Do you hesitate which hairstyles are a hit this year? The trends that surround us are so diverse and the choice of hairstyles is so rich that we don’t even know what hairstyle to try anymore. Today we have the right answer for you. The box bob is one of the most modern trends that you could trust. Especially if you have thin hair, we recommend you to reach for these haircuts. Without a doubt, they will give your hair a voluminous effect.

In today’s article, we are going to look at the most beautiful bob box hairstyles that are trending in 2023

box bob hairstyle with waves and how to wear box bob

What is Box Bob?

This hairstyle is about a particular length of hair that has been cut to a shorter length – to the level of the chin. The straight hairline will add fullness to your hair. In the neck area, on the other hand, the hairstyle trend 2023 is slightly stepped, giving the hair additional volume. In this way, your hair gains more grip and structure.

This makes this hairstyle excellent

what characterizes the box bob hairstyle

How do you stylize the box bob hairstyle?

If you want to tune box bob to the most modern version, there are a few small things you should keep in mind. The hairstyle, which seems simple at first glance, requires good care and time for ideal styling. The first option that we recommend you is the classic box bob with blow-dried haircuts. To care for this variant, it would be advisable to spray heat protection into the lengths and blow-dry with a round brush. The second look is that you should blow dry the hair and then style it into soft waves with a flat iron. This will bring out the stunning look. To make the hairstyle more lasting, spraying the tips of the hair with hair oil would be very effective.

Achieve the coolest styling of the hairstyle

how to style the box bob hairstyle

Who will this hairstyle look particularly beautiful on?

Would you like more volume? First and foremost, we should say that box bob is best for women with thin hair. Especially if you want to achieve a thick look of your hair, box bob will flatter the dreamy look. The happy news is that the box bob would look pretty on any face shape. Whether you have an oval, oblong, square, round or heart-shaped face, hair length is easy to adjust to the contours of the face shape. For rounder faces, the plaid could be cut down to the middle of the neck. For the longer faces, this variant would look stunning in combination with bangs.

This hairstyle will look particularly elegant on women with thin hair

bob hairstyles and box bob hairstyle trends 2023

How you should wear this hairstyle?

In the next few lines, we will show you in which form and variation you could wear this hairstyle.

Try out these beautiful variants of the beautiful hairstyle

wearing a box bob hairstyle and the latest bob hairstyle trends for 2023

#Box bob with bangs

The bangs would be ideal if your face shape is more elongated. In case you are bored of the classic bob, we recommend experimenting with this bob alternative. If you want to achieve a look that stands out from the rest and bring a change in appearance, you might like to experiment with box bob.

The bangs will accentuate your elongated face in a gentle way

Box bob hairstyle in combination with bangs and hairstyle trends 2023


Imagine what an extraordinary hairstyle to style. By combining different shades of color or choosing an extravagant color, you will accentuate your hair in a noticeable way. Red, orange or light pink are becoming increasingly popular, especially among women.

Emphasize the cheerful color nuances because they give your hair a change

combine copper bob with color nuances and different colors

#With side parting

A little trick can transform the box bob into another trendy hairstyle. Part a side and you’ve got an interesting Scandi bob – one of the prettiest medium-length hairstyles of 2023.

Wear your hair on one side for a voluminous effect

Who will look particularly good on box bob hairstyles?

What are the advantages of the box bob haircut?

In the next few lines we will discuss the positive sides of the hairstyle. She will hug your face in a gentle way. Also, the hairdo can be made to look stunning by adding bangs as an accessory. The best thing is that box bob would ideally suit not only a more official outfit, but also a casual one.

This expresses the best positive sides

How to properly wear a box bob hairstyle