At the latest now that the cold, dark time of year is coming to an end and the year is slowly coming to an end, we spend even more time at home – whether with loved ones or with ourselves. Many activities are canceled due to the weather. We become more contemplative and love to snuggle up on the sofa with a hot tea or coffee. Due to Corona, we spent a lot at the beginning of the year at home and now it’s getting much quieter in autumn, so many people are retiring. It’s high time to make yourself comfortable in your own four walls and get the best out of the situation.

At the beginning of the year I had a topic stay home published a post in which you will find 20 tips for a good time at home. Today I would like to add another tip and embellish this article and go into more detail: listen to audio books.

The perfect atmosphere for an audio book This is how you tune in

The perfect atmosphere to listen to an audio book

For me personally, an ideal Sunday includes a few hours of relaxation and me time to. This usually involves a warm bath or some spa. But definitely snuggled under the covers with a hot cup of tea listening to an audio book. When it’s raining outside and the raindrops hit the windows, the background noise underlines the ideal autumn mood. With the perfect candlelight you create a cozy atmosphere that puts you in the audio book. In addition, you will come to rest and can take care of your voice much more and stimulate your imagination.

This is how you tune in to an audio book

Other small factors are also important so that you can enjoy your audio book undisturbed and relaxed.

  • Complete all tasks beforehand so that you are not pressed for time.
  • Silence your phone so you aren’t distracted by messages.
  • Provide a cozy atmosphere. This can be candlelight, incense sticks, a hot water bottle, a hot drink. Or maybe you like to listen to your audiobook while bathing or going for a walk.

The perfect atmosphere for an audio book Tips and Favorites

Top 10 opportunities to listen to an audio book

Of course, you don’t always need the perfect autumn mood to enjoy an audio book. Other good opportunities for an audio book include:

  1. on long car journeys
  2. on the way to work
  3. cleaning up
  4. during sports
  5. while walking
  6. while bathing
  7. while cooking
  8. before falling asleep
  9. comfortably on the sofa
  10. when waiting, for example, at the doctor’s

The perfect atmosphere for an audio book Top 10 opportunities to listen to an audio book

Audio books: My tips & favorites

fun fact:
One of my first audio books was twilight. That was many, many years ago.

Since I’m personally a big fan of Dan Brown I can only recommend the series to you! Years ago I started listening to the audio books on

Also a big recommendation from me are the Hunger Games. An audio book that I love very much and really stimulates the imagination. It wasn’t made into a movie back then and I have to say it’s a lot better in my imagination than the movie. That’s one of the things I love about audio books.

But you can also find all new releases at Audible and are therefore always up to date. If you are looking for even more inspiration and tips, you can browse through the overview page of the most popular authors and discover the latest titles by your favorite authors.

For audio book starters, I can recommend the 30-day trial version at Audible. I bet you will enjoy it and search for one or the other audio book just like me. There is also a short audio sample for each title.