Started gently in spring, arrived in summer. Purple is a wonderfully fresh color and it gives you the ideal opportunity to update your wardrobe color-wise. Particularly beautiful looks are created when we also inspired by nature let – so the outfit shines with the flowers! You can find out how well purple can be combined and an outfit idea for everyday life on my fashion blog today.

Combining purple made easy: This is how you style the trend color in everyday life!

Combine purple: this is how you wear the trend color

This year simply has a lot to offer in terms of colour. One in particular cannot be overlooked: the shade purple! A really wonderful colour, which may initially meet with skepticism, but at second glance a great add-on for your own wardrobe can be.

But the trend color purple is no longer limited to fragrant flowers. That delicate violet has made the leap into the fashion world and is there one of the most popular fashion trends. The color has also made one or two appearances on my fashion blog – for example in my outfit with a purple hoodie or the street style with the flounced blouse.


Combining purple is actually easier than you might think. the color is very uncomplicated – maybe that’s why she currently has so many fans. Which others trends and tones complement the spring color best, I have now summarized for you!

Combining purple made easy: This is how you style the trend color in everyday life!

Violet, purple, lilac – in all facets!

The trend color lilac can be perfectly combined with another current trend: small, colorful statement bags! Unlike proper bright colors like yellow and frog green, a bright purple is one too wonderful entry color for all undecided. Even great designer pieces like a Balenciaga bag aren’t necessarily a risk – after all, the color is very timeless and delicate.

Like many other trend colors, lilac is also no strictly defined shadebut a whole spectrum of nuances. From delicate, fairy-like purple to rich violet – the fashionable shades are just as diverse as their natural, blooming counterparts. So there is definitely something for everyone individually perfect nuance.

Styling tips for the transitional period

Unfortunately, when it comes to temperatures, the respective seasons do not always live up to their promises. Even if we enjoy bright sun and t-shirt weather one day – the next day it can be freezing cold again. In order to maintain the happy mood in such cases, coats are in lilac just right!

Whether it’s a trench coat, puffer cut or fake fur – every coat looks a bit lighter and more spring-like in delicate violet! In addition, outerwear parts are in purple true combination miracle: This is how every basic outfit becomes a trend-conscious statement in no time!

Combine purple with other colors

Of course! The delicate spring color comes best in combination with so-called non-colors to validity. Above all Grey, white and black form the ideal basis for lilacs. For example girly parts such as dresses and flounced blouses in delicate lilac black leather wonderfully complemented – here not only the color but also the material contrast comes into play.

The greatest possible and color combinations one has with the above mentioned lilac bags. Small accessories in the spring color lilac go with almost every outfit – regardless of whether it is already in it other statement colors are included.

Combining purple made easy: This is how you style the trend color in everyday life!

Purple – a matter of style?

For everyone who is still at Lilac a little unsure and may be wondering, “Isn’t it too girly for me?” I have one too good news: This color is what you want to make of it. Also cool, rocking looks allows the spring-like tone quite. Here are mainly hoodies and sweaters with cool prints is a hot tip.

Shop the trend: In lilac fever

Combining purple made easy: This is how you style the trend color in everyday life!

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