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The hottest makeup trends of 2023

You must know these beauty looks for the new year. Curtain up for the trendiest make-up looks in the new year: bright colors will meet naturalness in the future! In concrete terms, this means: We wear colorful eyeshadow or a lot of rouge with almost no make-up on our skin. How wonderfully such breaks in style work with make-up.

Glossy lustrous lips in shades of brown:
There’s a makeup trend we’re seeing everywhere right now: glossy lips in opaque shades of brown.” For a rich color result and mirror shine.

Start by lining the lips with a liner that matches the color of the lipstick. Then color in precisely with the lipstick. Finish off with a glossy lip gloss. Perfect lip make-up is ready.

Draw eyeliner in the outer corner of the eye. The look adds intensity to the eyes and creates a sexy look.

Use a kajal pencil instead of liquid liner. Start applying from the middle of the upper lash line and not as usual in the corner of the eye. Then blend diagonally upwards with a soft brush. It is important to keep your eyes open to see where the angle should end.

Striking mono eye shadow in pastel shades
In the 2000s, eyeshadow in baby blue, light green, or lilac was a must. In a particularly striking way, this was only applied to the movable lid and not covered. This is exactly what is trending again for 2023.

Apply a shade of your choice with an eyeshadow brush to the movable lid only. The colorful eye shadow is particularly effective in combination with deep black eyelashes. A gloss or lip balm is sufficient on the lips. Too much color would distract from the eye makeup.

Contouring is not hip now. Now Snow White’s cheeks are highlighted.

Place the blush (rouge) generously on the apple cheeks. If you don’t know where they are, just smile at your own reflection and they’ll pop out. This is exactly where the blush should start and the color should be most intense. Then distribute the rest of the brush upwards to the temples and blend the color well.

Love it or hate this trend: glued lashes, also known colloquially as fly legs. Fly legs give the eyes a lot of expression.

Use a creamy mascara and keep layering it. Don’t be afraid to apply product properly. You want it to look like you’ve used too much mascara. On top you can bundle the eyelashes with tweezers. The effect is particularly effective if you do without any additional eye make-up.