When it comes to hair, the new year has arrived with the best runway looks and that’s causing a lot of excitement among fashionistas. Which hair styles will be hot in the next few months? We already have the answer to this question ready and show the 6 leading hair trends. Which trend hairstyles 2023 are in and which ones are out? We will examine this in the following article.

In vs. Out: Which trend hairstyles 2023 will we wear this season?

hairstyles for little hair model with slick back hairstyle posing in studio

Trend hairstyles 2023 for short hair

2023 has some tiers and fringes to offer, but recent runways have shown us a certain return of the sleek look.

The sleek look is the next big thing in 2023

However, layered haircuts will not disappear immediately, because the short mullet is currently the preferred cut for short and medium-length hair. The following hairstyles are currently in trend:

Mullet is in, the asymmetrical bob is out

The bob hairstyles are the most requested hairstyles in the salon and will simply never go out of style. However, the asymmetrical bob cut looks too old-fashioned and is being replaced by the shullet (also known as short mullet).

The Short Mullet (Shullet) is a charming hairstyle

mullet trend hairstyles 2023 ladies

Blunt bob with center parting is in, side parting is out

Bob hairstyles in 2023 will mostly be worn by women with a middle parting. The lengths vary from chin to shoulders and with soft waves and no bangs, the new hairstyles look very stylish.

The blunt bob with a center parting is one of the trend hairstyles for 2023

bella hadid trend hairstyles 2023 blunt bob with center parting

Backswept pixie is in, frayed top hair is out

The sleek look is also considered one of the hottest short hairstyles of 2023 and we are seeing more and more open-browed pixies slicked back. The effects are very glossy and androgynous and surprise with simplicity. In contrast, fringed or lush top hair looks quite archaic.

Short haircuts 2023 that are in fashion: Pixie

pixie short hairstyles 2023 rita ora

Trend hairstyles 2023 for medium length hair

The shoulder grazing bob is in, the clavi cut is out

Very bluntly ticked off contours are graceful, but we have been dealing with them for a long time. Designed in the French style, the shoulder grazing bob looks visually graceful and yet very sophisticated. The middle parting is of course mandatory.

The shoulder grazing bob is gaining popularity

hairstyles 2023 botticelli lob bob hairstyles medium length bob center parting

The brachel cut is in, the feathered bob is out

Combining retro with modern undertones at the same time, the brachel will continue to be the hairstyle of choice. He looks French enough with all the Brigitte Bardot references – what more could you ask for?

The brachel is one of the hairstyle trends for 2023

brachel cut hairstyle trends 2023

Unless you can’t live without the hair fashion of the seventies, the feathered bob is becoming less of a trend.

Midi hair is in, invisible layers are out

More visually noticeable layers will gain popularity in 2023 and instead the invisible layers will be a little less in demand in the salon. The tendency to rediscover and celebrate nineties fashion can be felt everywhere. Millennials are recognizing the signature haircut of their teenage years with contemporary upgrades.

Y2K fashion revival: midi hair

midi hair nineties

Trend hairstyles 2023 for long hair

In the field of trend hairstyles 2023 for long hair, the following fads can be observed.

Wet waves are in, XXL curls are out

The wet waves spice up the look and don’t look overdone. Lush, maximalist curls, on the other hand, look too excessive. They’re also not particularly low maintenance and require quite a bit of hair care routine and styling. Unless you naturally have tirelessly curly mane.

Hairstyles 2023 for Long Hair: Wet Waves

wet waves trend hairstyles 2023 ladies

Half-up is in, messy bun is out

The Y2K revival is still on the pulse and for this reason the half-up is being hailed as the next hairstyle trend by fashionistas. This styling has a strong anti-aging effect and goes perfectly with fine, straight hair structures. On messy Bun that sits super high will go out of style though.

New trend hairstyles for women: half-up

half up trend hairstyles 2023 ladies

Baby braids are in, boho braids are out

The fabulous baby braids that made headlines in spring 2023 remain popular. The upgrade: Kaia Gerber showed off a version with a short bob. We’ve lived with the boho braids long enough and need a rest.

Baby braids with short hair

kaia gerber baby braids hairstyles 2023

Baby braids remain in fashion in 2023 and go beautifully with long hair

baby braids trendy hairstyles 2023