Bella Italia, but for the hair. Wondering what kind of short haircut for fine hair has been dominating fashion shows and podiums in 2022? Meet the Italian Bob, the hottest new hairstyle trend for fall.

The Italian Bob is a classy, ​​minimalist hairstyle

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The style-defining bob is super sleek, which is the main reason so many women on Instagram and TikTok are crazy about it right now.

We have seen the Italian Bob on podiums

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In principle, it is about a chin-length bob that looks very versatile and classy, ​​depending on the effects you want to achieve with the styling.

When cutting, you first work with a razor until a sharp and precise edge is achieved, then the ends of the hair are thinned out with scissors. You try to create rough cracks that provide a soft, fringed dynamic.

Casual and fringed

The hairdo can be slicked back, worn on the side or with bangs. Brunettes can rejoice: the signature look originates from the 1960s and is sun-kissed, Mediterranean and warm like la dolce vita even.

Which women does the Italian Bob suit?

The good news is that the southern hairstyle is completely flattering on all face shapes. Be it round, oval or heart-shaped faces, the Italian bob brings heaviness to the ends of the hair and frames the face perfectly.

The Italian bob brings extra fullness

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If you really want to replicate the iconic haircut, go for a shade of brown, such as the Riviera brunette. Ask your stylist to give your hair a few layers that look as clean and asymmetrical as possible. Add some soft waves to the charm and enjoy the optimal Italian look.

Brunettes can rejoice

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The haircut looks classy and minimalist in both the office and the gym. Play with the colour: From lighter bridal tones to dark blonde, there are numerous options available to help you customize the flexible hairstyle.

Italian Bob vs. French Bob

Fans of southern beauty philosophy and natural charm are probably wondering what the differences are between the French bob and the Italian bob.

French or Italian?

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While the Italian bob features more structured volume and takes up terrain from the chin to just below, the sophistication of the French bob lies in its shorter length. The French bob will flatter your facial features at its best when it sits at jaw level or above. And it also looks more plastic, especially when worn with a beret.

french bob

french bob fall 2022

The Italian bob turns heads by appearing minimalist, uncomplicated and casual.

Italian bob with bangs or with a side parting?

You can wear an Italian bob either with bangs or without them at all. With a center parting, make sure to smooth your hair and slightly twist the edges. Topping off the look with a pair of fashionable sunglasses creates the perfect Monica Bellucci style.

A super low-maintenance hairstyle

monica bellucci italian bob with sunglasses

With a side parting, the Italian bob looks more casual and relaxed. Especially with thicker structures, the sweet chaos of the look appears feminine and spontaneous. This styling is ideal, especially for informal occasions.

How to style the Italian bob

Below we present a few useful tips for styling the Italian bob.

Kaia Gerber with the haircut

kaia gerber italian bob

To fill the mane with air, use a volume spray. This gives momentum to the hair and makes it look even more dynamic. This perfectly emphasizes the undone Look your stature and style.

The Italian Bob may undone look

The hairstyle is perfect for the ladies who are in a hurry in the morning and do not want to waste time with tiresome styling routines. Effortlessly let your bob air dry or use a diffuser attachment on your hair dryer to create soft, sleek waves.

Excellent with soft waves…

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Another tip is to sleep with half wet hair so you can make the mane wavy and voluminous. Comb through quickly the next morning and apply a finishing spray.

Sleek look

Monica Belucci italian bob

If you have a curly hair texture, you should use styling mousse and hair oil from time to time to create a silky, healthy-looking elegance.