Every mane should be crowned with the best festive hairstyle for Christmas and New Year’s – there’s no doubt about that. And as the festive season approaches, you’re in search of that magic that will put you in the spotlight. “Elegant” and “stylish” are the two buzzwords when it comes to the best celebratory looks. We present below 5 spectacular festive bun hairstyles for long hair that will make you shine and fascinate everyone around you on the holiday day.

Festive bun hairstyles for Christmas and New Year’s Eve

anne hataway festive bun hairstyle

Depending on the type of bun, there are different techniques you can learn. However, we advise you to enlist the help of a professional hairdresser if you want a sophisticated chignon hairstyle for Christmas or New Year’s Eve.

Refined holiday hairstyles with a bun

Either way, you’ll need mousse and hairspray to set the bun of your choice.

Classic and elegant with a beret

kate middleton festive bun hairstyles

In 2022, we celebrated the minimalist and easy-to-make Scandi slick chignon. It’s all about a low bun that flatters straight hair perfectly and can be done with a simple twisting motion. Ideally, you create the look while wet by applying hair mousse and smoothing the mane to perfection.

Complex styling for Christmas Eve and Christmas

This is how the festive bun is created in five easy steps

  1. Make a low ponytail with an invisible hair tie.
  2. Twist and wrap the long ponytail under the hair tie, creating a loop.
  3. Secure with a hairpin below the bun.
  4. Do the same on both sides.
  5. Spritz with strong-hold hairspray.

Festive bun hairstyles for Christmas and New Year: These are the BEST looks

Santa hats off! Women should flaunt beautiful, festive bun hairstyles on the holiday! And if you want something more complex that also impresses with tremendous elegance and unparalleled style, make note of some of the following holiday hairstyles that made a splash on the red carpets this year. Perfect for Christmas and New Years, these celebratory hairstyles look official without being boring or visually demanding.

Festive star hairstyles for (medium) long hair for New Year’s Eve

curly hair low bun with hair accessories

#1. Simple festive hairstyles: side bun

Nothing beats this classic style where the bun is gorgeously accumulated to the side. This is the ideal holiday hairstyle that will accentuate your jawline and nape in an uncompromising way.

Asymmetry with the side bun

taylor swift loose curly bun

You can always with hair accessories, such. Garnish with French pins or pearl jumps, for example, and that gives the look the necessary glamor. Braided elements and curls can be added to the styled hair bun, and look ideal with exquisite and feminine earrings. Also in the form of a twisted knot with a center parting, the hairstyle will serve as an optimal eye-catcher.

Classic among the festive bun hairstyles

side bun festive hairstyles long hair

#2. Half-open braided festive hairstyles: glamorous bun

This hairstyle is very minimalistic, easy to maintain and effortlessly uncomplicated to do. They wear their hair essentially half-down but flatten it in a slightly messy bun at the back of the head. The mount consists of a pair of bobby pins that look perfect paired with slightly wavy hair for a very impressive feminine, anti-aging effect.

Glamor and nonchalance

half open bun holiday hairstyle christmas

#3. Festive hairstyles medium length: side roll

This flawless hairstyle is ideal for women with medium length hair that can be styled beautifully in a form of big rolls. The incredible asymmetry is achieved with mousse for stabilization.


side roll festive hairstyle

This is a statement vintage look that’s always on-trend, exuding an air of glamor and Hollywood elegance. You can easily achieve this hairstyle with the help of foam rollers. When you’re done, you’ll need to remove the casters.

#4. Festive bun hairstyles: pompadour with bun

This star look combines the key elements of two exemplary and very exquisite hairstyles – the pompadour, with a slight to medium vertical at the base of the forehead, and the classic twisted chignon, slightly topped at the back.

Pompadour with bun

pompadour with a bun new year's eve hairstyle

#5. Classy Hairstyles: Loose, curly bun

If you have curly hair, just put your hair in a loose bun and let your curls do the talking. This is a festive bun hairstyle that is suitable for women of all ages. With this hairstyle you will impress and create stylish and moderate elegance in the mane.

Loose and curly bun for Christmas and New Year

festive bun hairstyles curly hair