The change of seasons brings with it so many new ideas when it comes to hair coloring. Ladies looking for inspiration for fall 2022 should know that the current options are full of ideas. In this post, we share the latest coloring techniques and fashionable nuances that you should definitely consider should you desire a hair color change. These 2022 hair color trends will dominate and dictate fall.

Hair Color Trends 2022 Fall: Folayage, Reverse Balayage, Hair Frosting…

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There is something for every lady this autumn. Some fresh, new trends have emerged: monochromatic hair coloring, high-end upgrades to the two-tone excellence of balayage, or stylish options for gray-haired ladies. Let’s see what’s new.

Is balayage still fashionable?

Balayage is not only modern but is evolving in some very impressive variations. With more and more women opting for daring colorations, the subtle and elegant balayage has to adapt. To make them more visually appealing, colorists are offering new versions of the popular French technique.

Reverse balayage is one of hair color trends 2022

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While the main difference between balayage and highlights is that balayage originally used a cotton strip rather than foil, the direct painting of the hair that characterized balayage is now partially returning to foil. The idea behind this is to add a bit of contrast to the section of hair. The hybrid technique is therefore called “folayage”. Professionals are currently applying glossing before they wrap their soon-to-be balayage in foil.

Balayage with foils

#reverse balayage

This awesome twist on balayage does exactly the opposite of what used to be established. The technique, much acclaimed by blondes with long hair, guarantees a very natural look when darker tones are applied to the lower part of the hair. One of the definitions of style for Fall 2022.

The darker tones are below

#Hair Frosting

This new dyeing technique emerged in spring 2022 and is currently making a comeback. It is a hands-free method in which frosty highlights, mostly ice-cold blonde tones, are applied to the surface of the hair. Minimalist and striking, they build on the natural hairline for low maintenance in future lockdowns.

Minimalist ice blonde highlights

Latest hair colors – monochrome fantasy

Let’s take a look at what’s happening in monochrome elegance. After our rightly obsessed with the warm St Tropez blonde and Riviera brunette in summer, some cooler tones are now emerging to complement the pastel nuances of the fall look.

Opulent black

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#Aqua hair

These teal tones made their appearance on a few fall podiums and we were won over. Blue isn’t exactly what you associate with fall, but alongside the barbiecore pink obsession, this trend also gives us glamorous ideas for the season.

Hair Color Trends 2022 Fall: Aqua Hair


As the name suggests, it is a hair coloring technique that combines blonde and brown. This is the ideal warm tone for a sunny autumn. Using the balayage styling, the hybrid tone is incredibly impressive.

Sunny autumn with the hybrid color “Bronde”

#Strawberry Brown

A totally immersive, complex color that mesmerizes with saturated dark brown and subtle pink undertones. After the strawberry blonde, the strawberry brunette is the big hit this season.

The top hit among hair colors

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#midnight brunette

For ladies who prefer darker nuances, this wonderfully elegant black is as mysterious as the night. Opulent and naturalistic, the shade is just a little darker than the chocolate brown and a little colder than the caramel highlights.

Mysterious autumn nights…


We’ve reported that copper will be hot in Fall/Winter 2022/23. Now we want to show how much the noble nuance flatters women with curls. This essentially autumnal shade makes thick hair shine.

Copper curls…

Two-tone excellence

And now that we’ve left the territory of monochrome craze, let’s see what opportunities women of all ages have to achieve stunning color contrasts.

#Salt pepper

Older ladies who accept their gray hair rejoice because the salt pepper styling is trending this fall. There are many ways to add the salt and pepper accent, whether it’s with ombre, balayage, or gray blending. What is important is that your graying hair forms a tandem with your darker shade.

Salt and pepper effects in the mane

salt pepper hair beautiful hair colors fall 2022

#Skunk Hair

You probably remember the hair trend with the funny name that caused a sensation in the 90s. Skunk Hair has an alternative name – Block Highlights, because the high-contrast coloring can be applied anywhere in the mane. This is one of the biggest trends in hair fashion for fall 2022.