What is the new trend in manicure this fall 2022? Should you treat yourself to a manicure when going to a disco? The answer is, of course, yes. This manicure trend is a novelty for 2022 that every fashion-conscious woman should definitely try. The modern technique of applying nail polish transforms the nails, giving them an elegant and sophisticated look. And that’s exactly what every woman wants, isn’t it? Disco Nails style is interesting and festive, while the possibilities of application and intensity of decoration allow you to create casual and elegant designs that will please every real lady. Here you can take a look at what we have prepared for you and what is hot at the moment to be inspired by our ideas!

Here you will find the most beautiful nail polish trends in autumn 2022

disco nails that is particularly modern now find out more here

As you already know, the fashionable look of every lady does not only consist of matching dresses, hairstyles, shoes and accessories. Sometimes even the smallest details count. Styling, perfume, skin and, of course, manicure are an integral part of a lady’s fashion vision. A woman’s hands are something that always draws attention, so taking care of them is important. Thin fingers, soft, well-groomed skin and a beautiful manicure can reveal a lot about a woman. That is why it is especially important to follow fashion trends when doing manicures. Find out what are the manicure fashion trends for fall 2022 in the following lines.

Which nail polish colors are fashionable in autumn 2022?

here you will find everything about the nail polish trend disco nails

What is the nail polish trend for fall 2022?

A soft tone, a few crystals and a few dazzling pops of color on the nails are enough to look irresistible this fall! Disco-style nails are very popular and in demand among the fair sex. This design is made with the help of attractive sequins that create an amazing visual effect. If you follow the rules of disco nail design, you are guaranteed to look perfect this fall. Learn how to make your nails in disco style in the following lines.

Nail polish trend in autumn 2022

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What is the new trend disco nails?

Disco style nails have been very popular in recent weeks. Luminous nail designs can be created with shimmering sequins that add radiant beauty to the nails. Thats how it works:

Make glitter nail design yourself

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You should know that there are special manicure sequins of different sizes that you can use to decorate your nails. They are available transparent with holographic effect or in all colors with metallic shimmer, round, diamond, hexagon, teardrop, heart, etc. Designing disco nails requires accurate and precise work, especially when working with the smallest sequins. Place up to 180 pieces on a single nail plate and you are guaranteed a spectacular and brilliant design.

Glitter sequin nail polish

this nail polish trend is particularly modern now

Among the many variants of manicure with sequins, nail design with disco nails on one finger looks especially stylish. When the embellishment is applied all over, it looks like a glittery disco ball. The sequins can be arranged in stripes and in various geometric shapes. For those who like to attract attention, a variant is suitable in which the sequins are arranged on all fingers.

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Tip: There is a wide range of sequins for nail decoration on the market. They are available both colorless with a holographic effect and in all colors with a metallic shimmer. The most popular shape is circle, but you can also buy triangular, diamond, polygonal, and other shapes.

#design 2

If you don’t feel like an intricate nail design, then this design is for you. An interesting option is to combine a clear style with glitter. Thanks to the different rhinestones, the nails will be spectacular and attractive.

Disco nails

here you will find the most beautiful ideas for nail polish for 2022

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These are the latest nail polish trends

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For a disco look, the combination of saturated colors and neon colors is especially effective. Applying a neon color to a transparent base, you can get a stylish and delicate manicure. Neon colors and bright sequins look great on a black base.

neon nail polish

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The disco nail polish is suitable for ladies who are not restricted by a strict dress code. For those who have to adhere to a strict style, the barely visible and slightly shimmering sequins are especially suitable. Softness and restraint can be achieved with a matte manicure applied to the entire nails. Glitter is not so flashy and looks unique, and despite this, this type of manicure looks no less luxurious.

Fall Nails Colors

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These designs are especially relevant in the fall of 2022

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Beauty trend 2022

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The most beautiful nail polish trends

great ideas for nail polish trends for 2022

Disco nails have been a novelty since 2022 and are very trendy today. This style will give you a unique and attractive look. That is why we recommend you to try this trend in the new season.

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