Prudish hair gurus should be silent now, as Gen Z and Millennials have caused a real sensation on social media. With 7 million views on TikTok and a growing number of views on Instagram, the new Jellyfish Hair makes something of hair futurism… But what?

Attention eccentrics! Here comes the Jellyfish Hair!

jellyfish hair hime cut hairstyle trend from asia

The distinctive haircut is doing the rounds online with daring color ideas and a wide range of styling options. What experts say is supposed to resemble the traditional women’s hairstyle of the Japanese court in the Middle Ages, Hime Cut, is actually inspired by a jellyfish…

The hairstyle resembles a jellyfish

Manga fans, gamers, gender-neutral eccentrics, and even models have all hailed the style, and we’re speechless.

Due to the extravagant hair coloring conspicuous…

Nicole Kidman recently appeared on the cover of a magazine with a sleek, copper-toned haircut, which many have linked to the jellyfish hairstyle.

Nicole Kidman shows off a hime cut

The hybrid cut is a cross between a bob and a mullet, as fans of the hairstyle explain. The upper part, which is cut shorter, can also bear a visual resemblance to the mushroom cap.

Which women does jellyfish hair suit?

While the eccentricity doesn’t threaten to become a global obsession, the hairstyle seems to flatter oval, diamond, or heart-shaped faces. The jellyfish hair has even been announced as a unisex hairstyle due to its relationship with the mullet.

The hime cut hairstyle is popular in Asia

himecut jellyfish hair hairstyle trend 2022

In all cases you should be a brave lady who is not afraid to experiment with cut and color or at least leave yourself in the hands of a brave hairstylist. It is said that you have a certain fascination with the creatures of the sea world and the mollusk that is behind the hair trend.

Jellyfish Hair – with or without bangs?

Nicole Kidman wears her hime cut without bangs, while TikTokers flaunted some bangs versions of the layered cut. A fringe adds texture and volume to the entire look, adding to the extravagance.

When trimmed correctly, quite impressive

Highlights can be added to the ends of the hair or the bangs for extra madness. In addition, with a fringe, the zoomorphic haircut comes closer to the silhouette of his totem, the jellyfish.

Hair coloring of the Jellyfish haircut

The jellyfish hairstyle catches the eye with (cyber)punk color effects. Rainbows or two-, three-color contrasts seem to have found their place on selfies. Some ladies even opt for monochrome stylings. The idea behind it is obvious to present a low-key, elegant version of the crazy haircut.

You can create a balanced look

jellyfish haircut jellyfish hairstyle from asia

Smooth jellyfish

The haircut, reminiscent of the Asian hairstyles octopus and hime, can be worn by women with straight hair.

Joy de vivre…

The overall effect is somewhat toned down and the contrast appears ‘polished’. Many girls top off the hairstyle with hair extensions for medusa tentacles.

Many opt for extensions

You can achieve the effect with hair extensions

Curly jellyfish

Those with thicker hair or even naturally curly hair can have extra color and highlights applied and even braid the longer sections of hair. This makes the head of hair even more similar to the jellyfish. The first length can be cut at the level of the nose or chin, and the second – medium length to the collarbone or choppy all the way long. With a pony you would actually have 3 levels. Wow.

Quite interesting on curly textures

medium length hairstyle thick hair jellyfish

How to style the jellyfish hair?

The striking hairstyle can be combined with many elements from other hairstyles – you can wear your top hair as a half-updo, make a ponytail or braid some braids underneath.

Various styles are possible…

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♬ Jellyfish – Declan DP & Kodomoi

Basically, everything is allowed that better accentuates the different lengths. After all, it is an artistic haircut that is intended to inspire and make a statement about your joie de vivre. You are of course also able to curl the lower section of hair with the curling iron and buff the upper section with the straightening iron for a little more contrast. You can flip the ends of your hair inwards or outwards, to the right and left, for extra fun effects.