Festive nostalgia

There is no more nostalgic time of the year than winter. In our nail design, we get in the mood for the four weeks of Advent and Christmas with lovingly made nail jewellery. In addition to glitter in silver, ice blue and gold, snow and ice effects and a starry sky, rhinestones and crystals should not be missing.

Winter nail art

Everything in white

With these magical ideas, every design shines in the purest color in no time at all.

Rhinestone nails

Why so humble?

The lavishly decorated and XXL equipped Nail Ar design impresses with its faceted rhinestone crystals.

For a festive Christmas look.

Rhinestone nails

White Nails

baby boomers

glitter nails

Frosty glitter and pink combined here for a wintry look.

Winter nail art

Just full cover and still attracts everyone’s attention.

Full cover white

In Advent and at Christmas time we are only too happy to be enchanted by snowflakes. With a bit of shine and glitter, beautiful nail art is created.

Winter nail art

Christmas Nails

Christmas nails

Everything seems enchanted here when glittering ice crystals settle on your nails on a frosty day and envelop them in a white blanket of snow.

winter nails

Winter nail art

If that doesn’t draw attention to itself.

Lush rhinestones give the look an expressive character.

Rhinestone nails

Rhinestone nail art

Winter nail art

Glitter gradient

This nail modeling is a shining example of successful nail art design.

The different shades of lilac and blue compete in this design. The whole composition presents itself harmoniously and is arranged in different colors. Every nail is an eye-catcher in itself.

glitter nail art

Just in time for the turn of the year, noble black background only occasionally with design fingers.



Black Nails

Nail Art Rhinestone Set Black

Beautiful jewelry nails for the party

It’s snowing on your nails here, full of contrast in black and white.

Christmas Nails


This snowy nail art design enchants us with this traditional Christmas color combination.

Christmas Nails

Airbrush nail stencils

Burgundy, gold, glitter…

here the conditions are right for the start of the new year!

Bordeaux nails

Festive highlights

With this glamorous design, Christmas can only be beautiful.

Christmas nails

Christmas nails

Nails in solemn nostalgia

The subtle white and ice-blue tones go together perfectly and conjure up a festive look with the snowflakes.

Winter nail art, baby boomers

White Christians

Yay – it snowed

winter wonderlandthe wonderfully snowy nail art design.

Winter nail art

Glittering ice colors transform the nails into a winter impression.

winter nails
christmas nails

Classic white French here combined with glitter and snow.

Winter is coming!

Winter nail design

Colored Ice Age

A mix of white, silver and blue conjures up a wintry coolness here.

Winter nail art

Of course, I made and photographed all the designs shown here myself, here: Nail studio Nails & Co