The new year 2023 has already arrived and with it the current hair fashion: Are you a lady over 70 looking for the right haircut? If that’s the case, read on. In this article we show the current hairstyles 2023 for women over 70 with glasses and gray hair. Memorize the options that you like the most and show them in the salon.

Trend hairstyles 2023 for women over 70

women's hairstyles 2023 women over 70 hairstyles

According to experts, the pixie and bob cuts are making the rounds on the red carpet at the beginning of the year. The parting will be everything in the new year and with its intricacy you can always spice up your look. This is especially suitable for women who wear midi bobs and lobs.

Hair trends 2023 for women over 70

Hairstyles with bangs are also extremely popular and are preferred by women in the 70+ age category. Of course, the classic French bob with bangs is particularly stylish.

Which hairstyles from 70 make you younger?

You can use various strategies to make your hairstyle look younger. In the first place, you can have fringes cut that create a voluminous look. Hair thins with age, so a frayed outline can alter the overall effect of the cut.

Hairstyles 2023 for women over 70 that make you younger

Second, going ultra-short will make you look sleek and younger, especially if you wear glasses. Pixies and buzzcuts are great for this purpose.

Current hairstyles for women

A fringe refines every hairstyle and conceals the wrinkles on the forehead. You also have many options for styling the bangs – with a parting in the middle in the style of a bottleneck, or combed on the side.

Last but not least, resorting to the curling iron will instantly make you younger. Curls give the mane extra texture and volume.

Curls will instantly make you look younger

curly bob hairstyles 2023 medium length

Hairstyles 2023 for women over 70 with gray hair

We have spotted the following hairstyles 2023 for women over 70 on the stylish ladies and swear by their elegance and topicality.

Chic and elegant in 2023

1. Classic pixie cut

A precisely cut pixie is one of the most popular hairstyles of 2023.

The pixie is a timeless classic

trend hairstyles 2023 for women over 70 with glasses

This is an anti-aging hairstyle popularized by style icon Audrey Hepburn and has been making waves since birth. Depending on the hair structure, the pixie can be arranged quite versatile and immediately cheats 10 years off the face.

Short hairstyles for women over 70

pixie with glasses hairstyle trends 2023 women

In addition, the hairstyle goes perfectly with the color gray and is particularly flattering on women with oval faces.

Pixie cut for older ladies with style

hairstyles 2023 women over 70 with glasses and gray hair

2. Asymmetric Bob Cut with Bangs

Dame Helen Mirren recently sported a gorgeous asymmetrical bob hairstyle with bangs that perfectly accentuated the areas around the eyes and the cars. Crowned with stylish jewelry and make-up, the hairstyle looks particularly feminine and classy.

Asymmetrical bob cut for gray hair

asymmetrical bob cut women over 70 hairstyle trends 2023

3. Bixie with Bangs

The bixie hairstyle adds extra fullness to the mane and combines the best of the bob and the pixie. When fringes and soft layers are added, the hairdo takes on a special appeal and instantly makes you younger. The pretty hairstyle looks casual and suits most everyday situations quite well.

Bixie with a fringed contour

bixie with bangs hairstyles 2023 ladies bob hairstyles 2023

Hairstyles 2023 for women over 70 with glasses

1. Elegant lob for thin hair

Actress Meryl Streep is known for her elegant hairstyles and often sports lob cuts that she wears at shoulder length.

Latest hairstyles 2023 for women over 70

meryl streep ladies hairstyles 2023 trends women over 70

She is a lover of bangs and buns and that’s the best thing about the lob: it allows you multiple options to style your hair differently every day and is neither too short nor too long.

copper praise

hairstyles for women over 70 copper lob susan sarandon

2. Wedge cut

The wedge cut has become very popular in autumn 2022 and that will not change in the new 2023 year. The beautiful progression of the hair length in the direction of the face ensures the elegant effect of this hairstyle and looks particularly effective on smooth hair structures. Simply outstanding with gray blending and glasses.


women's hairstyles 2023 women over 70 hairstyles hairstyle trends 2023 women

3. Ultra short bob with center parting

Eyeglass wearers should be well informed that ultra short bob hairstyles will accentuate the line around their eyes even more. When paired with a center parting, the anti-aging hairstyle instantly provides a refreshing, rejuvenated look. Don’t forget to smile generously in the new 2023.

Chic hairstyles for women over 70

ultra short bob cut with center parting