Queen Elizabeth II has died. All of us are shocked because this event was really unexpected. Unfortunately, we cannot turn back time. The only thing we could actually do would be to look forward to your achievements and successes. Today we take a deeper look into the Queen’s past and unveil some of the untold secrets that would really interest you. You are probably impatient! Let’s start now!

In this article, we address the current topic of the death of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth

the british queen who looks really beautiful

Now we reveal stories about the Queen that will get you excited.

Discover the truth about the Queen’s life

the death of the british queen and what will happen now

#She was an unexpected heir to the throne

For many of us, Queen Elizabeth was the only British monarch we have ever known. In an unprecedented twist of fate, Elizabeth ascended the throne. When Queen Elizabeth II was born in 1926, her father, George VI. not yet a king. His father George V ruled the kingdom and had only been on the throne since 1910. George had two sons, Edward VIII and George VI, meaning they both preceded Elizabeth in the line of succession.

So interesting and extraordinary was the fact that the British Queen acceded to the throne by accident

queen elizabeth ii was an unexpected heir to the throne

Everyone was very shocked when Edward abdicated after less than a year as king. This made him the first monarch in history to do so voluntarily. Then he fell in love with an American woman named Wallis Simpson and married her. The royal family was unwilling to make such a break with tradition. Instead of leaving his beloved, Edward left the monarchy and with it the throne.

Because of this, the British Queen ruled the kingdom

death of queen elizabeth 2 and mysteries behind it

This meant that George VI. became king much earlier than expected and remained on the throne until his death in 1952. He had no son. Because of this, his daughter, 25-year-old Elizabeth, became the queen.

This is how it happened that Elizabeth 2 became the British Queen

the truth about the british queen

#Her husband is her cousin

It might sound really strange, but it’s true! The Queen and her longtime husband Prince Philip are related. Fear not though: they are not first cousins, but they are closely related.

What strange news

Queen Elizabeth II's Death and the Untold Stories of Her Life

#She’s only been to America five times

The Queen of England is not required to visit other countries annually. Still, it is truly amazing that Queen Elizabeth II only officially visited the United States five times during her 60-year reign. Queen Elizabeth II’s father, King George VI, was the first British monarch to visit the United States in 1939. In 1957, Elizabeth made her first official visit to the United States after ascending the throne.

She has only visited the US 5 times in total, but that was not a problem

the truth about british queen elizabeth 2

#She came up with a new breed of dog

The Queen loved her animals – best known were her corgis. According to The Christian Science Monitor, she owned up to 30 corgis during her reign, and the cute little puppies are as much a symbol of her monarchy as her crown. But amazingly, it’s possible that the Queen had also invented her own breed of dog. What an interesting fact! It has been reported that the Queen came up with a Corgi/Dachshund crossbreed known as a Dorgi.

Through Dorgi her own breed of dog was pronounced

queen elizabeth ii dreamed up a dog

#You don’t need a driver’s license or passport

Being a queen comes with many benefits. One of the best privileges is that she doesn’t need a passport, driver’s license or even a number plate. She was entitled to drive her car without any problems.

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth 2 had many privileges while on the throne

Queen Elizabeth II didn't have a driver's license

#She spoke French

According to her family, Queen Elizabeth II was able to master the French language to a satisfactory level. Although many people have tried to disprove this fact, one language expert has confirmed it.

She spoke French really well

the queen has only been to america five times

#Queen Elizabeth II owned all animals in British waters

The British Queen took possession of all animals in British waters. All whales, dolphins, sturgeon and other kingfish belong to the queen.

Luckily, she looked forward to all the animals she owned

elizabeth ii owns all animals after death

#England has a detailed plan for her death

After the death of the British Queen, Charles will assume power and ascend the throne. His coronation and his first acts of office are already carefully planned to ensure the smoothest possible transfer of power.

What was too unexpected was that the royal family had a plan after death

england has a plan for the death of the british queen

In a nutshell, we have the most important and interesting truths about the life of Queen Elizabeth II.


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