It’s almost that time again: Oktoberfest is just around the corner! The girls at the Wiesn are preparing for the colorful folk festival and that includes the right hair styling. Don’t worry if you have short hair. Short hair can be easily conjured up into beautiful braided hairstyles, in the spirit of the Oktoberfest. Below are a few examples with instructions for cute Oktoberfest hairstyles for short hair in keeping with tradition.

Oktoberfest: after a 2-year break, the Munich folk festival is taking place again

Oktoberfest hairstyles with braids and wreath of flowers

Folk festivals have a long history in Germany, and each local tradition is characterized by a colorful repertoire and spectacular outfits. Everyone is excited because the Oktoberfest will be back after a two-year Covid break. Around 500 breweries, restaurants, fish and meat grills, wine merchants and more will be present at the festival and have announced longer opening times than before.

With a traditional dress and the right Oktoberfest hairstyle

Ladies should prepare accordingly for the great time at the Wiesn and attract everyone’s attention with the best tandem of dirndl disguise and hairstyle. Braided hairstyles for short, medium and long hair, decorated with real or artificial flowers, are a perfect match and are considered extremely traditional.

Suitable braided hairstyles for short hair for the Oktoberfest

You can easily make cute Oktoberfest hairstyles for short hair by braiding the fringe, creating a small braid motif and integrating beautiful floral compositions using hair clips and hoops.

A braid motif is very popular and is considered extremely traditional

Wiesn braided hairstyle for pixie

Didn’t think you could turn your pixie into a traditional Oktoberfest hairstyle? As you will see, this is entirely possible. In this version of the hairstyle, you put in a frontal and charming braid motif.

Oktoberfest hairstyle for pixie cuts

pixie with small braid oktoberfest hairstyles short hair

This is how the Wiesn braided hairstyle for Pixie succeeds:

  • Braid only the top section of hair or bangs, or the section of hair next to the bangs.
  • Take 3 strands and braid the braid by adding new strands only at the top. This is how you create a great relief.
  • With each step, pull the braid slightly loose from below.
  • Once you have braided to the end, secure with a flower hair clip.
  • Spray with dry spray for stability.

Oktoberfest hairstyle: chin-length bob with braid motif

Oktoberfest hairstyles for short hair

Oktoberfest hairstyles for short hair: updo bob with flowers

If you wear a midi bob without bangs, you can do a French braid at the very front. Finally, you can integrate a matching flower accessory.

Bob with side parting and two braids with flowers overlapping in an updo

Oktoberfest hairstyles with flowers motif for short hair

This is how the Oktoberfest hairstyle for short hair succeeds:

  • Make a side part.
  • At the very front, split the hair into two strands and start braiding a French braid with just 2 strands, always crossing them.
  • With each step you add a little strand at the front.
  • Once the French braid is done, secure it with a few bobby pins that you position in the shape of a cross.
  • Do the same on the other side, braiding the braid behind the ear.
  • Twist the two braids together and secure with bobby pins.
  • Finally, secure with a flower hair clip or a row of small flower hairpins.
  • Apply hairspray for stability.

Fix with hairpins

Oktoberfest hairstyles for short hair dirndl

Dirndl hairstyle: Bob with top hair braided back

If you wear a bob in transitional length, you can use your top hair with a multiple braid motif.

Bob hairstyle with braided top hair

dirndl hairstyles for short hair midi bob with braids

This is how the dirndl hairstyle works for short hair:

  • Comb your hair back and divide into desired number of hair sections.
  • Begin braiding by adding a larger segment of hair at the top and bottom with each step.
  • Make sure your braids overlap each other.

Secure the braids with invisible hair ties and complete with a matching hair accessory with flowers.

Dirndl outfit

Dirndl outfit for the Oktoberfest

Haircut with floral wreath for Oktoberfest

The nice thing about the short haircuts is that you can spice up the short hair very quickly with a matching Oktoberfest ornament. You can pair the wreath of flowers very nicely with a short hairstyle and curl your top hair or side bangs a little. Simple and charming and very suitable for “a schens Deandl”!