Women all over the world are sporting a pixie cut and it has been for decades. The hairstyle is easy to contextualize, has an anti-aging effect and is particularly versatile when it comes to styling. The history of the cut has shown us interesting vintage variants and nowadays the pixie cut is subject to new changes. Women who are considering having their hair cut are looking for suitable ideas and trends at the turn of the year. In this article, we inform about these variations in the pixie cut 2023 that are going to be big.

Pixie Cut 2023: Which variations of the short haircut are trending?

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Pixie Cut 2023: All trends at a glance

We’ve spotted a few fashion icons on catwalks, and that’s when pixie fashion made a name for itself. These are the 2023 pixie cut trends that are going to be hot.

Pixie hairstyles 2023: shorter top hair

pixie haircut 2023

#1. Pixie trend: less fringes and texture, more sleek look

The decisive factor in the pixie fashion of 2023 is not to overdo it with the luscious top coat. Refrain from excessive styling of your fringed or curly hair texture. Backcomb the pixie, opening the forehead to accentuate your eyes and facial features.

The sleek look is also gaining popularity with the pixie cut 2023

The sleek look made the rounds at fashion shows at the turn of the year and has established itself with most hair lengths. The sleek pixie is easy to style with hair gel and you can even use a dainty hair clip to make a statement.

Simple and elegant

sleek pixie pixie short hairstyles

#2. Pixie trend: the pixie with an undercut is out

Pixie with a very thinned back of the head has a special charisma and it is impossible to imagine punk concerts without it. The tandem pixie with undercut has received many stylish upgrades in recent times and has become more sophisticated. It was a statement combination, especially with the stark contrast, but now the undercut pixie is considered a bit dated.

#3. Pixie Trend: The bixie continues to be in fashion

The grown-out pixie hairstyle is not disappearing from the trend radar, quite the opposite.

The Bixie will be big in 2023

long pixie pixie bob hairstyles 2023

Ladies who want to integrate rebellious notes into the mane can enjoy the transitional length and style it quite versatile. A styling with baby braids looks a bit bohemian and playful.

Pixie + Bob = Bixie (with Baby Braids)

kaia gerber baby braids hairstyles 2023

#4. Pixie trend: Pixie cut 2023 in pink

2023 comes with optimism and joie de vivre. The hot and bright pink color has already conquered hearts with the Barbiecore fashion. “Viva Magenta” was advertised as the color of the year and the trend forecast for 2023 says – more pink for the hair. Women in their 20s and 30s can enjoy this pixie twist and flaunt a dopamine vibe.

Hair trend forecast: Pink

Pixie Cut 2023: These 4 pixie hairstyles are going to be trending

#1. Short pixie with micro bangs

This noble variant has ignored the pompous effects of the lush top hair and the volume is radically reduced. The pixie with baby bangs has retained the classic elegance of the early hairstyle that was extremely short. And we associate the Baby Bangs with Audrey Hepburn, the godmother of the cut.

The pixie cut 2023 is worn with a micro fringe

pixie cut 2023 short pixie

#2. flapper pixie

This gorgeous twist on the hairstyle is simple and paired with a Gatsby-style water wave looks pretty outstanding. The mane looks wet and glossy and impresses with particularly elegant retro nuances. Since the water wave takes time, this type of pixie is especially suitable for formal occasions.

Wet look flapper pixie with water wave

flapper pixie pixie cuts 2023

#3. Pixie with soft pompadour

If you have a curly hair structure and longer forehead fringes, you can effectively conjure up a lateral vertical, also known as a pompadour effect, in the mane. The hairstyle will not look too exaggerated and you will still create a striking accent.

Pixie Cut Hairstyles 2023

curly pixie with pompadour pixie hairstyle 2023

#4. Pixie with curls

Curly pixie cuts are timeless classics and we’re seeing some variations this season as well.

Curly pixie cut 2023 belongs to short hair trends

pixie cut 2023 curly pixie

Curls in combination with a pixie cut look even more playful and messy the end. For this reason, women with wavy or curly hair structures should be particularly happy, because this short haircut 2023 will continue to be popular.

Pixie with curly top hair

messy pixie cut 2023

Pixie Cut 2023 for women over 50 – elegant salt and pepper pixie

Women over 50 will rediscover the sleek pixie hairstyle. With gray hair still in vogue, this salt and pepper pixie looks extra stylish. You can make a statement based on hair color if you want, and it’s not true that well-toned gray gradients in the mane can’t look fashionable.

Elegant: gray pixie

salt pepper pixie women over 50 pixie cut 2023 short

Pixie Cut 2023 for women over 60 – pixie with curly top hair and asymmetry

Since we lose hair volume with age, elegant and stylish asymmetries in the mane make sense. Optical fullness can be created with levels and contrasts, and curls also have a strong anti-aging effect. This silver pixie with curly top hair and asymmetry is therefore recommended for older women.

Pixie with asymmetry and curls

asymmetrical pixie cut 2023 women over 60