For centuries (or even millennia) make-up has been a way of emphasizing beauty. In ancient Egypt, people applied green and black eyeshadow to honor the sun god Ra. Powdered rouge made from cinnabar was honored among the Greeks. Later, in the 16th century, the noble class used face powder. Even Queen Elizabeth I used face powder. In this way she underlined her social superiority, but also concealed the smallpox scars. However, the high lead content of these powders has led to skin problems and often to blood poisoning. Of course, makeup products today are safer than they were then and we really have an endless choice of products to choose from. In the following article you will find out what the trends for 2023 are and how we should draw eyeliner correctly!

Put the focus on the lips with a classic shade of red

apply kajal for small eyes, no eye make-up, cherry-red lips

Is eyeliner still modern?

Even if you only wear makeup for special occasions, you should definitely have eyeliner, mascara and lipstick in your makeup bag! Invest in a quality (waterproof or not) eyeliner that will help you slightly accentuate the shape of your eyes. The eyeliner actually gives you countless possibilities.

Since 2021, more and more women have been looking for the “no make-up” effect, where the contours of the face are underlined with just a little make-up without being too aggressive. This trend will remain in 2023 and can be seen especially in eye make-up. With a finely drawn eyeliner in black, brown or another color, you can quickly conceal droopy eyelids and make the eyes appear larger.

The blush is a must in the 2023 make-up trends

apply kajal ezeliner to the upper lash line correctly yiehen shiny skin no make up makeup

How to draw eyeliner correctly in 2023?

There is something for everyone in the Eyeliner Trends 2023. The color palette is literally swept clean, leaving room for new trends and radically new approaches to shade, define and contour in the coming months, filling the palette with all the color and sparkle a new year demands. The blush will continue to provide buildable warmth, the eyeliner is the way of the flashy seductress, and light-refracting details allow you to embody the vibes of mermaids and robots alike.

#Half eyeliner

As the first trends in 2023 when pulling eyeliner correctly, we give the “half” eyeliner. Here you can either use a tried and tested Kajal pencil. If you don’t have a pencil, you can also use a liquid eyeliner. Begin by placing the kajal in the middle of the lash line and pulling diagonally upwards. The lash line looks full without shrinking the eyes. Then emphasize the eyelid with eyeshadow in a pastel color. You can emphasize the waterline with white or silver kajal.

With half an eyeliner, the lashes look thicker and the eyes look longer

apply kajal correctly upper eyelid make-up trends 2023 model on catwalk red orange dress curly black hair

Synchronize your eye make-up with the manicure

where does the eyeliner go apply eyeliner 2023 model in imposing dress beige

#Sparkly Eyes

A lot of color with glitter is a big thing in the 2023 make-up trends. The first step is to create a straight, clear line with the eyeliner or create a classic one Smudged smokey eyes with softer kajal or dark gray eyeshadow, which you then carefully blend out with a fine brush.

You can create the “WOW” effect with eye shadow in bright neon colors or metallic eye shadow. Neon nuances such as lemon yellow, grass green or orange are super IN for make-up and nail trends for 2023! Complete your look with a manicure in your own bright neon color!

Eyeliners in eye-catching neon colors like this shade of blue are an absolute hit for 2023!

pull eyeliner on sagging eyeliner line black model neon blue eyeliner

Apply eyeliner correctly: eyeliner in orange – super trendy even in winter!

upper waterline eye eyeliner pull right trends 2023 black woman pixie cut neon orange eyeliner

A tip: follow the golden beauty rule this season. Emphasize either the eyes or the lips. Focus on only part of the makeup. Otherwise you risk creating the “clown” effect. With glittery eyeshadow, the lipstick should be neutral brown or pink.

Pull #eyeliner correctly: Catch the eye with a metallic look

The ladies who want to make a statement with their makeup should try futuristic metallic eyeshadows. Choose shimmering eyeshadows in popular color. Besides classic gold and silver, you can apply the look with blue eyeshadows with shiny particles. Beatuty experts agree that this look isn’t just for parties or a night out with friends. When done in a lighter color like baby blue or pastel green or lavender purple, the makeup is also suitable for work.

Draw attention with such metallic eyeshadows

apply eyeliner correctly droopy eyelids how do i put on my make-up correctly over 50 how best to wear eyeliner on a young woman with blue-violet eyeshadow

The shiny jewels on the eyeshadows have been on the catwalk since 2022!

apply eyeliner correctly sagging eyeliner trends 2023 metallic look eyelids with stones

A tip: Here it is particularly important to “prep” the eyelids by applying some concealer or primer. A rule of thumb for the best metallic look is to spray the brush with Setting Spray. In this way, the eyeshadows are richer and shinier. Here, too, the cheeks and lips should remain neutral.

#Cat Eye or Puppy Eyes?

the Cat Eyes Eyeliner is an absolute classic that will remain trendy in 2023. If you draw eyeliner correctly here, the eyeliner swings upwards, giving the eyes an almond shape and making them look alluring. They are a good option for women with smaller, round eyes or with drooping eyelids.

Zendaya shows you how to properly apply eyeliner to create the perfect cat eyes

how to make up the lower eyelid eyeliner tutorial zendaya in pink outfit cat eye eyeliner

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But 2023 will bring another beauty trend with it: Puppy Eyes. This style has actually been known for years, but has only recently become fashionable again. How are you going to pull the eyeliner right here? The liner is applied down to the lower lash line and not up to the brow (like the cat eye). This look creates a downward effect on the eye, giving it a sad, almost pouty expression. Instead of being longer, the eye looks rounder and bigger and somehow cuter. Depending on your wishes, you can easily blend the eyeliner with black or dark gray eyeshadow.

A tip: It is better to use a soft black kajal pencil. You can conceal it more easily and quickly with either cotton swabs or an eyeliner brush.

The star of the Netflix series Addams Jenna Ortega inspired for the low Puppy Eyes

drawing eyeliner for beginners trends 2023 jenna ortega in black dress with puppy eyes eyeliner

apply eyeliner correctly how do you wear kajal correctly on a black lady with shimmering eye make-up crystals on her face

at what angle eyeliner eyeliner draw young woman with radiant skin orange eyeliner

how can you put on make-up to make your eyes look bigger apply eyeliner correctly trends 2023 two young women pink blue eyeshadow highliter and blush