and depth. Do you like this hairstyle? Take a look at the most beautiful spring-summer long haircuts in our extensive picture gallery!