Styling your eyebrows beautifully and elegantly is actually a cosmetic task in itself: as a detail of beauty, they draw attention to your eyes and can become a real spectacle. In the following article we will examine the current eyebrow trends for 2023 and how you can implement the corresponding looks.

Eyebrow trends 2023: Top looks that cause a sensation everywhere

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Eyebrow trends 2023: Which eyebrows are modern?

Bushy, accentuated eyebrows were the big thing in 2022: Styled in the look of top model Cara Delevingne, they look natural and spectacular.

Bushy eyebrows have been very popular in the last year

cara delevingne eyebrow trends in recent years

Even ladies who don’t have voluminous bars can achieve fullness with microblading or lamination. The following trends are hot right now.

Natural eyes with little styling

natural brows eye needs beauty trends 2023

Lightened brows – unprecedented and futuristic

The bleached eyebrows are quite unconventional and not for everyone. They give the face a futuristic accent and go particularly well with light to medium brown hair and all skin complexions.

The lightened eyebrows called “Bleached Brows” are very trendy

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This eyebrow trend started gaining popularity in the middle of last year at the Met Gala with Kendall Jenner’s gorgeous look, and it’s still going strong in 2023. Depending on the degree of pigmentation of the brows, you can even lighten them with simple home remedies.

What looks are you seeing on catwalks at the turn of the year?

natural brows eyebrow trends 2023

Natural brows – effective with minimalism

This in the Eyebrow trend 2023 has earned the name of an easy-care look.

Eyebrow trends 2023: very casual

With this look, you refrain from extreme dramatization of the eyebrows. The bars remain neither too thin nor too bushy. When styling, they are based on the natural shape of the brows and simply give the curves a defined upgrade. They must not appear “exaggerated”.

Style the natural eyebrows very simply

natural eyebrow beauty trends 2023

Thin brows – plucked and drawn

Beauty gurus are swearing by the return of the thin brows of the ’90s.

The thinned eyebrows are then contoured

thin eyebrows

The so-called “faux brows” are among the eyebrow trends of recent years. They are highly plucked and accentuated with the eyebrow pencil. Yes, the look is our trademark, for which the legendary Marlene Dietrich is responsible.

Thin eyebrows: The iconic look by Marlene Dietrich

marlene dietrich thin eyebrows

Subtle and expressive in their minimalism, the thin brows of the female face give a very special charisma. Of course, you can play around with the accuracy of the curves.

Colored brows – radical splendor

Women become less afraid: why not radically rethink eyebrows?

After bleaching, you can discolor the eyebrows

bleached eyebrows 2023

It just works with the simple coloring and the topicality of the look is not without reason.

You can achieve very spectacular effects

Coloring is step number 2 after bleaching and can look really great. Ladies from all over the world show up on social media with pink, purple or blue bars.

Colored eyebrows – before, after

And there are no limits to the imagination, because on special occasions, beauty experts decorate the bars with jewellery. This can be 3D rhinestones layered in the exact shape of your eyebrows. Actually quite suitable for a bit of glamour.

Eyebrow trends 2023: Decorated eyebrows

decorated eyebrows trends eyebrows 2023

The good news: You can color the bars with simple make-up means. For this, you can use eyeliner brushes to work with eyeshadow or an eyeliner or eyebrow pencil. Very effortless and for a brave and brilliant look.

Dyed eyebrows

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Laminated eyebrows – oriented upwards

The interest in the laminated eyebrows is always great. It is about a semi-permanent beauty procedure that you can even conjure up at home with simple means.

Eyebrow Trends 2023: Brow Lifting

laminated eyebrows beauty trends 2023