Do you have the feeling that your wardrobe smells musty and really unpleasant? If so, make no mistake. Although we wash and clean our clothes regularly, they can develop a bad smell. In this case you shouldn’t worry. Today we will support you to solve this problem. From today, your clothes will always smell fresh and cleaned. Because your closet smells musty, you should definitely take some measures. By following our tips and tricks, you will effectively and permanently remove bad smells from your clothes and wardrobe.

Today we will help you to remove the musty smell

remove musty smell from clothes and how

Consider that you would not be able to remove the musty smell from the closet if you do not know the source. But do not forget that the dust can also cause an unpleasant smell. To achieve this goal, you should first clean the room well.

If your wardrobe smells bad, you should adopt these measures

remove musty odor and keep clothes fresh

#Remove the mold and dust

Either mold or mildew could be a cause. Mold is formed when too much moisture is trapped in your closet and between clothes. The main reason for this is the lack of ventilation that has nowhere to flow. To help you find the trigger, we recommend checking for water leaks in the walls or ceiling. It is best not to position your closet near the toilet. As a result, it will not attract moisture. If you successfully remove the mold, the musty smell will disappear. A good idea would be to fill a two-cap bottle full of hot water and bleach. Then spray the mold and let it act enough. At the end of the process, you will look forward to fresh smells.

This will effectively remove the mold

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#Clean the wardrobe regularly

In order to achieve a wardrobe that always smells fresh and nice, you should clean it regularly. You should use soap to remove the dust and dirty areas from the floors. Wash all surfaces of your cabinet with water or all-purpose cleaner. If you have carpet, you should steam clean the carpet. This will give you the satisfactory results. Make sure all areas of your closet are completely dry before returning your clothes. We recommend that you air your wardrobe every day and use perfume. In this way you give it an even more refreshing scent.

Don’t forget that you should clean your closet regularly

remove musty smell from clothes

#Dry the clothes before tidying up

Cleaning up is really important! If your clothes aren’t dried well, that will be a source of musty smells. You should also regularly perfume your clothes before you put them back in the closet. Especially if you have even worn a piece of clothing once, you should wash it with perfumed detergent. This will remove any sweat smell.

Your clothes should be completely dried

closet enough musty and uncomfortable and how to fight that

#Don’t sort clothes too close together

If you pack your clothes too tightly together, the air in the closet will not circulate well. For this reason, unpleasant smells arise. To avoid this problem, we recommend that you organize your clothes in a way that allows air to circulate better and more effectively. In addition, you should not store anything on the floor.

Your clothes should be sorted well

laundry smells musty after a while in the closet

#Hang all clothes on wooden hangers

You should choose wood because wood protects your clothes and prevents the musty smells. The wood will absorb the excess moisture in the air. In addition, the wood has a naturally pleasant scent. As a result, it will give your clothes a fresh smell.

Consider that wood would be a good idea

remove musty smell from clothes and keep them fresh

#Perfume your closet regularly

In order to remove the musty smell from the closet, you should spray your wardrobe regularly. To this end, we recommend that you use your favorite perfume. A good idea would be to spray essential oil onto tissue paper and then allow it to dry completely. Scented with plants and nature, the soaps will help your storage spaces smell wonderful and fresh.

Perfuming your clothes everyday will keep them smelling nice

remove musty laundry odor and give refreshment

Closet smells musty: these home remedies work wonders

By using these home remedies, you will win the eternal battle against the musty stench!

#Freshly washed laundry stinks in the closet: use baking soda

Baking soda is known to absorb the smells of moisture. A perfect idea would be to fill a bowl with baking soda. Leave it in your closet for a day. Then consider the effect. You will love it.

We recommend you to use baking powder

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#Remove musty smell from clothes without washing: Use coffee grounds

Coffee grounds are really good at absorbing the bad smells. Fill a container with coffee grounds and poke several holes in the lid. Keep the container in your closet and replace the coffee grounds monthly.

By following our tips, you will never suffer

cupboard enough musty and how to remove the smell

#Laundry smells musty: Use vinegar

Vinegar acts as a real deodorant. Therefore, you can spray Frosty to give the clothes a desired refreshment. You should take white vinegar and water and put them in a spray bottle. Then apply the mixture to your clothes.

Vinegar will be a perfect tool

how to refresh your wardrobe

#Laundry smells: Use chalk

Chalk will effectively remove the moisture scents. By trying chalk, you’ll fight the bad stench forever. Put chalk in a bag by tying it up. Then poke a few holes in the fabric. Place them in the mustiest spots in your wardrobe.

Without a doubt, your clothes will always smell fresh

clothes smell fresh and pleasant