Hair trends change just like trends in fashion or interior design. Annually (or often more frequently) we see haircuts go viral while others quickly become hits. And that’s okay. A large proportion of stylists agree that the bob cut with its variations will be among the top hairstyles for 2023. What makes bob cuts so popular is that they suit every face shape and hair type and require no special care. Another plus point of bob hairstyles is that they are suitable for both young and women over 50 or 60. So we decided to present the bob hairstyles 2023 for women over 50 that will be a hit in the new year.

Sleek bob cuts with long bangs will be everywhere in 2023

hairstyles 2023 women short fringed bob hairstyles 2023 women over 50 woman over 50 silver blonde hair with bangs

Looking good after 50 also means keeping up with current trends. As for hair fashion 2023, it’s all about keeping us fresh and youthful.

#Classic bob cut

This gorgeous haircut is ideal if you are looking for hairstyles that will make you look young. The classic bob cut is also suitable for women who have little experience with this hairstyle or hair length and do not like to experiment with haircuts. This comparatively low-maintenance haircut is easy to style and suits all occasions. As one of the best bob haircuts for women, it is suitable for all occasions and can turn heads.

But don’t forget the layers!

what makes younger bob or long hair bob cuts 2023 for women over 50 bob with blended layers and side parting bangs

#Bob with blended layers

We already know this bob cut as a perfect style for ladies with finer hair who are also looking for a relatively low-maintenance style. Here, stylists add texture at the ends, which helps add body and volume to straight, fine hair.

#Curly bob hairstyles for over 50

One of the trendiest bob haircuts out there, an ear-length curly bob is one of the best bob hairstyles for women over 50. It gives their hair the youthful and bouncy look they desire. Curly bob hairstyles for women over 50 is a hairstyle category that is especially recommended for older women who have naturally curly hair.

Show off your style with a bob cut with waves and side parting

hairstyles for women 2023 hairstyles 2023 for women medium length woman with a slightly wavy bob cut side parting black

#Smooth bob cut with deep side parting

Older ladies often feel insecure about their gray and white hair, but this cut lets them flaunt it like never before. Sleek strands of salt-and-pepper hair can be paired with an off-centre bob, giving your face that fashionable look you desire. An off-center parting can be understood as a classic bob hairstyle where more hair is pushed to one side of the face, giving the face an edgy look.

Bob hairstyles 2023 for women over 50: Silver hair with a deep side parting

medium length hair 2023 bob cuts for women over 50 woman with gray pepper hair medium length bob cut straight line side parting bangs

#Short bob with waves

This haircut is often recommended for older women who have naturally wavy but fine hair. Her wavy hair, when cut into a bob and an on-trend color of her choice, can give an older woman’s thinning hair the volume she craves. This haircut is without a doubt considered one of the best bob hairstyles 2023 for women over 50!

The sleek straight bangs will become your bob cut’s best friend in 2023

hairstyles for women 2023 medium length bob hairstyles 2023 for women over 50 stacked bob with edgy blunt bangs

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#Blunt bob cut with bangs

The blunt bob cut with bangs is a short to medium-length cut with strands cut across the forehead. Although devoid of strands and texture, the cut showcases a straight and flawless definition of the ends of the hair. This creates the illusion of thicker density and a healthier finish! If you are longing for a drastic change in your current style, then you should definitely go for this stylish and edgy haircut.

For the ladies with fine hair without volume, this bob cut is an excellent choice!

bob hairstyles 2023 women over 50 which hair length for women over 50 carmen fog with an asymmetrical bob cut blonde hair

Hair colors in the bob hairstyles 2023 for women over 50

When it comes to hair colors for 2023, the trend is moving away from garish platinum and warm copper-gold tones. Instead, neutral shades of blonde and brown are preferred. An attractive oat blonde with plum is the first step towards ash blonde and ash brown shades, which will probably be the most important hair colors for this year. Chic and stylish, this beautiful everyday hairstyle idea conveys a professional image with a touch of creativity!

Golden-brown hair is also in this year!

Who doesn't like a bob hairstyles 2023 woman over 50 with a wavy bob with bangs gold blonde hair

# Subtle cinnamon brown

If you’re looking for a subtle way to transform your brunette into something a little more edgy, cinnamon could be the right shade for you in 2023.
The color offers a way to incorporate the red hair trend — which has spanned from ginger to copper to sunset over the past year — while retaining the classic assets of a brunette mane.

Dark Chocolate Brunette is one of the hair color trends of 2023

hairstyles 2023 medium length classic bob cut straight line chestnut brown

Cherry Cola – This soft, warm shade of red is a perfect match for your new bob cut

bob hairstyles 2023 women over 50 smooth bob cut red brown hair

#Beige blonde

Whether you call it honey wheat blonde or sandy beige, the beige blonde hair color is meant to lead the lighter side of things in terms of the trend. This beige shade is ideal for the cooler months when the sky has more gray and cool tones.

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You can never go wrong with silver hair!

which hairstyle from 50 makes young women silver hair with a bob cut angled

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