Do you have a round face? How great! You have a choice of fabulous short hairstyles. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next haircut, read on. The editors are constantly researching on TikTok and Instagram targeting the best short hairstyles for round face. These hairstyles 2023 for chubby women are going to be mega trendy being. Make a note of the looks that you like the most.

What are the best short hairstyles for round faces?

what hairstyle for round face

How to choose the right short hairstyles for the round face shape?

Keep in mind: longer hair is more flattering if you have a round face. Fullness and a curly or fringed texture balance your face shape and create the necessary harmony.

Round Bob – a great haircut for round faces

round box for round faces

But if you consciously like short haircuts, don’t worry. Even with this hair length, there are some highly elegant and striking examples.

Elegant chin-length waves work perfectly on round faces

wavy bob for double chin short hairstyles round face midi

Short hairstyles for round faces with double chins

Many overweight women also have a double chin and should also consider this aspect when choosing the right hairstyle. This detail is not a big concern in itself and can even be feminine and visually exciting. With the right hairstyle, you create the all-important asymmetry that helps make sure no one notices your double chin. Because in tandem hair and face look completely coherent. We simply swear by the following examples.

#Asymmetric Bixie

With this look, you bet on the visual surprise of the asymmetry and how beautifully the different lengths of bixie cut and bangs come into play. This striking idea is suitable for women over 50 with a round face and looks quite refreshing. Essentially, it’s a mix of a bob and pixie cut. Nobody notices the double chin and you appear stylish and elegant.

What hairstyles for a double chin?

asymmetrical bixie latest hairstyles

#Great pixie

A classic pixie can also go quite well with a double chin: with subtle fringes and waves on the top hair, the hairstyle looks very stylish and feminine.

Beautiful pixie hairstyle for women with round faces and double chins

short hairstyles round face pixie double chin

#A-Line Bob with micro bangs

A beautiful A-line cut around the double chin has a strong concealing effect. Top off the hairdo with sleek micro bangs, creating a super effective hairstyle option for round faces.

Latest Hairstyles: A-line Bob

chin length bob short hairstyles round face

#Octopus cut for round face and double chin

Luck helps brave women! Asymmetrical cuts like the octopus are ideal as short hairstyles for women with round faces. And if a nice signal color comes into play, your stature and mane become a real spectacle.

Latest Hairstyles: Octopus cut for women with round faces

octopus latest hairstyles cheeky short hairstyle round face

Short hairstyles for round faces with glasses

#Classic french bob with bangs

If you are an eyeglass wearer with a round face, the classic French bob is especially suited to your round face. The French look is based on elegance and informality at the same time. That means something messy it can be casual and this volume conjures up the necessary visual harmony.

Classic splendor à la française

classic french bob with bangs

Short hairstyles for round faces and fine hair

#Fabulous shag cut with whispy bangs

Ladies with fine hair structures should resort to fringed cuts. This attitude instantly gives you the winning card that smoothly showcases your facial features. The shag cut is a rebellious cut that suits chubby women extremely well.

The shag cut is a beautiful short hairstyle for women with a round face

round face short hairstyles shag cut for round face

#Wavy bob with side parting

Delicate and beautiful waves look super fashionable and flatter long or medium-length bobs. Add some gorgeous pops of color and it creates a very elegant look for chubby and round-faced women.

Wavy bob with side parting

wavy bob with side parting short hairstyle round face


This classic ’70s hairstyle has earned its spot among the most flattering short hairstyles for round-faced women. The beautiful feathers create movement in the mane and effectively frame the chubby face. Part your side and complete the look beautifully.

The feathered bob is perfect for the round face shape

short hairstyles round face feathered bob

Short hairstyles for round faces and curly hair

The curly lob suits round faces perfectly. Women with naturally curly hair can be happy, because thick, wavy or curly hair structures make the round face look slimmer and appear playful. However, they must not be too chaotic, but seamlessly and subtly create vertical lines and dynamics.