With fall comes the need for elegant updos. Because of the humidity and wind, the hairstyle doesn’t last long in the way it was styled at home. In addition, our hair is stressed by the wind and external weather conditions. Certainly part of the autumn depression in women is also due to the fact that they no longer feel as feminine as they did in summer. An elegant hairstyle that would provide a solution to this situation is clearly the French bun pin. Here are our 5 ideas on how to wear this hairstyle in a particularly trendy way.

The French bun pin is one of the most elegant and practical fall hairstyles

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Hairstyles with accessories are trendy

A French pin alone makes updos very modern. This is because this accessory looks very elegant and chic. Updo hairstyles and hairstyles in general with visible noble accessories are among the most important fashion trends of recent years.



If you would like to treat yourself to a French pin from a good brand, we will support you!

Elegant nonchalance that individualizes your style is definitely possible with French bun pin updos

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French bun pin as half bun

Have you read our article about festival hairstyles? Since we gave you the idea with the half bun. Such updos are actually also suitable for autumn. With French Pin Half Bun, you could take a part of summer that’s already gone, or at least its happy vibes, into fall.

Elegant updos with a bit of casual flair

The undone look is still up-to-date this season. However, there are certain rules that you should follow. What shouldn’t be is that you look like you haven’t taken care of your own hair at all. It’s all about intentionally letting a few strands hang in the otherwise perfect updo. This is how you bring out your own individuality.

The barely noticeable asymmetry is also totally in

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Slightly wavy look

French bin pin updos could be made to add more variety in your looks. You could tie your hair up while it’s still wet with this elegant accessory. This is how you get an elegant look for everyday work or a special event. If you leave your hair loose, it will immediately look slightly wavy. That’s a welcome effect for adding cheer to every season, isn’t it?

Asymmetrical looks

Subtle asymmetry dominates fashion trends in both clothing and hairstyles. You could just tuck your half bun into your hair a little to the side. But not really noticeable. The asymmetry in your elegant updo looks chic and playful, but not so whimsical and flashy.

Combine the French Bun Pin with other great eye-catching accessories for an even more elegant and feminine look

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Final tip: Elegant updos with pins covered imperfections in the hair. But they can also put additional strain on them. To avoid this, you should pay special attention to your hair in the fall. You can find out how to properly care for them here.

These are our top ideas for your updo with a French bun pin. In addition, we have selected videos for you that combine practical application tips with further inspiration for such updos. Of course, you could also get ideas from the selected images in the article.

Stay confident with the help of awesome hairstyles that are easy to do.

The summery half bun can be worn great in autumn with the help of a French pin

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Maybe you can combine the French pin with other accessories for your charming look

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Feel free to let a few strands hang out. That sure looks great!

modern updo for the winter season

You can also get waves in your hair if you use the French Bin on damp hair

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There are great French bun pins on the market. Find a model that you think is really elegant and charming

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Some variants of the French Bun Pin are ideal for special events

arched high-back hairstyle and great piece of jewellery

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Want elegant hair in winter? You can do it with a French Bun Pin!

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modern updo and blonde hair

Stay elegant and confident this fall and winter with the awesome French Bun Pin!

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trendy updo for everyday use

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