The right bangs can make your face and head of hair shine, regardless of length and texture. Especially if you adore long hair and wear it with pleasure and confidence, the right bangs will be the crowning element of the whole facial area. In this article, we will tell you about the trendiest hairstyles with long bangs that are currently winning hearts at fashion shows and gala events. The current fad is: Long bangs go with long hair! Read on to learn which styles may be right for you and to get acquainted with valuable tips that will spice up your look.

Hairstyles with long bangs: These are the trendiest bangs

pony hairstyles for long hair

#1. Hairstyles with Long Bangs: Birkin Bangs

French style icons are famous for their skill in perfecting the undone look of long hair: just think of Briggite Bardot, Jane Birkin or Charlotte Gainsbourg. Especially if you have straight fine hair, French bangs in your mane look exquisite and very rejuvenating.

Birking Bangs: charming bangs à la française

pony long hairstyles birkin bangs

To get the emblematic French girl look right, get the Birkin Bangs cut. They are named after the popular French singer Jane Birkin. Birkin’s style bangs are a fabulous take on the long bangs that skim the eyebrows and are trimmed with a hair razor in a fringed, asymmetrical manner. The bangs give you the perfect opportunity to cover your forehead and conceal wrinkles and imperfections.

Fringed bangs for long hair

bangs long hairstyles jane birkin

Long, long, extra long. The extra-long bangs are the next big thing this winter: the bangs should fall below the eyebrows. The length accentuates your eyes in a rather mysterious and feminine way, and if French speak – asymmetrically cut, the bangs outline will look fabulous.

Hairstyles with long bangs: extra long fringes

kim kardashian hairstyles with bangs

Her main goal: naturalness, which you can achieve with clever blow-drying and spectacular volume. The extra-long fringes go perfectly with lobs and midi bobs, as well as with classic long hair. Curly and wavy hair textures get an aesthetic upgrade.

Long bangs for a mesmerizing look

hairstyles with bangs extra long bangs

#3. Pony hairstyle for long hair: Bottleneck

The bottleneck bangs gained fame and an important place among hairstyles with long bangs. Actress Margot Robbie appeared with a layered bangs cut in the shape of a bottle neck and it was parted down the middle. The cascading bangs frame the eyes and cheekbones perfectly, creating a curvaceous excellence that unfolds around the face, framing it perfectly.

The bottleneck bangs go perfectly with long hair

pony hairstyles bottleneck margot robbie

Bottleneck bangs take the famous curtain bangs to the next level, flattering both textured and wavy textures.

#4. Proper bangs for the long hairstyle: shag bangs

Shag bangs are especially flattering for rebellious women who don’t want to opt for the more extravagant shag cut. With the layered bangs you can imitate the asymmetrical look of the eye-catching rock ‘n’ roll cut without actually having the haircut cut.

Complex asymmetrical bangs

Shag bangs frame and caress the face, cover the forehead and unfold magnificently in several stages around the eyes, cheeks, right down to the jawline. They go perfectly with long pixies and midi bobs.

The look of the Schag cut

shag bangs hairstyles medium length with bangs

#5. Fashionable hairstyles with bangs for long hair: Wednesday Bangs

Those ladies who are fans of Netflix have probably already carefully viewed protagonist Jenna Ortega’s bangs with admiration.

Hairstyles with Long Bangs – Wednesday Bangs

wednesdays jena ortega hairstyles with long bangs

With a bit of goth flair, this new hairstyle with long bangs is perfect for women with straight hair texture. The style of the bangs is not asymmetrical and wild, but rather continuous and smooth. The fact that the Wednesday bangs almost reach the eyes gives you an air of eerie and feminine allure.