Revolutionary piercing fashion can be a real feast for the eyes and fortunately the body jewelry trends are shining with some excellent ideas for the coming 2023. While some good old things will remain in style, innovative upgrades in the piercing art are definitely making a splash into the limelight. New piercing trends 2023: what will be the elegant and avant-garde options?

New piercing trends 2023? What will celebs wear?

ear piercing ideas trends 2023

What new piercings will there be in 2023?

Especially at the turn of the year, maximalist jewelry could be seen on the catwalks of the largest fashion houses. From huge accent earrings to entire piercing constellations for ears, nose and lips, magnificent pieces of jewelery in their maximalism caused head over heels effects everywhere. No matter what you bet on – on the grunge aesthetic of the nineties or feminine and elegant jewel motifs on the ear – the following new piercing trends for 2023 are intended to realize the desires of most women.

Piercings are becoming more elegant and feminine

asymmetric earrings with piercing

#1 Piercing Trend 2023: Curated Ears with grandiose asymmetries

The curated ear has been all the rage for the past two years, and with good reason. Covered with various piercing ensembles, the ear looks quite prominent and completes the look of most long or short hairstyles.

New piercing trends for 2023: curated, asymmetrical piercing constellations

In 2023, curated ears are crowned with grandiose asymmetries – from dangling chains creating verticals to surprising gemstone combinations of conch rings or helix piercings.

Cool ideas for ear piercings: The ear looks very concise

The rule of thumb is: more is more. The trend also scores points in that you can find quite a few gems with a magnet for the ear in the piercing shop, i.e. less painful piercing.

#2 Piercing Trend 2023: Snakebites

The popular Snakebites à la Kaia Gerber remain great trendy: Two symmetrical stones are set on the outer cartilage of the middle ear area and look perfectly elegant.

Piercing trends 2023: Snakebites remain in fashion

There is a wide range of shapes and stones to choose from and in the form of neutral zircons, the Snakebites can upgrade any outfit in quite a stylish way.

#3 Piercing Trend 2023: Industrial Piercing

Acclaimed by many celebrity women, the ear piercing is becoming more feminine and elegant in 2023. The industrial piercing essentially consists of two pierced holes that are connected to a piece of jewellery.

Industrial piercing will become the popular ear piercing in 2023

In 2023, this will be garnished with cute motifs, hanging chains and magnificent faux rocks (fake stones) and no longer look so punky and raw.

#4 Piercing Trend 2023: Avant-garde lips

Grande Dammes can sport temporary lip piercing sets for formal occasions, and we’ve seen such constellations with hungry eyes on catwalks and red carpets.

avant-garde faux Piercings for the lips

new piercing trends lips 2023

Big fashion brands offer avant-garde options with monograms or embellished balls attached to a fake hanging lip ring. Gold and silver accents with geometric shapes and precious stones remain quite fashionable and attract everyone’s attention.

Piercings that not everyone has

chanel latest piercing trends 2023

#5 Piercing Trend 2023: Nostril Piercing

We mustn’t forget body jewelry for the nose: The High Nostril trend is quite interesting, because the nose is pierced a little higher than with the classic nose piercing. A combination of a minimalist zircon above the nostril with a ring below looks visually balanced and shines with exclusivity.

Piercing trends 2023: Nose piercing

nose piercing 2023 trends

Which piercing suits me? What you need to consider

Getting a piercing causes excitement. The good thing is that piercings have become an integral part of the overall look and have become quite conventional. Body art is no longer a rarity and is becoming a popular element of appearance. However, there are a few things you can consider to avoid making your gem look whimsical, kitschy, or out of style.

Ear piercing for women

ear piercing 2023 trends

New piercing trends 2023: what to consider before piercing?

  • Old: With age, frontal eyebrow or nose piercings can seem a little overdone. But this does not apply to the ear. Minimalist conch, helix or tragus piercings adorn the ear and complement the earrings you wear.

Subtle options for the ear

These options are suitable for conservative and career-oriented women.

  • face shape: Frontal piercings will flatter oval and heart shaped faces quite well. Composed of an elegant nose ring, the septum piercing looks super elegant and can add a gorgeous accent to the face.

Latest piercing trends 2023: septum for the nose

new piercing trends septum piercing 2023

  • Lifestyle: The piercing has a certain aesthetics and is allowed to make the right statement. The best thing to do is to think about your lifestyle and how the piercing best expresses it. Are you retro affine? Then the Monroe piercing is quite good. Are you a seductive woman with beautiful lips? The philtrum piercing in the center above the lips looks sexy and subtle at the same time.

Very seductive: the Medusa piercing

Tip: To be able to definitely determine whether the desired piercing suits you, try a variant with a magnet. Most piercing studios offer this service.

Faux lip piercing

lip piercing 2023 eternals angelina jolie 2023