The Japanese Egg Salad Sandwich, also called Masago Sushi, is simply an egg salad sandwich made from low-calorie bread from the Land of the Rising Sun. Because of its simple and unpretentious taste, it is a popular lunch or snack. This egg salad is served with greens like asparagus, eggplant, broccoli, and asparagus, along with mayo, mashed avocado, and hot mayo sauces. Though this traditional recipe calls for slices of cucumber, few of those better places in the Land of the Rising Sun use radishes, turnips, shiitake mushrooms, and even slices of apple.

For this quick and easy recipe you will need: a bowl; medium mixing bowl; a food processor; an egg salad sandwich maker; an ingredient list, including non-essential ingredients, and a grade of items to use per the recipe (which should be ready ahead of time). Using the food processor, process all the ingredients except the avocado and tomatoes until they are slippery and sticky. Then use your food processor to mash up all the remaining ingredients except for the avocado and tomatoes until they are slippery and sticky again. Transfer the contents of your bowl to your mixing bowl and add the chopped avocado and tomatoes to your recipe. Give him a few seconds to mix the leftover ingredients well until they combine, then dump the contents of your bowl into your food processor.

Now comes the fun part! Pour the contents of your food processor into the bowl of your blender and use the on/off button to thoroughly blend your mixture. When whatever is well mixed, on high entertain the previously prepared egg salad sandwich ingredients. Next, use the cleaver on your food processor to thinly slice the thinly sliced ​​cucumbers and tomatoes. When this is done, repeat with your second bowl and second egg salad sandwich recipe.

While egg salad sandwiches are often served cold, you can always serve them warm if desired. A popular way to do this is to roast a few shrimp or prawns in vegetable oil to create a delicious confectionery that resembles macaroni and cheese. Another way to warm up your cold ingredients is to sauté some shrimp in some short-season sautéed mayonnaise. This works especially well when you have a Japanese friend nearby who also loves egg salad sandwiches!

If this original recipe calls for a serving of mashed potatoes, adjust the amount required accordingly, adding about an egg instead of those potatoes if using regular milk bread. Reduce overall cooking time somewhat when using microwave ovens that cook by rotating eggs. Finally, place your prepared egg salad sandwich on a hot griddle or hot grill for that authentic homemade flavor.

Although commercially available, there are also many home versions. If you’re after a quick and easy fix, consider creating your own. A simple mix of mayo, chopped cucumber, tomato, and onion makes for a tasty and authentic Japanese take on the traditional Japanese egg salad sandwich. Start by mixing the mayonnaise and cucumber slices with the onions and tomatoes to form a smooth paste. Next pour the mayonnaise mixture into the center of the bread slices and spread evenly with a spatula before adding the chopped greens.

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