The new year 2023 can offer us beautiful looks and the ladies with long hair can rejoice. We were able to see some tendencies on the podiums of many larger fashion houses and were quite fascinated. These beautiful hairstyles 2023 for long hair will be hits in the coming months. Check out the hair inspirations in this article and try to recreate these long hairstyles – with or without a helping hand in the salon. In most cases it works quite smoothly.

Current hairstyles for women with long hair

hairstyles for long hair 2023

#1. The center part will be big in 2023

The middle parting will become the new big thing in winter 2023 and dissolve the side parting.

Long hairstyles for women with a middle parting are popular

We see (medium) long hair with a center parting all the time in combinations with curls, topknots and lobs. The shoulder grazing bob and the botticelli bob which are big in bob hairstyles 2023 are also worn with a center parting.

Tip: Top off your long hair with money-piece highlights and achieve one instantly trendy effective long hairstyle with center parting.

Coins crown the hairstyles 2023 for long hair with a middle parting

#2. The French New Wave dissolves the Botticelli Waves

New curls are on the rise and the 2023 hairstyle trend on the radar is called “French New Wave”.

Dua Lipa with French New Waves

french new wave long hairstyle women's hairstyle trends 2023

These curls are again worn with a center parting and are a grade softer than the Botticelli waves. In a typically French way, the curls are meant to look a little imperfect while still looking highly sophisticated.

#3. Great hair accessories win hearts

The penchant for large hair accessories will be felt everywhere. Beautiful jewels will decorate long hair and look perfectly effective.

Big hair accessories are part of hair trends 2023

big accessories

#4. Long hairstyles for women: The wet look can be seen everywhere

Wet look waves are set to be the next big thing in 2023. The look can easily be recontextualized by your outfit and will go pretty well for formal occasions with an evening dress or casual attire.

Zendaya with wet waves

zendaya wet look women's long hairstyles 2023

#5. Trend color 2023: pink

Supermodel Kate Moss recently sported pink hair, but she’s not the only one. Pink and purple are colors of 2023 and long hair dyed pink will be in fashion in 2023.

Hairstyles 2023 for long hair: trend color pink

natasha lyonne 2023 trend colors

Hairstyles 2023 for long hair: Women look glamorous with these 5 long hairstyles

#1. Air cut becomes the biggest women’s haircut of 2023

The air cut made headlines as a cutting technique that worked well for curly hair textures. Hairdressers are now experimenting with the cutting technique for fine hair in order to give it an effective breeze.

A layered cut for long hair with a very subtle effect

Long hair looks totally atmospheric with the air cut and is best paired with wispy bangs.

The Air Cut is hot in 2023

long hairstyle women u cut hair

#2. Trend hairstyle 2023: U-shaped hair

Long hair in a U-shape (U-shape-cut) has also gained popularity in winter and is characterized by a spectacular contour. If the side sections of hair are positioned frontally around the face, effective asymmetries and gradients are created. Simply perfect for long-haired women.

The U-shape cut creates a voluminous look

u shape cut ladies haircuts 2023

#3. Long hair with bangs

The bangs hairstyles have been drawing attention and it is not without reason. Long forehead fringes look top-class and complete the long hair in an effective way. Curtain bangs are in demand again, followed by the French-style brachel cut.

Long hair with a long fringe is one of the hairstyle trends for 2023

long hair with bangs trend hairstyles 2023

#4. High ponytail à la Jennifer Lopez

The high ponytail is always loved by women with retro attitudes, and the ’50s hairstyle known by the buzzword Barbie ponytail has recently been spotted on J.Lo and other style icons.

J.Lo in a 50’s style high ponytail

The flipped hair ends are a must and thus the long hairstyle deserves the place among the hottest hairstyles 2023 for long hair.

#5. Sculpted buns are among the hottest hairstyles 2023 for long hair

The hair art is immense and some beautiful bun sculptures we watched with hungry eyes – they’ll be big in 2023.

The new hit among hairstyles 2023: sculpted topknots

sculpted bun hairstyle trends long hair 2023

These striking hairstyles work particularly well for formal occasions and can be quite maximalist depending on personal preference.

Endless head of hair

sculpted dutt hairstyles 2023 hairstyles for long hair

But in a sassy, ​​youthful twist, the sculpted buns pay homage to Y2K fashion. The casual half-up is one of the hairstyle trends for 2023.

Kendall Jenner with half up

kendall jenner modern half up long hairstyles 2023 trends