Hairstyles with extensions have never been so easy. Do not be biased, you can get a very useful and pleasant style. Women love to change up their looks with their choice of haircut and hair color. What if haircuts, hair colors and hair styling are a matter of seconds? Hair extensions take you on a ride of limitless hairstyles. Your natural, beautifully shiny hair will get an extra shine with these trendy hair extensions. Remember that your hair is like precious jewellery, so make every hair stroke count.

The biggest draw of hair extensions is how they open up a whole new world of styling options that you might never have dreamed were possible with your own hair. Never again will you have to think “My hair isn’t long enough for this” or “My hair is too thin for it”; Just put in your hair extensions and the world is really your oyster. Whether you have short or thin hair, or just want to add extra volume, extensions give you everything you need to create all your favorite hairstyles and can even be used to add new colors to your hair.

What hairstyles can I do with hairstyles with extensions?

Your styling possibilities are endless when you add hair extensions to your hair. You can use them to add volume, fullness, length and even color. Try experimenting with shades lighter than your hair to achieve a balayage look without having to dye your hair! You can get an idea by checking out our models below.

Wavy Hair

Want to give your tresses that magical mermaid twist? Those mermaid waves would make Ariel jealous. And they’re super easy to get to too! With length and volume enhancing hair extensions, take your hair to the next level with a texturizing spray for an unforgettable sun-kissed summer look.

To create the perfect mermaid wave, we recommend investing in a waver tool. Wavers guarantee easy, bouncy waves that scream beachy boho chic without the hassle of tugging, curling, or twisting your delicate strands. Just remember to use a heat protectant!

Low pony tail

The low ponytail has been all the rage lately and we have Kim K to blame! This simple yet elegant hairstyle can be adapted to so many occasions that it will surprise you! From the sleek low bangs seen on one too many celebrities to the gently tousled romantic wavy ponytail, this hairstyle has evolved from your ‘quarantine classic’ into a chic and versatile ‘do.

High ponytail

Unlike the low ponytail, the high ponytail is a sleek, elegant, and wild classic. This hairstyle instantly brings any outfit to life! The low ponytail’s sporty sister, a high ponytail gives us sassy ’90s vibes. Another lengthening hairstyle for versatility and low maintenance; Pair this look with bangs or braids to really create that wow factor.

Dutch braids

Dutch braids have had a moment since at least 2016 when they stormed the internet alongside their French braid cousins. The double Dutch braid is the queen of lengthening hairstyles due to its complexity and need for volume. They involve crossing strands underneath to give the braid a stunning 3D effect.

With extra hair, it’s much easier to create stunning, artful braids that make everyday feel like a fashion shoot. Check out our guide to braiding hair extensions to master this timeless style.

space buns

Space buns and half-up space buns require enough hair for glamorous, flowing curls and two voluminous, messy buns… Sounds tough right? This is where you add your precious clip in hair extensions because this hairstyle will go together sleek and stunning.

Walking the line between cute and edgy, space buns combine ’90s vibes with summer fun and a touch of e-girl. They are perfect for festivals, day trips and photo shoots. This look is a real eye-catcher.

Bubble braid ponytail

Don’t let the name fool you, this hairstyle is not a braid per se. The perfect playful extension hairstyle, the Bubble Braids is a simple twist on a classic ponytail. Unless you’re lucky enough to have super long, thick locks, you’ll need the help of hair extensions to construct the perfect braid. Rewind to the early ’00s, we were blown away by stars like Fergie sporting this villain hairdo.

What types of hairstyles with extensions look the most natural?

Permanent hair extensions applied by a professional hair extensions specialist tend to give the most natural finish as they are smaller and can be positioned closer to the hairline.

How should my hair be worn to bed with hair extensions?

When talking about temporary hair extensions, you should know that they should always be removed before bed and shower to avoid damaging your own hair. If you have permanent hair extensions, it’s a good idea to tie your hair in a loose braid before bed to keep your hair from getting tangled.

What are the best hairstyles with extensions for black hair?

The advantage of black or dark brunette hair is the dazzling shine! Sleek and sleeker styles will showcase this to the max, so sleek high ponytails and flowing glam will bring out that sparkle. Add instant length and thickness to your hair with our range of black hair extensions.

What are the best hairstyles with extensions for blonde hair?

Since blonde hair tends to have a lot of different tones, braids and updos really soften this up. Also, usually blonde hair has a slightly drier texture so it stays in place really well, which works better for intricate and detailed styles.

How do you style keratin bond hairstyles with extensions?

Styling keratin bond hairstyles with extensions isn’t as scary as it sounds. Since this is human hair, you can use the same techniques as you would with your own hair, but you must avoid using products or heat directly on or near the bonds of the extensions. The bonds of the extensions are the parts that attach to your hair at the root.