Hair discoloration is not only unhealthy, it is also costly. But the truth is that more and more women over 50 are opting for this variant. They want to look younger and don’t know how to achieve it. Therefore, they resort to changing their natural color to blonde or light brown hair. If you belong to this group and regularly discolor your hair, you should make some changes. From today you should stop coloring your hair because we have a solution to your problem. The happy news is that you will look much younger even if you have gray hair. Now we show you gray short hairstyles from 60, which will draw everyone’s attention.

In our article you will learn about the most modern gray short hairstyles for women over 60

gray short hairstyles from 60 that are in trend in 2022

There are a variety of ways to wear your hair chic and up-to-date in 2022. In the next lines we deal with the most beautiful gray short hairstyles from 60.

Discover our ideas for the most popular hairstyles for gray hair

bob cheeky bob hairstyles gray hair for women over 60

#Pixie Cut for older women: Frayed pixie cut for women over 60

This hairstyle will always remain a favorite. The special feature in this case is the fringed look that gives your face style and identity. It just makes you look younger. A few haircuts will form a beautiful pony and the others can be elegantly and extravagantly styled upwards. Without a doubt, you could pair the sassy pixie cut with bangs that will fall across your forehead. The cheeky short hairstyle is particularly suitable for women with thin and fine hair.

The 2022 trending hairstyles for gray hair are finally here

pixie cut cheeky hairstyles for women with gray hair over 60

#Bob cheeky Bob hairstyles for gray hair: Airy Bob

The Airy Bob is one of the most popular 2022 hairstyles for women over 60. The hairstyle is suitable for women with thick hair. The volume, which will always emphasize the hairstyle, looks wonderful. This effect will frame your face in the best way and make it significantly younger. Also, the hairstyle will really glam up your look by emphasizing your most beautiful facial features. The airy bob is given a modern twist by using a round brush and blow dryer. In the end, a setting spray is a perfect idea to protect your hair from inclement weather.

Follow our tips for looking younger

airy bob hairstyles for women over 60 with gray hair

#Undercut short hairstyles for women over 60: Bob with curtain bangs

This hairstyle is easy and really quick to style. The French bob with curtain bangs is suitable for women with fine hair. Because of this, the hairstyle will add fullness to your hair. Additionally, these types of bangs suit older ladies best because they will make them look younger. The popular curtain bangs are a perfect way to give your hair the desired softness. A good idea would be to blow-dry the hair first with a large round brush and then to style it up with hairspray.

Bob hairstyles are best suited if you have gray hair

bob with curtain bangs and hairstyles for women with gray hair

#Gray short hairstyles from 60: The shaggy bob

If you can pluck up courage, we suggest you go for this hairstyle. This will improve your self-confidence and enhance your beauty. The shaggy bob not only looks modern, but also extravagant. The hair could be worn both casually and formally. In addition, the hairstyle can be styled really easily and quickly. If you are in a hurry in the mornings, this hairstyle would be the best option that we are happy to offer.

The shaggy bob suits this woman very well

the shaggy bob hairstyle for women with gray hair 2022

#Hairstyles from 60 for women with gray hair: Wavy Blunt Bob

The blunt bob is one of the hottest hair trends that will be all the rage in 2022. The hairstyle provides more volume. The texture of the hair will contribute to your beautiful waves in your hair. If you have naturally curly hair, you will look forward to a hairstyle that is really suitable for you. The gray hair suits women over 60 particularly well, because the hairstyle sets the scene for the waves very nicely.

Wavy blunt bob suits curly hair and is really easy to wear

wavy blunt bob for women over 60 with gray hair

Gray short hairstyles from 60: which short hairstyle makes you younger?

All hairstyles that we have already mentioned are perfect for 60+ gray short hairstyles that will rejuvenate your face. In fact, all bob hairstyles are the best way to accentuate your age and beauty. This will give your hair volume and bounce.

Our recommendations will help you look younger

hairstyles with curly hair for women with gray hair

What haircut for gray hair?

You should determine the length of your hair according to your preference. Famous stylists advise to wear your hair shorter. This length is optically more suitable for women over 60 who have gray hair. Of course, the longer haircuts are also a good choice especially if you are looking for changes in your appearance.

Stop discoloring your hair because this method affects your healthy hair

short bob for short hairstyles for women over 60.jfif

Finally, let’s say that gray hair is not a bad thing. They are a mark of life and the circle of life. This is what distinguishes our personality. You shouldn’t be ashamed of that anymore. Even be proud of your natural hair and don’t alter it! See you soon!