Medium length hair offers fantastic styling opportunities for older women as you can work with texture, parting and hair accessories. While short haircuts are sassy and rejuvenating, shoulder-length hair is primarily feminine. If you’re looking for hair inspiration on how to put the finishing touches on a transitional length, read on. In this article, we introduce you to the trendiest hairstyles that adorn the hair of celebrity women over 60. Medium-length hairstyles for women over 60, which are currently popular and have a strong anti-aging effect, can be noted in this article and shown to your hairdresser at the next salon visit.

What is currently in fashion for medium length hair?

martha stewart medium length hairstyles over 60

While super short hair can look sparse, shoulder length hair is perfect when you want more volume and texture. Fortunately, there are always suitable cutting techniques for thinning hair that visually enhance your mane.

Medium length hair has many options to offer

Bangs make the medium-length hairstyle even more interesting, and even if you don’t want that, experimenting with the parting is enough. So you can show a fresh face every day.

60+ cheeky shoulder-length hairstyles for the cold months

The following hairstyles are currently trending on red carpets and galas, and we have selected medium length hairstyles for women over 60 that you can wear everyday with a minimum of maintenance.

Medium-length hairstyle from 60: Clavi Cut

The collarbone haircut was the unforgettable name of this mid-length bob when it first appeared and impressed many fashion icons. Now the Clavi Cut is back and has quickly become our number one choice for an elegant hairstyle for women over 60.

The Clavi Cut is a star hairstyle among medium-length hairstyles from the age of 60

clavi fringed hairstyles from 60

The bob is cropped at the collarbone length with the ends of the hair being slightly thinned out. This makes it incredibly distinctive and the haircut continues to score points by simply flattering any face shape. You can style the look with soft waves and/or a side parting.

The Clavi Cut looks amazing with Beach Waves

Frayed hairstyles from 60: Short mullet

“Short Mullet” is the English name of the catchy unisex hairstyle from the 70s and 80s, which we call “mullet” – short in the front, long in the back. It is particularly popular at the moment and its balanced, smoother version is also ideal for mature women.

Short mullet for women over 60

martha stewart hairstyle women over 60 mullet

The beautiful contrasts between the two lengths are sleek and an absolute eye-catcher among the most fashionable looks of 2022. Our list, in which we show medium length hairstyles for women over 60 with special charisma, is simply not complete without this hairstyle.

Hairstyles for women over 60: Wavy bob with side parting

Just grab the curling iron and let’s go! Elegant curls, especially if you wear long bangs or love the side parting, will instantly add extra texture to your midi bob. Just make sure to apply heat protectant before styling and set with volume spray for extra lift. Easy!

An absolute eye-catcher: wavy midi bob

wavy bob medium length hairstyles women over 60

Smart hairstyle from 60: Lob with beach waves

It is not true that the elegant Beach Waves with their summer breeze are only intended for younger ladies. We show the version that we recently discovered. Great when sporting honey blonde or caramel highlights that add extra definition. Highlights tend to make older women look younger.

Fresh hairstyles from the age of 60 that make you younger: beach waves with caramel highlights

beach waves medium length hairstyles over 60

Half-Length and Layered Hairstyles: Shag

When it comes to medium length hairstyles for women over 60, life can still be exciting and why not be a little rebellious? The shag is becoming the fashionable haircut of choice in this age category. This anti-aging haircut mesmerizes with its many layers shaped around the face in different lengths. The shag is a complex cut that features excessive texture and creates an optical nimbus around the face. Ideal with a pony in the style of curtain bangs! This haircut will instantly cheat 10 years off your face.

Which hairstyles from 60 make you younger? The shag cut

shag medium length hairstyles over 60

Have you gathered enough inspiration for medium length hairstyles for women over 60? If you do want to go shorter, check out the trending short hairstyles for women over 60 that are hot this season.

Medium-length hairstyles for women over 60 (image gallery for inspiration)

cheryl ladd clavi cut beach waves hairstyle women over 60

kim cattrall short hairstyles for women over 60

praise medium-length hairstyles from 60

midi bob hairstyle for women over 60