The fascination with natural beauty: the clean aesthetics of transparent make-up have come back into focus. When paired with a stylish wet look, this beauty trend can look extremely minimalistic and elegant. However, some eccentric styles will be extremely popular again in spring and summer 2023. Which beauty trends 2023 are causing a sensation everywhere?

Beauty trends 2023: These tendencies are real eye-catchers

wet hair beauty trend 2023

Beauty trends 2023: hair

Wet look as a beauty trend 2023

The wet look is iconic in fashion history and remains quite current with diverse variations. The hairdo works great if you have a short or medium hair length. The look works perfectly with a glossy finish and mimics moisture in the hair. The wet look goes perfectly with smooth, fine structures in which the hair sections are combed behind or on the side. You can achieve this by incorporating suitable care products. Most of the time we are talking about hair gel and glossy spray.

The wet look is highly adaptable and rich in styling options

wet hair casual look

How to achieve the wet look:

  1. Start with slightly wet hair because if the moisture level is too high the gel will not be stable. As a rule of thumb, the more hair gel you apply, the wetter the hair will look.
  2. Apply the gel along the hairline and strands, massaging to get consistency.
  3. You can style wavy hair with a center part, and comb short pixies backwards. Wow!

Baby Hair is the beauty novelty of Spring/Summer 2023

Baby hair is a beautiful detail that can be beautifully styled around the forehead. A variation of the wet look actually that you can implement again with hair gel.

Beautiful retro touch

baby hair 2023

You can achieve this by creating soft curls from the frontal strands of hair. The look is excellent both as a single accent and as a smooth transition into the rest of the mane.

Get creative

wet look variation. baby hair

How do you style the baby strands?

  1. Moisten the strands with water spray and style them as you like.
  2. Use a toothbrush as a comb because the amount of hair you need to handle is small. The full brush won’t give you the precision.
  3. Secure with a satin scarf for about 15 minutes or sleep with a scarf on your head.

Simply brilliant with a center parting!

hair must haves fashion trends

Gemini Hair

Ladies who definitely want eccentricity in their mane can rejoice.

Gemini Hair is one of the beauty trends of 2023

gemini hair long hair 2023

The Gemini hair stems from the concept of the Gemini zodiac sign in astrology. The coloring is perfect for hairstyles with a middle parting.

Many color combinations

gemini hair beauty trend 2023

This is essentially a two-sided hair coloring in two matching or contrasting colors. You can use the effects either funky or achieve it in style. Bonus point: Gemini hair looks great with both bob hairstyles and long straight hair textures.

Beauty trends 2023 for the skin

This year fashion shows are dominated by make-up ideas that are both restrained and minimalist, as well as definitive and visually spectacular. The 2 top looks that stick in the mind are the following.

Cold girl look – very easy to recreate with blush

Beauty Must-Haves: Cold Girl Look

This interesting beauty trend recreates the situation where you’ve suddenly faced a radical change in temperature from cold outside to warm inside. It is about accentuated cheeks tinted with blush.

Gorgeous aesthetics

How to achieve the cold girl look for female skiers when you are indoors

  1. Wear your favorite foundation.
  2. Accentuate your cheekbones by applying blush, preferably in a cool shade. Tip: Be sure to apply the blush on the nose, with an emphasis on the tip.
  3. Add a silvery highlight to all the high points of your face.
  4. A great way to achieve the complete cold-girl look is to apply your favorite lipstick to the center of your lips only—in red or a berry-colored alternative.

Top off with the lipstick

Y2K make-up as the beauty trend of 2023

The nineties makeup fashion has prepared us some very memorable ideas.

The nineties belong to Beauty-Trends-2023

First and foremost are the striking silver, blue or pink eyes.

Spectacular eye shadow

y2k fashion makeup trends 2023

The intention behind this make-up trend is that you create a technicolor effect by using a strong colour. It is best to combine the eye shadow with less accentuated lips and just a simple lip gloss.

Must haves for the eyes

Make-up trends 2023