Shopping for new pants and jeans will be fun, but accommodating them all and folding them properly might be a challenge. Especially if you do not have a large free space at home, you should think about alternatives for space-saving storage. If you find that your drawers are full to the brim and your closet is overflowing, maybe it’s time for a reorganization! Both jeans and trousers can be bulky and take up far more space than they should. But we have seven space-saving ways you should fold pants to save space. With our tips, you will fold and store your clothes in a neater and more organized way, maximizing closet space and keeping your clothes as wrinkle-free as possible. Read on to learn tips and tricks for folding jeans and other types of pants.

In today’s article, you will learn about the best ways to fold your jeans and pants to save space

fold trousers to save space and put them together properly in the closet

Fold pants to save space: How do I fold pants to save space?

The techniques that we are going to describe will really help you store and tidy your clothes in a space-consuming and much more practical way. Follow our tips and tricks.

With these tips you will clear out your closet and tidy up space

Fold jeans and trousers to save space and fold them together correctly

#Roll and stick

Lay a pair of jeans flat and remove any major creases. The trousers should have as few wrinkles as possible so that they are ready to wear when needed. Fold the pants lengthways, one pant leg over the other, and flatten again. Then lift the top leg at the back of the knee and fold it diagonally. Starting at the waistband, roll the jeans up tightly, skipping the diagonally folded pant leg. When you’re done, tuck the rolled pant into the left-out pant leg.

Roll the pant legs and pin them

how do i fold my pants to save space

#Fold them flat

Unfold one pair of pants and straighten them on a flat surface. Remove any large creases, then fold over lengthwise. Take the end of the waistband and fold it towards the middle of the pant, then do the same with the hemmed end so the two ends meet in the middle. Fold one half over the other and smooth out so the crease is nice and clean.

Follow our tips and tricks for a perfectly tidy closet

fold the pants flat and put them away in the closet

#Fold your legs

Lay a pair of jeans face up on a flat surface. Take the bottom of one pant leg and fold it to the back of the knee, then fold again to about the top of the front pockets. Do the same with the other pant leg, then fold one side over the other so you have a clean crease that shows the back pockets on both the top and bottom of the folded jeans.

No doubt you will be amazed by the results in the end

fold the legs and save space

#Roll them

Another way to fold pants to save space is to roll them like a jelly roll. As with all other folding methods, start by laying the pants flat on a large surface. Straighten them and fold them over lengthways. Starting at the hemmed end, roll up the pants tightly, adjusting direction and smoothing out any wrinkles if necessary. Continue until you reach the waistband and the pant is completely rolled up, making it look like a jam roll.

No wonder this technique will work excellently

roll and tuck in the pants to fold pants to save space

Which alternative methods can still be used?

If you don’t necessarily want to fold your pants and jeans and prefer to store them in your closet rather than a drawer, here are more storage options for casual and dress pants.

#Fold them over a hanger

For everyday trousers or jeans, consider using non-slip velvet or wooden hangers. Our best advice is to lay the pants flat first, then fold them lengthwise and place over the rod on a hanger. This method is very space-saving, since it does not take up much vertical space in your closet, and the trousers are folded so that they are thin and not bulky.

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fold the pants over a hanger and store to save space

#Hang the pants by a waistband

For dress pants that you want to keep neatly ironed, use hangers with clips. Fold the pants lengthways, fasten the clips at the top of the waistband and hang them up. This will prevent it from stretching and wrinkling, and you can always put it back on if you pull it out.

What an effective and working way to fold and tidy up your pants in a spacious way

hang the pants by a waistband