Amazing! These are the final chords of 2022! That is why the last sparkling moments at the party are celebrated with particular passion. Ladies want to style a glamorous, festive look and turn heads 180 degrees. In this article we show what the freshest trends dictate at the turn of the year 2022/23. Which hairstyles for New Year’s Eve are currently popular? There are the super stylish options for all hair lengths that last – the happy new year can only succeed with a head of hair!

Magnificent New Year’s hairstyles that are trendy and suitable for all hair lengths

party hairstyles easy new year's eve

Some things have to be taken into account in order to be perfect trendy to look for new years eve.

Contextualize your hairstyle according to the dress code of the New Year’s Eve event

party hairstyles simple short blunt bob new year's eve

It doesn’t matter where you’re celebrating, with loved ones for dinner or with friends at the party: without these aspects, the festive look just doesn’t work.

Party hairstyles for short hair: glitter pixie

miley real and true hairstyles for new years eve short hair

New Year’s hairstyles 2023: you have to consider this for the festive evening:

  • Dress code: The hairstyle must form a strong tandem with the festive outfit (makeup and nail art included). Are you wearing a glitter dress or a pant suit? Do you want to look festively casual or do you bet on classics like the little black dress or maximalist blouses and skirts?
  • Simplicity is in fashion: 2022 was a year during which we celebrated natural female beauty. This has manifested itself in the transparent make-up trend and in the glamorous Botticelli Waves. The simple, unpretentious bun hairstyles or minimalist bobs were on the trend radar all year round: So don’t go to extremes and chase the uncompromising elegance of the unexcited look on New Year’s Eve.
  • Durability: The ultimate New Year’s hairstyle must last and not become a hair disaster in a few hours. Ladies with long, textured hair and curls, as well as overly complex hairstyles that are not optimally stabilized, are particularly at risk. The New Year must be successful, but not at the expense of the hairstyle!

The best hairstyles for New Year’s Eve 2023: water wave

water wave hairstyle long hair new year's eve

1. New Year’s hairstyles for short hair: glamorous accessories

Sometimes women with short hair ask you if you can conjure up something special with the mane for a festive occasion. Yes you can and you don’t need south expensive hair upgrades, just a little imagination.

Short haircuts with gems and accessories

party hairstyles 2023 bob hairstyle simple hair clip

A sparkling, gorgeous hair accessory can save you. Chin-length bobs with a side parting and beautiful hair clips or bows easily create an effective look.

New Year’s Eve party look 2023

new year's hair clips hairstyles christmas and new year's eve

Hair accessories for New Year’s Eve

hairstyles for new years eve hair accessories

Pixie cuts slicked back and wet look are super stylish

Pixie cuts can be slicked back for New Year’s Eve and worn in wet look style.

2. New Years Eve hairstyles for medium length hair: Ponytail with water wave

This glamorous, multi-dimensional hairstyle is the ultimate haute couture look for the New Year’s Eve party. The water wave is a retro beauty that was worn by the famous flapper girls in the golden twenties and is still timeless today chic looks.

Exclusive New Year’s hairstyle 2023

party hairstyle for long hair water wave

We recently spotted the hairstyle with a ponytail upgrade and eye-catching jewelry on runways and our eyes fell out of our heads. With this festive hairstyle for fine, straight hair, you will attract compliments and look completely exclusive.

3. Festive hairstyles for long hair: Tinsel Hair

The new craze, tinsel hair, has quickly become the most popular trend on TikTok.

TikTok trend for New Year’s Eve 2023: tinsel hair highlights

hairstyles christmas and new year tinsel hair

The look essentially consists of strands of glitter (tinsel highlights) built into the hair to help create a shimmering, colorful aesthetic. The sleek ponytail is ideal for this hair styling and completes the look.

Festive hairstyles for New Year’s Eve: Tinsel Hair

4. Party hairstyles for curls: low waves with center parting and glitter spray

These wavy curls take everyone’s breath away. They are incredibly fashionable and can be accomplished with the minimum of maintenance.

Hairstyles for New Year’s Eve: Nothing beats the deep waves with center parting

It is important that you part in the middle and create deep waves using a curling iron or wave iron. The crowning element here: glitter spray or gel for “snow-covered”, shimmering curls!

5. Bonus Hairstyle for New Year’s Eve Party 2022: Disco Curls

And since sequined dresses and blouses are the signature outfit for New Year’s Eve, we also suggest the maximalist, high-impact disco curls as a festive New Year’s hairstyle.

Party hairstyles to celebrate with glitter and glamour

Disco curls are a hairstyle associated with the hair fashion of the 80’s that can perfectly add fullness and texture to shoulder length and long hair and can be upgraded with beautiful accessories in minutes.

Disco curls on the dance floor on New Year’s Eve

We have laid out the complete guide to styling with Velcro rollers and curling irons in the Disco Curls guide.